World of Warships: République Unleashes A Kraken

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A random battle played by malachias13 in the République.


  1. FrustratedNameSearch

    Good job, especially with that damn ship. The bad part is it doesn’t pay worth a damn to play it. Very poor financial return.

  2. andreas pedersen

    I like the republique… but not in division. when i just can roam freely aroung and use the flanks its at its best. Waiting for some openings where it can push in. Got 4 citadels on a broadside Yammie at 13km so its AP is pretty good 🙂 like the reload too

  3. wouldn’t have believed if i hadn’t seen it. Kraken with a T8 baguette. Thanks, malachias well played.

  4. Kevin Hernandez Santana

    Esta un poco roto el barco no ,,, parece un yamato cualquier toque hace mucho daño

  5. That NC was going for the MVP border player award.

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