World of Warships – Requiem for a Hatsuharu

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Just when I was starting to get the hang of the Japanese tier 7 , they went and dropped it to tier 6 and turned it into a mediocre gunboat. Wargaming, y u do dis?

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If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. The nerf to the jap destroyers triggered me pretty heavily

  2. Jingles u old fool! The enemy team was lagging behind on points all
    throughout the game. The enemy team had no chance of winning even if ur
    team lost 3 ships

  3. I don’t play WoWS so it’s possible that I’m missing something, but… when
    he said that the enemy team is “way ahead on points” (roughly at 14:00)
    doesn’t the point indicator at the top show that his team has about twice
    as many points as the enemy team?

  4. Calling the second IJN DD line “gunboats” is an odd choice when only
    *Akizuki* counts as one. However, I did fall in love with my *Shiratsuyu*,
    which proved to be a glorious ball of fun and brutal murder. (Obligatory
    ‘Poi’, even though I prefer Shigure)

  5. How do you focus fire on a group of planes?

  6. Jingles you drunken SOD. Green is your team, and red is the enemy. Once
    again green good, red bad. Love your stuff, even when you have a narrator

  7. It ain’t no Jingles video unless there is atleast one mistake 😛

    So, to keep up the tradition.

    *clears throat*

    Actually Jingles, that’s your Team’s point counter.

  8. Turned it into a mediocre gunboat? Jingles. Please.

    They barely changed the Hatsuharu except for putting her a tier lower. The
    torps are like 3 knots slower and reload faster, she lost a grand 400
    hitpoints (OH THE HUMANITY!) and her guns now actually have a ~33% faster
    rate of fire than they used to. They made some minor adjustments that are
    barely even perceptible in pratice, buffed her guns a little and put her a
    tier lower. She’s still kind of a mediocre ship, but that’s because she was
    just outright *trash* in her tier 7 days.

    The whole “gunboat” thing is a misnomer anyway except for the Akizuki. The
    other DDs on that line are stealthy gun/torpedo hybrids that need to be
    opportunistic and flexible about what part of their weaponry to use and
    when and where to break concealment, not traditional up-front gunfighters
    like the US or russians. They’re “gunboats” only in comparison to the other
    IJN line.

  9. Man, Jingles… really, the last game you played with tier VII Hatsu?
    Your ingame nick is Admira1_Hipster in that replay and i’m absolutely
    positive you changed your name to RamJamFurBurger at least three months
    ago (some one week after QB’s penultimate Dream Stream IIRC, anyway the
    last Dream Stream 2 months ago you were RamJam allready) and kept that
    name since.

    Also, there’s not a single royal navy cruiser in that battle, which
    would be mostly unusual in last month, impossible and unheard of even,
    if i may say so.

    Also, in the post-battle result screen there are still daily missions,
    which were removed in favor of containers in 0.5.13 2 months ago.

    Is this case of you mixing up two replays or case of not actually
    playing Hatsu for three months?

  10. Actually Jingles, I don’t know what you were seeing, but your team was
    ahead in points throughout the whole game… you so silly. Go home Jingles,
    you’re drunk!

  11. Actually Jingles, that was your team on 760 points. Your team was killing
    so efficiently that the points were always in your favour even without cap

  12. You should have a boob implant to get more subs hahaha


  14. “The enemy team is way ahead on points”.

    Uhhh, Jingles?

  15. Hey Jingles did you meet Dr Frankenfurter in Frankfurt?

  16. jingles i litterally did the same, bought it like the week before the
    update, was like wtf…when the update came out.

  17. Jingles, what do you mean they were way ahead on points? Your team was
    miles ahead on points.

  18. Everyone makes mistakes. Even our beloved apostle of wargaming.

  19. Jingles, please tell me that wargaming is working on WOW for ps4. my
    computer is crap.

  20. make the Shimakaze great again

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