World of Warships – Reppin New School – Republique

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She is the newest tier X many seem to not like her. But Lord Caedus has found her rather effective

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  1. Still mad at myself for not sending the post battle screens in, completely spaced it at the time. Thanks for putting the video up!

  2. Great so I put the effort into getting the Henri and they drop a better T10 French cruiser…lol

  3. Conqueror has bigger guns.

  4. some said. this ship Citedal is a so week. its easily.penetrate by cruiser AP from 15km away .. i see their video. .. its true. they didnt lie. i guess. but armor layout are fine too. soo i still dont get it why it happen. i think. this is serious armor bag… whats thought on this issue ?qckslvslash.

    • TAKAGI FUMIO doesn’t matter to me at least, it is a good damage dealer, so it needs a downside, and this makes it hard but rewarding to play I think
      And don’t forget:
      1. Postion > Armor (medium range is better for example in this case instead of long range).
      2. Just don’t show your f****** side sillys (I mean this to everybody who sails like this, not a specific person).
      I actuaĺly don’t want this to be changed.

  5. Another perfect ship for all the cowards in this game….

    • Agreed. He got a lot of damage, but sat in the back and left his team to fight for the caps. Seems to go against what WG was trying to get BBs to stop doing.

  6. The UBER Graf Spee.

  7. The French originally resorted to the quad turret since the Normandy because it saves weight.
    Before WW1 France didn’t have the budget to build quality ships like the Germans or in quantity like the Brits who cranked out battleships like sausages.
    So to cram in the most guns on a small hull they came up with quad turrets.
    Now the quad turret as a means to save weight was an idea that was not uniquely French.
    All navies had paper ships that had quad turrets.
    But they didn’t build them because those navies didn’t want to deal with the problems that would come with a quad turret and that is mechanical complexity and a slower rate of fire.
    Increased mechanical complexity means increased failure rate in combat.
    The more guns you cram in a turret the slower the rate of fire per gun.
    The reason is that more guys will be bumping into each other in the bottom of the Barbette who struggle to fill the 4 shell and powder hoists.

    French was one of the two navies that accepted the risk of a quad turret and valued weight saving more.
    The British KGV also used quad turrets to save weight and the US almost installed quad turrets on the North Carolina.

    The French continued the tradition of quad turrets with the Naval Treaties in the inter war years
    But around the late 1930s France started to move away from the Quad turret with the Alsace.
    The reason was that with the breakdown of the international treaties weight saving wasn’t an issue
    anymore since you can build a battleship as big as your treasury and industrial infrastructure allows.

    The Alsace project involved 3 designs of various tonnage and firepower.
    Alsace as you see in the game (design Type 3) was rejected for being too big.
    Design Type 2 would have been like HMS Lion but that was rejected because of the time it took to R&D a new 16 inch gun.
    The design that was finally chosen to be the real Alsace was Type 1 which was pretty much a French version of the Roma.
    They build the Alsace to counter the Roma and leave Britannia’s Lions to take on the German Friederich de Grosse BBs.
    France was that UNWILLING to commit itself in a naval race.
    (Obviously Wagaming didn’t choose design Type 1 as the Alsace)

    So the French by late 1930s were already moving away from the quad turret.
    I have no idea where Wargaming asspulled the design of the Republique from.
    No sane naval designer will put half of its main armament in a quad turret on a 65,000 ton battleship to “save weight”.

    • Qckslvrslash Gaming

      Thank you very much for the history lesson it is appreciated. As for WG making up ships it is no worse than some of the tanks they came up with. I think the big thing is they wanted something unique over realistically what the French may have built

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