World of Warships – Return of the Jedi

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It’s a good one, though.

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  1. Break time and a new Jingles vid drops, good timing sir!

  2. Actually Jingles, there is a key in WoWs (might be F, not sure), which forces a torpedo reload before all are expended. No Jingles, please not the shotgun!

  3. Ah yes the musashi shaped pommern. Never change jingles

  4. @12:20 that is weridly Musashi-shaped Pommern xD never change Jingles, we love you the way you are 😀

  5. “……and Jedi seems to have found himself a Pommern” apparently that’s spelt Musashi today. Oh jingles, never change.

  6. jingles: *looks at enemy musashi*
    jingles: jedi has come across a pommern
    this is why you’re still my choice of voiceover in game, never change

  7. 15:38 The only enemy Pommern in this game was engaged by the Roon on the other flank.

  8. i love that moment when theres Musashi on the screen and Jingles for few minuts tells us thats Pommern 🙂

  9. “The enemy Musashi finished off Jedi’s teams U190.”

    yeah because historically Battleships were deadly against submarines!😂

    That was cat speak for “ITS A MUSASHI!”

  10. Thats a very Japanese looking Pommern jingles! Always enjoy your content!

  11. 9:55 Taffy 3, Jingles. Although the other Taffy units arrived to support the Defense against Admiral Kurita’s Center force, the initial attack off Samar island was against Taffy 3.

  12. “There’s a Pommern and possibly a Musashi out there”

    spots Musashi

    “And there’s the Pommern”

  13. Please_Change_Username

    Wow. Pointy Hair Jedi, that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. He was responsible for getting me into Fractured Space when I won a game key in a competition he ran. Good times 👍

  14. Woo hoo, new Jingles content, it’s not the right time to watch though, 4:am here, trying to get back to sleep after my old man bladder woke me up.
    I’ll see what happens in the game while having breakfast in a few hours…
    As always, scritches to the furry ladies. 🐈‍⬛🐈👑✌️🖖

  15. Another great start to my weekend, a Jingles WoW video on a Friday afternoon.

  16. I think choosing between Huron and Haida is the same as choosing between Daring and Vampire II. Daring and Huron can sustain because of their heals, which makes them able to be slightly angrier DDs, whereas Haida and Vampire II can’t heal so have to be a little more cautious and make use of their superior stealth to pick and choose engagements. I also find with the crawling smoke, because it has such a long action time and cooldown, you have to be super selective with using it, so often I play Haida almost as if she has no smoke and use her amazing stealth as my ‘cover’.
    Plus, we’re talking about Tribal’s here; historically the angriest class of destroyers ever built (USS Johnston aside), and it’s the same in game, so a Tribal without a smoke screen is basically playing fair. And given that Cossack and Haida are brutally powerful at their respective tiers, (Jervis, the ‘baby-Tribal’ J-Class is hardly weak either!) I would say that’s reflected in game.
    I’ve just obtained Huron in the Dockyard and I adore both Cossack and Haida so I’ve got high hopes that Huron is just as fun.

  17. Pommern now has no secondaries, they got swapped out for the 18.1″ guns.

  18. You are the Eagle of giving us smiles! Thank you Jingles 🙏

  19. When I saw the word Jedi, I immediately thought of ol’ Pointy Hair! Thank you both for the replay.

  20. I was at HMCS Haida not too long ago! Highly recommend visiting it, it’s a lovely ship docked down in Hamilton.

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