World of Warships Research Bureau

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Guess what’s back, back again? NTC’s back, tell a friend… Only this time it’s called the Research Bureau and its still not that great of an incentive or even an idea. I break it down for you. Shady style. Not really. I can’t rap.


  1. Put simply, no one wants to re-grind lines period.

    My only worry is if this Research Bureau gets tanked by a vocal majority like with the NTC, the OHIO will wind up being steel instead of research points. That would make me very sad 🙁

    Btw, is that actually true? When people don’t like something they spit fire in the comments, but when they’re pleased they don’t comment at all?

    • “Put simply, no one wants to re-grind lines period.”

      This is not true. There are lines I want to play through again. There are several lines I’d love to play again. Now I have a reason to go back through those lines, but that is because I have all the lines other than the Soviet BB’s and French DD’s complete.

    • @Theenragedone I personally don’t have any problem with the Research Bureau. Nor have I any issue with re-grinding lines for a ship like the ships in the line (OHIO here I come!).

      But I can understand why people may be hating on this as it is, because new players can’t even begin to grind for them until they have at least 2 T10, and a lot of Veteran players don’t want to relinquish their T10’s (among other reasons).

      The Research Bureau isn’t all bad, it just needs some tweaks (maybe I’ll post some constructive suggestions on the forum tonight).

    • Yeah, it is true. Depending on a bunch of factors, research says that people who are unhappy are about 10x more likely to comment (in the wealth of different ways,) to any company regarding whatever is going on.

    • None Ofyourbusiness

      @Theenragedone “This is not true. There are lines I want to play through again.” You can go right ahead and do that on your own. I’ve thought about doing so with my US BBs. However, I don’t feel a burning necessity to drag everyone else along.

  2. I think the idea is ridiculous. I can see that they want to encourage players to use lower tier ships (since so many people only play T10 once you’ve spent all that time unlocking it). I can see they want to give us more content. But taking away ships we spend days or weeks grinding for, just to repeat the exact same process, it’s awful.

    I just don’t have the time or desire to do it all again alongside working full time. I’ll not be regrinding a single line.

    • The matchmaking is killing lower tiers. I’ve almost finished grinding the IJN battleship line and I love almost every ship, but when I think I might end up in a t8 match when I’m in a t6 ship…yeah I don’t think I’m going to do that

    • I spend gold(doubloons). To get free xps. I do not want to do that again. Just to unlock ships? That WG will put up for doubloons or steel or coal?

    • They don’t want more ppl to play lower tier. WG just wants us to use free exp and buy doublons to buy more free exp to skip tiers

  3. If they wanted to give us a reason to play lower tiers again, they just had to push and improve the snowflake/symbols of France mechanic instead of this bs. Regrinding lines, if the OG grind wasn’t already a pain…plus, some lines didn’t age well and if you choose the wrong one…I don’t know, at the beginning I kinda liked the base idea, now I’m not convinced at all. If the rewards come to be borderline OP ships, we come back to the beginning of the protest, instead of upgrades you get a better ship straight away…

    • None Ofyourbusiness

      Not a bad idea but, to knock off those snowflakes for the coal and coins, while it made me feel kind of dirty… I knocked them off in co-op.

  4. Seeing as I have spent over a year to get to T8… I am NOT interested in going back to zero anytime soon…

    • @The Don well if hes like me, I’ve played on many different lines and types, so it takes longer to get them all up to 8

    • @The Don …How the hell can you do that?

    • @Myomer104 There’s so many flags of all types that WG gives out all the time. Just load up XP cammos and flags, buy a weeks premium or months and you’re good to go.

      And for god sake don’t play coop.

    • @The Don You can do it if you are willing to pay enough doubloons.
      Not everyone is into pay to progress to the same extent…

    • @The Don “Premium”

      …Well there we go. You’re a wallet warrior. I’m free-to-play.

  5. SurpriseBlue Viana

    So they end one “brillant” idea because the back lash the comutty and they introduce another “idea” from there asses…wait for the next…SUBMARINES…Jesus the vodack is stronk!

  6. One thing they forget is what happens to legendary upgrades for the tier tens if someone wants to do it

  7. Why cant they fix the more pressing issues with the game rather than screwing around with this BS

  8. Regrind 4 tech tree lines to get a tier 10 ship , how about NO!! WG. What blows my mind is that WG already have mechanics in game that could work in getting people to play lower tiers & not necessarily to get a tier 10 op ship as the reward. Consumable camo’s like the type 59, Hunter & the meritorious service ( the all white one )I would love to have as a permanent camo or how about those 19 point captains the CC’s get that they can put on any nations ship would be great rewards & instead of regrinding lines do a 3 month campaign mission that can only be done with tier 4,5 & 6 ships or make some new operations for those tiers that after a certain amount of wins you get a cool reward.Also one other thing WG if you want people to play lower tiers stop making all your content for high tiers ( all the recent coal ,steel & free xp ship that have come out lately and are due for release are tier 9 & 10, ranked 8,9 & 10 & only now we get a tier 8 clan battle season )Sorry for the long post & great video as always Zoup.

  9. in the last 6 months wg have killed a lot of the fun and seem to be pushing the grind as an attraction – THATS THE LEAST INTERESTING OR FUN PART OF THE GAME!

  10. I agree with you Zoup. The main problem is that nothing, not even ships, camos, or anthing will be enough to regrind entire lines.

    • Id do it if I got good historical camos or even full skins for every ship in that line. I would not do it for unhistorical bullshit and I would not do it to get other completely fictional ships like Ohio.

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      Simple solution then… don’t bother with the research bureau. If there’s nothing there that interests you, you can just ignore its existence and enjoy the non-grindy parts.

  11. Regrind 4 to get 1 hell no! You want me to play lower tier ships fine just remove the T5 level on most missions that way there is a real reason to play them. Hell even introduce low tier missions specifically for this. Your suggestion to regrind for regrindings sake is just demoralising it would physically put me off playing the game. Make playing low tiers worthwhile and more people will at them.

  12. 12000 random battles, I sure wont be regrinding NO LINES…. I spent way to much time and effort to get my 16 tier Xs, i aint given none up, as I love all my X and I detest playin mid level….. id rather see them come out with Operations for tier 8 9 and 10s 🙂 over this crap

    • Then don’t, I am sure I will, then I will get my Colbert in no time because I am stacked with those 400% exp camo.

  13. manuelthegreatman

    I agree with you Zoup. There is no way that I will reset my Shimakaze class, Yamato class, Grozovoi Class, nor Khaba class. These grinds were brutal to me and I will not willing just throw them out and start all over. The Shimakaze took me more than a year to get since I grinded for her when wargaming was constantly nerfing her into the ground. Not again, mate.

    • if you have a t 10 it is waay easier to grind the others, i got my first t10 after painful long grind (gearing) but i now have my tenth T10, grinded kremlin under 3 months along with moskva and haru. It will be extremely easy for veterans to do this

    • I grinded out the Des Moines and it’s legendary upgrade a while back. I like playing it but I’m definitely not grinding it again.

    • @hawkeye5955 dm w legmod is my fav ship, good luck in it

  14. To cite a once famous TV-series character:
    “I don’t want it!”

  15. I am not resetting any Tier 10 ships; it took too long to get there. This is going to push more players out and this game can’t afford that. More grinding is not the answer.

  16. I have no interest in the Research Bureau concept. If some ships are unattainable because a game currency is too difficult to acquire, I have decided it is not worth the grind. A great recent example is the Benham.

  17. More disappointment. So much time put in to only do it over again. WarGrinding/gambling.

  18. Yes, address the old constant issues that need work and fix them. There are too many currencies in the game, too many things going on (I agree). Special events should be twice a year so those players can go back and work on personal goals within the game. Right now it feels like, ok gotta do this event, then a new ship line, then ranked, then clan battles, oh another ship line and it makes it feel more like a chore or job than a fun enjoyable game. Renaming did nothing, fix the CV play which, like you or Noster said goes back and forth on too strong/too weak. It be nice if they would slow down with the 5 or 6 currencies in the game, fix CV play, add game modes and maps and fix the laundry list of bugs.

  19. It’s funny you mention sensory overload. I’ve literally suspended my playing (and spending money) just to sort of let the dust settle on everything with the game.

    • Im on the same page. I put this game on the shelf. Sad thing ive got small investment and serious amount time in it. To much change to fast.

  20. Mixalis Kourkoulos

    Snowflake-type events are more effective at making experienced players jump into their low to mid tier ships, than re-grinding an entire line. WG should stick to tried and tested solutions, rather than re-inventing the wheel but changing its shape to a square

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