World of Warships – Reported for Cheating

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So I apparently pissed someone off in this match with my sheer presence that he wanted to report me for cheating. Funny enough I didn’t even do anything to THAT particular player.

It was start of the day and everyone was yoloing in my games so I decided to do the same xD

Insta reported xDDD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Some people have more salt than the Dead Sea it seems at times 😛

  2. I personally love watching you cheat every day.

  3. All hands prepare for stupid!

    Thumbs up for Jingles the Mighty Toll.

  4. – Fails
    – rages about cheating
    – hides stats

    • @BladeKi11a I know a lot of people are like that but personally I just find less enjoyment at the thought of being judged before the game really even starts because my 53% wr isn’t “good enough”
      That being said, I hid my stats years ago so sites like wowstats don’t even have a profile on me

    • Chad B anything above a 50% win rate is actually good. Most of the player base is around the 45% mark

    • ​@Chad B a 53% WR puts you in the top 15% of players (on the NA server). The median WR is about 48.5%. Here’s the data someone pulled a few days ago:

    • Wargaming decides on people’s win rates, it’s the reason why the overall majority of server win rates are at 47 to 48%. The MM will only allow you to win so many games before it forces a loss. I’ve had matches where I could play 7 or 8 matches get make or be in the top 5, only to turn around and lose 10 or 12 games in a row. I’m not the best player nor am I the worst player (50%) w/r, but stats can be misleading and it’s definitely not my deciding factor on a players skills as long as they are a “team” player and understand there ship and how to fight it.

    • @mjxw just goes to show how out of touch I am, still not putting my profile to public though lol

  5. Luckily some other websites ( ) still reveal the Stats. Most played ship is Nagato with 269 battles, 29.7k avg. dmg and a winrate of an astonishing 38.66%. And no, he is not a new inexperienced player, he has 5.5k @ 47% winrate battles overall. I guess that guy claims that 60% of the playerbase are cheaters…
    Edit: Checked the authenticity of the stats by comparing my own on wowstats and WGs homepage, apparently they are not 100% up to date, still should give a relatively good impression of that guys skill.

  6. Hahaha that Neptune eats mushrooms! Haha GG flambass

  7. Sooooo, Neptune gives broadside to an Alaska, gets killed by it and proceeds to report a Kitakaze for cheating? WTF…

    • @Fire Cracker yep mine dropped by 5 with no explanation as to why nobody even said if they were reporting me.

    • Oddly enough it’s all on Flambass cuz they guy was not talking to him, but assumed he was, which I woulda pry done too cuz of that timing. If he had just realized that the Alaska killed him he would have not argued with the guy.

      Edit: Nvm the guy directly called out his ship as cheating…. Makes no sense…

    • @b0sch I mean… I only have gotten reported but never commended because I’m not the amazing KotS player that every weekend warrior expects you to be :>

    • Aroop Roelofs
      I got 3 in 1 match because I flipped the match from losing 200 vs 700 pts to win 1v2 and won the match.
      That’s quite the effort compare to what whatever reasons people reported me for.

    • Yeah I thought it was funny too.
      Try to attack a DD, that is headed away from you by smoking up broad side in front of a big gunned Radar Cruiser in a a floating citadel. This plan will work better than a yolo I know it will. Then complain when someone else goes oh look I might be able to beat Flambass on the points board with this guys points

  8. Václav Posledník

    Heh. Yesterday something similar happend to me. I went into a gun fight with my Ognevoi against Jutland. I won, as he was not able to land enough shots at range about 6-7 km. He accused me of using some aim mod. Yeah nah, he apparently never heard of shell velocity and dodging…

  9. When I see someone bitching like that at an innocent player I like to send a mystery compliment to offset the report. It wasn’t me here, just saying.

    • My karma is slowly returning to zero again just for surviving battles in the top 5…

    • World of Bots.?

    • what is even the REAL purpose of the compliment/report system? You can’t go back and look at complaints, they don’t seem to have any impact on account… The only thing that seems to work/has impact is the TK system, so you get restricted when some T5 fool sails straight into your spread of torps and kills himself

    • @f1y7rap Wargaming has stated on stream that the karma system was created just for players to “vent their anger” or to show appreciation for other players.

  10. look, the Yugumo was legit, he TRADED: one life for his own. You took several lifes, but gave nothing, that’s cheating ;P

  11. Eh, you’ve already given him more attention than anyone else has in his life, so trolling worked.

  12. Evidently he doesn’t know how deadly the kitakaze is with IFHE!! ???
    What a muppet that guy is lol

  13. When people call me a cheater in games it just means to me that i am doing great.

  14. There is also a learning curve to this game. Learning how to play each type of ship takes time and it is interesting as you learn.

  15. “I didnt touch the guy”. Flambass 2020

  16. 10:39 Jingles Trolling Flambass was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while XD

  17. I love how he laughs at guy for pushing 2 cruisers with Hydro/Radar. Then he proceeds to push a Donskoi within 12km and gets away with it. I laugh at you both.

  18. Sit down and speak to him, ask him to show you where the bad man touched him on a doll, perhaps he just needs to let it out.

  19. “It’s flambass moron” …nice when the team mates defend you. Sometimes I want to deactivate the chat in wows. But in rare cases there are useful infos or advices hidden among the mimimi, bad-team spammers and so on.

  20. Flambass: “what’s my cheat” ?

    Using your brain probably.

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