World of Warships- Repulse Is Here! Update 10.11: What You Need To Know

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new update’s patch notes and go over what you need to know!

Update Notes:

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. lmfao. The chap at the beginning asking for help with the Zao. Didn’t really see who asked but later when they drove out in front of all the trops, lol, I thought “they don’t know the Zao lol, fancing driving out like that” then they die and you mention 4. torps I looked at name and almost died laughing when I seen “lesson learnt” :~) You couldn’t of written that lol.

  2. Towards the end of the replay, when the Moskva was firing AP and Slord was trying to turn out, I got MAJOR citadel anxiety!! That said, I do enjoy Zao (And the IJN CA’s in general), nice to see it featured and that it’s finally getting TLC

    • this video is interesting and helpful for the upcoming event, I would say for zao it needs more then a 2k buff inmo. It should get at the bare minimum if no other stat changes to help it, at least 5k or maybe even 15k hp buff just to make it more meta relevant. Why? because ships like Thunderer, High dpm cruisers like des monie and mino, cv such as the fdr [ the only cv i fear is fdr but its aa is mediocre even with aa consumable]. On other thing about the video itself it is nice that you can get a free tier 6 premium that though is not the greatest it has it s uses.

    • @Rigsters Journey more than a hp buff… Why not a conceleament buff or even better, a wider fire angle of torpedoes?

    • @Francesco Falciani Oh, yes indeed it needs more then an hp buff indeed. i just was saying if they didnt do ANY other buffs just raw hp that would be the bare minium to make it more fun or at least useful.

  3. If we already have dreadnought and do then complete the set, do we get both the credits and camo?

  4. I love how almost no one is the community is psyched for the Malborough. The only attention is to the Repulse

    • Historical ship and Marlborough is bad. Though I think I’ll get it and do a furious build on it lol. Should be hilarious with a 13s reload on those guns

    • Truly, Repulse sunk off the coast of Malaysia and Singapore. As someone who lives there, Repulse is a definite get for me.

      While Malborough is just there, no motivation for me to grab it.

  5. My personal preference is today’s version of patch note review, thank you ^.^

  6. Super excited to finally get to work my way up the german BC line, been saving up fxp

    • I wish I could do the same but I kinda raped my sanity and unlocked myself the Chaba and am working towards FDG.

    • @Neptune rip, main line german bbs are still super fun, getting gk before shes replaced will save you some coal. Recently got mine too. Havent played it much bc I got pommern recently as well so Ive been stuck on her and now the BCs lol

  7. I laugh every time they change premium ships. Especially RB and steel ships. What a grind it is to get them. (RB is just free xp to most people) And they keep changing them 🙄.

  8. I see on their site a mention of the snowflakes again, are they back for round 2 on dec 10th, or is it just a reminder of those we had during black friday event?

  9. This form of update is much preferred…

  10. I’m stoked to get the Repulse.

  11. Hi SLM. Have I correctly understood what you said in one of previous video. Did MP received sigma buff? As I remember WG has policy to not buff single premium only game changes or whole line changes? Something has changend?

  12. I prefer the shorter patch videos. We can always read the whole patch if we want, but having the quick summary/update is nice.

  13. Doubloon and resource ship coupons refresh next week. Napoli here I come!

  14. This type of patch review is MUCH MUCH better than reading out patch notes.

  15. Schlieffin is already my new favorite ship ever. I think it will get nerfed tho. Seems too good.

    • GK/scharnhorst (both secondary built) are my all time favourite ships. And I do hope Schlieffen gets nerfed – lets be honest – this ships is absolutelly broken. I still want to play other ships not only Schlieffen and playing against that thing really isn’t fun.

  16. Saki Saki Kawasaki

    Finally Schlieffen 😆. Ended up using my coal for Lutjens 🤞

  17. Sealord, I do enjoy this higher-level version of the release notes vs the line-by-line walk-through.

  18. seen some the earn base xp missions in the marl DY ? 50k in the last week , total of over 283k base xp… thats a lot of wows

  19. Short and to the point is always the best way. Thank You!

  20. i definitely like this format SLM. I was enthralled at the action on screen and having you chat in the background really worked well for me. Great presentation as always. All the best for the festive season from Oz.

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