World of Warships – Return of the Legend: Musashi

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  1. ねんだらあさ

    I hope all of those crew of mushasi is rest in peace and their task will never be forgotten about they’re sacrifice on one of the greatest battleships.

    • but let’s remember why japan went to war, almost all oil supplies amongst others from the surrounding islands that was under japanese rule was cut off by the US, the japanese then felt forced to go against the US to regain control over own territory, after the war japan lost the right to rule these places and then north korea was to be ruled by the soviets and south by allies amongst many other places, if the allies had acted more mature and not stripped japan of they’s property japan also might see it differently. germany got back the right to rule the land they once had eventually, japan never did.
      so i guess we can blame the allies for the north korea problem we got today.

    • 2 nukes wasn't enough

      ståle starheim USA oil restriction acted by imperial japan expansionism lol plz thinking

    • as you’r name suggest, you are incompetent to see 2 sides of the same thing…

    • The Amazing Goldfish

      ねんだらあさ So say we all, domo aregstto gonsiemas.

  2. I do not care the nation, nor the side of the war, the men and women who fought, showed bravery beyond compare. Mr Yoshiaki shows such pride, not for the cause, but for the ship he served. For the men he served with. For the life he lived. 7:22 That is not the face of a defeated man, but one who has lived through the pain of war. One I would proudly salute.

    • 2 nukes wasn’t enough Just go sleep and stop talking about this country, obviously you don’t know anything and are just a hater who only know stereotype
      Oh and yeah, great name for a garbage like you

    • 2 nukes wasn't enough

      Kyumaro did know japan conceal what they did in ww2? Plz shame on u.
      Plz dont saw ur countery seem as victim.
      Japan is perpetrator.
      Plz respect german^^

    • Oh i am so sorry for you, i’m chinese, little garbage hater

    • Saul Montaño Ruiz

      2 nukes wasn’t enough Is not enough to have defeat? Is not enough to have to handle over his army and most of his land? You want them to be eternally on shame? That is ludicrous, just ridiculous, it is not to put an end to a society or culture that even through the years has not changed neither succumbed to American values of the McDonalds, that for me it is something special, that on the eve of globalization some cultures remain the same. But for others something that was done about 80 years ago should be the Cassus belli to Japan be eternally ashamed and no to be proud to be Japanese, just like they have no reason (by those matters) to have Samsung clashing with Apple, or having Nissan, just to be a destroyed country living in the past.

  3. geronimonimo nimo

    wow… I love these stories. Moreover, it’s not just yet another allied side tragedy. What were our enemies had they’re own tragedies and they deserve to be told just as much as any other stories just for the sake of humanity.

    • geronimonimo nimo For so far, I’ve heard of more tragedies on the allied side indeed. But that’s to make the Axis appear as 110% evil, while most where soldiers just doing their duty. American propoganda. ?

    • geronimonimo nimo

      I know! Just to keep the fighting spirits up. No one wants fight someone they don’t hate. At least when it comes to WW2, stories can be told since the “evil”  disappeared.

  4. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    WG why can’t you give Musashi the same sound of Yamato’s guns??? considering they are exactly the same? For a ship to last 6hrs after eating just below 20 bombs and 20 torpedoes… taking twice the beating of Yamato… is certainly no joke…

    • the main reasion she took so much more of a beating is because she got hit from both sides meaning she could balance out the flooding to an extent, the americans learned and when going for yamato it was allot more focus on only attacking 1 side f the ship.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Other than the balance in flooding on both sides – which I have already know of… Musashi had a reduced citadel armour of 400mm and was further inclined to 20 degrees (compared to Yamato’s 15 degrees). Though quite minor differences, it allowed her to install better torpedo bulges and anti-flooding bulkheads. 

      Clearly the model of Musashi we have in game – is Yamato in her 1941 Stock configuration, not Musashi – and wg had pointed out in the first place. Which returns back to my original point “why can’t Musashi have the the same gun sound as Yamato?”

    • Well, realistic statistics could’ve brought the Musashi to tier 11, or the Final Successor, the 5th yamato.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Only H-44 deserves the title of T11…

      I noticed differences in the Models between Musashi and Yamato…
      I had to correct… The Musashi we have in game is really Musashi in her 1942 Stock config not just a copy and pasted Yamato in its 1941 stock config.

      You can tell the differences – as the shape of the main belt on Musashi extends all the way up to the first turret (on Yamato it only extends up to the second turret). Also it is clear that Yamato is slightly wider than Musashi – cause Musashi’s belt runs a lot smoother and straighter, compared to Yamato…


      Which makes me question: what is Musashi’s Belt armour thickness?
      does WG set it to 400mm historically or just set it 410mm like Yamato…

    • The USN didn’t know how to fight Musashi properly when they first met her in Leyte, so they hurled everything at her. By the time Yamato came around, they were more than aware of her apparent weaknesses.

  5. Despite the atrocities Japan committed during WWII, you have to respect the determination of the average Japanese fighting man. We (the USA) had almost limitless resources, but the Japanese just did not give up. They simply wouldn’t stop fighting back, no matter the conditions they fought under.

    • I’ll leave this here: there is not a single country in existence that has its hands clean from bloodshed. Those who believe so otherwise are clearly brainwashed or just delusional.

    • It doesn’t sounds good for Korean : (
      Japanese weren’t brave. They were mad. It was a kind of HUGE Religion that have belief in the Japanese Emperor. It’s much similar with Valhalla. And every people in Japanese Colonies were forced to believe and be like them.

  6. interesting. wg releases a musashi video right around the time when there are rumours going around kancolle that musashi will soon get a kai ni. and then you remember that something similiar happaned earlier this year with gangut.
    are wg and tanaka in working together or something?

  7. Mr. Yoshiaki was the one of the many – the pride of IJN was shattered by US navy, but it doesnt matter who was considered as an enemy in this conflict. These pals were a great navy soldiers, and remember the fact tht at an end of WW II IJN was defending Their homeland. It is great to see veterans telling their stories. Many men from both sides lost their lifes and we should give honor to them.

  8. this video made me cry 🙁

  9. this gonna be the biggest “hit me” signpost for any t9-10 CV

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Stop whining… Any BB captain with a brain knows that staying under formation and accompanied by cruisers is the way to survive against high tier Carriers… Everyone should know that a lone BB is vulnerable to Aircraft whether the ship has AA or not. Plus its not like we already have overpowered AA at high tier, where high tier CVs are dying under the tremendous AA of Kidd, Minotaur, Grozovoi, Des Moines and many more to begin with…

    • sadly you dont have control about your teammates rushing out and leaving your -relativley slow- BB alone… nor dying mindlessly in first 3 minutes of game
      best bet would be to have a trusty division mate with good aa cruiser

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      Well once I sinked a Yamato with a Shoukaku…. Dealt 90 000 or more dmg. Lost only a few planes. 🙂
      If an IJN BB go alone it’s the biggest “hit me” signpost for any DD and CV.
      But why we have cruisers? Yeah right, they spam Battleships with HE and other Cruisers with AP and totaly ignore any air raid or destroyer. 🙂

    • how to win every battle in wows is simple STICK TO THE FREAKING TEAM

    • ewok40k Oh, you don’t have control about your teammates? Ever heard of divisions?
      Sorry, if you don’t have any friends.

  10. All your respect to veterans, but you guys still make fictional ships, blueprint ships, failed projects ships, which not take part in the service, i would like to just play in-service ships for thanks to their service

    • still not good idea, using ship that rejected, is that good? whats the point of using failed ship?

    • Ok, then blueprint ships, hiw about that?

    • blueprint and failed ship are similar, the design not built because some issue, and then, its just blueprint, how they get such detail and specification? so just blueprint still similar to fictional

    • No, some blueprint ship just did not manage to be built, like H class battleship

    • still fictional for me, not much official data, mostly blueprint ship just wargaming imagination, and those in-game design are far from the design i have seen before, for the example, the izumo, i saw the real design/blueprint was the 3rd turret are full front (like nelson) not backward like that

  11. I bet ya NO ONE here knows that the first blood was drawn by ‘muricans in WW2… US Navy sank IJN submarine in international waters way before IJN attacked Perl Harbor

    • Wreck of the actual sub which was sunk (not the one which tried to enter Perl Harbor on the day of IJN attack on Perl Harbor) was found way in international waters , so the whole US ‘we were attacked first’ story is fake!

    • but you do realise the US brought it on itself by doing that? if US had let japan do their stuff and, not intervene it might not have ended up with a US IJN war in the pacific? and because of that korea was split between the allies and soviet after japan’s surrender instead of staying under japanese rule, so we can in hindsight blame US for the north korea problem of today.

    • The Japanese midget submarine was entering the harbor. Yes there have been warnings to the submarines and so it was sunk.
      As for the submarine in international waters, you are probably referring to the I-70 which was sank 3 days later by USS Enterprise.
      Unless you can provide a reliable source saying otherwise.

      As for the embargo, that did force Japan to eventually attack US and plenty of other places like Vietnam. Which ended up eventually leading to the French losing control over it and the two wars that followed in attempt to re-secure it.
      However US did it because Japan was invading China, not that US actually cared. They cared because they had economical interest in China. Japan did participate in negotiations. Japan thought the US demand to completely withdraw as outrageous after all the fighting(which has been going on for several years now) with no gains.
      The Japanese considered to withdrawing a large part of China but not entirely which the US wanted. Japan also agreed to have a different interpretation to the tripartite alliance and only help if the others were attacked. General Tojo refused. The then current Japanese government was actually open to peace and never intended to war with China. Tojo however orchestrated the Marco Polo bridge and then blocked the negotiations.
      The final proposal by the Japanese was withdrawing from French Indochina and negotiating peace with China. Britain withdrew their embargo but US did not. The embargo was crippling Japan’s industry. The only way left was to accept US demands or to use force. Tojo and the army faction supported the latter. The navy generally supported the former.
      Shortly after the war started, Tojo became Prime minister and he squashed anyone that tried to reconcile.

    • HOrseshoeM Japanese ship suck

    • Yeah, let japan continue in its atrocities. Good one.

  12. it’s just nice to here the stories from those that where there from all sides


    I am center american citizen im not good writing japanese but i trying to write japanese
    greetings tsukada yoshiaki it is an honor to meet one of the few surviving crewmembers of the musashi battleship for me it is a wonderful experience to tell and hear your story about the days of service in the imperial army and aboard the musashi thank you from the bottom of my heart to know about this documentary and I regret the losses of your classmates thank you very much tsukada yoshiaki

  14. I am glad to see an interview was made with a WW2 survivor of the IJN and not some USA bloke, its often interesting to hear stories and facts about the axis forces from the soldiers themselves. I saw an interview of a Japanese ace pilot throw a completely new view of how they operated versus the US etc. I’ve also watched interviews of German tankers, pilots, paratroopers and soldiers battling for Stalingrad, its a completely different light when you see/hear the defeated side speak up for once.

  15. maybe one day they’ll introduce actual effects of the guns firing as in the massive cloud of smoke that erupts from the barrels after each fire and lingers there for a bit. also the way the big 16” and bigger guns recoil and go up slightly after each consecutive fire. but that’s just me i love realism. i still see new documentary’s and new found pictures of world war 2 machines of war and always left gob smacked by how far we go just to try and wipe out the enemy side. even if it means building massive things like the Yamato and Musashi.

  16. This was great WG, you even interviewed a veteran. Kind of gets me emotional how many people died there though. It seems to be a common trend that injuries in battle tend to save the person’s life since they are no longer in the frontlines. Also I originally only thought the construction was kept secret. Didn’t know its entire service life was.

  17. When i see such videos you just understand how lucky you are to live in peaceful times.

  18. Bernardo Maffessoni

    certain people confuse patriotism with extremism and radicalism. I even think it might be metal disease. It hurts me to see that some people think, and post publicly, that for example “two bombs have been little”. I suggest psychiatric treatment.

  19. John Vincent P. Espelimbergo

    Just a reminder that her wreck was found 2,990 ft. in the Sibuyan Sea, Philippines by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in March 2015.

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