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Game in the background is the on Two Brothers, I’m more interested in getting some feedback on some future content. I’d like to release line summary videos with good information on armor, armaments, builds, modules, etc. I’d like to also develop my reviews into more about what the ship is about with all that information in a more detailed format. Look forward to your feedback, have a wonderful day!

Tier X Moskva Replay


  1. The one thing you should do if you are going to do this is make a separate playlist to make it easier for us to find these videos.

  2. How about doing some tutorials…like how to aim and stuff.

  3. I would really appreciate information on ships’ “hidden stats”, i.e. their guns’ sigma and krupp values, and autobounce angles. These are very important for understanding gun performance, and yet only the 1% know them.

  4. Big fan Notser. I think instead of talking about what every other YT/Twitcher talks about, focus on positioning. Everyone sort of glosses over this part and just says “be in a good position”. Talk about how you’re positioning yourself in the game, why, how, etc. We all know about armor, math, etc but I myself have trouble at times thinking ahead about positioning and am often just reacting to the moment instead of doing things premeditated. Perhaps in-depth on each map and its good/bad spots.

  5. William Lovelace

    “I want to step up my game”.

    How about you start by actually doing research on captain skills, like IFHE for example, before telling the community how you think they work as opposed to how it actually works. I’m not a community streamer or expert on the game, but I think that would be a good place for you to start and be taken seriously, maybe gain some of your viewer base back too. You owe the community an apology, not another video of you telling people you’re really good. I don’t hate you, but I trust the other CCs infinitely more than you.

  6. I was thinking a ‘what not to do” series where you show a battle where you fail and why (yeah I know, you’ll REALLY have to search hard) It could be a condensed 2 battle vid with the same ship showing the right and wrong strategy and why. Perhaps focusing on a part or detail of the strategy. For example: “Capping Early in a Soviet DD, is it a good idea?” or “Do we go with the Team or do we Defend the weak Flank”. Sounds like a lot of work, and perhaps difficult to convey but I think your strengths are these vids analyzing the play style and tactics. I like the idea you put forth here, but as a supplement only. In other words, an emphasis on tactics and not the actual ship. This series would perhaps be a supplement to a focus on the actual ship as u suggest here, which is very important.

    Tanking with Soviet Cruisers, what can go wrong?
    Capping with Jap DD’s, why take a chance?
    Sitting back with German BB’s, its safe behind this island!
    Cruiser close support, We dun’t nid no estinkin armor!
    Cappin’s for commies….

    You get the idea. Maybe its what you’ve done all along, I don’t know…

  7. There is no manual, not guide book and no tactics tutorial in game. That is why there is so much ignorance among the player community.

  8. Sounds good Notser but would be even better if in your game commentary you explained about map positioning and the reasons for the positions you’ve taken. After all knowing about the penetration, armor etc is only part of the game and without good positioning and awareness they wont necessarily make players better. Good idea though, just think you should expand on it a little.

  9. Please don’t do “fun” real info…not clown times.

  10. Notser, if you want to support all players, then why not have “Low Tier Tuesday” and “How to” for a line of ships. Staring with Tier 2 and going up through Tier 10? People respect you as a skilled player. Why not add some organization to your schedule? Show them how you play different ships, but do so in a manner as Ben Iles suggested both with playlists and by days. Good luck.

  11. Sorry was there a homework assignment? I was too distracted by the salt!

  12. If this is what you want to go for, by all means. However this means you have to stop (pardon the wording) dicking around with silly builds which spreads misrepresentation more than anything.
    A summary of what to do & not do in-game is something would be great; too much players have bad habits of doing things that not only hurt the team’s ability to do damage but do little to help spot/provide AA cover and support consumables to allies.

    As for the armor layouts, angling, and other information, I feel there are enough other WoWs CC on YT that do this so therefore it is less important. Teaching a player (regardless of T3 to T10) how to play EFFECTIVELY is something that should be of most important IMO.

  13. Up your game? picture this: IFHE on….. US Battleships!

  14. It’s all Notser’s fault that was able to figure out what ship class I actually play well and have fun in. All his fault. **shakes fist**

  15. I like your content the way it is, please don’t change that.

  16. Lot’s of good info in the comments, might I add facecam? 😀

  17. you’re to blame for everything Notser.. it’s all your fault! for shame…

  18. Well I can say with certainty that the Murmansk, Aurora and Diana ALL benefit MASSIVELY from IFHE! Sure, most of the cruisers and all of the Destroyers have less armor than 25mm in the areas you would want to land HE, but BBs have much more, particularly on the Deck. And IF you can pen the deck, and you aim for the superstructure with HE as you should, you will do TONS more HE damage with IFHE than you would without! I would highly recommend Demolition Expert as well – as I have both on my Kutuzov/Molotov/Murmansk/Aurora/Diana.

    I don’t play tier 5 and below too often anymore, but I took my Aurora out for shits and giggles after I got both IFHE and Demo Expert – and she is a BEAST NOW!

    And Molotov WITH IFHE – her HE shells become INCREDIBLE! With enough HE pen to get through the deck armor of EVERY BB until tier 7, and even then, there are still many American and some IJN BBs that have 38mm or LOWER deck armor! Besides, Molotov has a pretty good fire chance at 13% stock, so 12% with my captain! 39mm of HE pen at tier 6 is NO JOKE!

    Personally, I would at lease CONSIDER IFHE for every gun from 100 to 180mm, and possibly the Henri’s 240mm – which would bring his HE pen to a staggerubg 52mm! Meaning you WILL pen BB deck armor the vast majority of the time, and Henri has such a high fire chance, it really isn’t much of a tradeoff!

  19. Great idea!! There is no such thing too much knowledge.

  20. I love this game until the phantom torpedoes showed up out of no where, sinking my ships.
    There is obviously undetectable and unsightable submarines lurking around to sink your ship without any warnings making this game a cheat.
    This game, with great potential is dishonest and rigged.
    On principal I was forced to uninstall it from my XBOX One.
    Maybe if this game cheat is corrected, I would reload it in the future?

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