World of Warships – Rich Campaign

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Take out the , the ship performs well and I talk about my experience with the so far. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Richelieu Replay


  1. A Clan mate was in need of 1 Win to get the mission done, he won but the reset happened while he was in that game he won and it never counted. All that progression for nothing. That’s a sucky thing WG put in.

  2. Completely agree with you Notser! WG should give us SOME sort of options to decide from say three things in a super container because i’ve had it with getting more than 3 Anti Aircraft modules in super containers which all three are useless to my personal gamestyle while what I would like has never appeared once! feels like gambling and frustrating and as player eventually you start looking for other nicer games which treat its supporters/buyers more respectfully. Anybody already seen the Sea of Thieves videos? WG should turn our Frustrations into Fun so we never ever dream of switching to other games.

    • the dsad fact is that when WG says that they listen to community that is a load of BS..they don’t give a flying pig about the community..they only give about you using real money..yes it is a free to play but it still makes money..WoWs could be a great game but the upper echalon of the WG don’t want great game..they only want a mediocre cash cow..if WG gave a damn about the community they would actualy FIX the problems in the game first before adding new stuff, but that will never happen.

    • Id be ok with WG selling super containers… Ive only ever gotten 4 of them… and Ive opened so many normal containers.

    • I recently got 2 in a row and one of them was fucking ourobros flags and other I dont even remember probably because its some garbage like usual. I remember getting that special radar equipment in one of my first super containers but I had like tier 5-6 max so I sold it lol. Now I have baltimore and I regret it.

    • Ivan – you do, you invest your time and effort to get access to them.

    • Super-cointainers shouldn’t even have flags and modules in them at all. Either large amount of money(most of the time), ships, gold(not a lot but some), prem consumables in big packs. Maybe it could have packs of 50×3 type of flags or more. But it usually better to go for specific money , flags or the other one and you will get better results than hoping for something useful out of a super-container.

  3. TomsonPRoDuctions

    Jee Notsy sorry to be _the one_ but you should really stop pronouncing this ship the RicheLOO, it’s just really really wrong xD

  4. I have the same issue in the Roma vs cruisers. Very annoying. Especially considering the dispersion gives you a harder and harder time the further away they are instead because it’s pretty crap…Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

  5. Same here I don’t like what WG did with the French containers missions thing I opened like 10 box’s from the collection and got nothing so went bought some from premium shop and got no luck then my friend got a mission for the Lyon from the 2nd container that he opened , now how is that fair ?

  6. Campaign sucks. Low chance for getting BB quests and perma camo’s for T8 that are ugliest in entire game.

  7. I’ve gone through the whole French combat challenge and did not receive 1 special mission…

    • FlyingDutchmanVideos

      While I had hoped for Lyon or Richelieu (obviously) I ended up with only one 1 mission, for Bretagne…While it will unlock in due time just from playing, I’m not really feeling like grinding another battleship line, so It’ll probably sit in port unused. I’m not sure it’s all that good of a ship either, unfortunately. I suppose you can always get more crates from the Gold of France campaign, but that seems like slow-going without either Aigle or a high-tier French BB.

    • I got the Bretagne and Normandy havent finished them yet but damn confused by them

    • Well i was lucky, i got 2 personal missions, i earned the Bretagne and Lyon. Lyon kind of reminds me of this ship, concerning the over pen thing.

    • I lucked out and got all of them. The Richelieu one seems to be the one that was hardest to get. probably used up all my RNG luck for this year.

    • I didn’t either, out of 30+ containers so far.

  8. Notser, the french battleships are supposed to have high-velocity shells. So firing at low armor ships (early battleships and cruisers), your best bet is to fire when they are slightly angled, so the shell doesnt exit out the other side and explodes inside the target. Thats why the french battleships really punish german BB’s. Just fire into the belt armor and it will most likely penetrate

    • Man, WG really hates German BBs. AP bombs, French BBs that are faster and have better secondaries. Their main gimmick is worthless now that most BBs are resistant to citadels

    • German BB’s are still the best at pushing a cap circle. Hydro + turtleback + amazing secondaries = deadly push

  9. I really think that this and Dunkek need better accuracy. It’s only 8 guns…

    • EVERY battleship gun is more accurate then in rl, thats nothing special trinial … in fact they are over 10 times more accurate … they hit like 30% and rl was like 2-4% hitchance xD
      but that would be so boring …

    • Holly actually the guns were MUCH more accurate. The problem was getting bearing and speed on the target. When the US started deploying much better radar targeting systems, you started to see that accuracy.

    • late WW2 BBs on the US side could put a ultra tight salvo dead on target from 18km+. . IE In a gunnery exercise one of the Iowa class warships at 17km… was able to hit all 9 shells on an atlanta sized target( Atlanta class was the target, 500m rear offset.)

    • Hunter McNeer and there’s your reason why the US basically only had BB losses and Pearl, meanwhile the entire IJN navy was basically lost…

    • The guns per turret have no incidence to the accuracy but the proximity of the barrels / shells in flight. It was fixed on the Richelieu and Jean Bart by adding a 0.5 ms delay between shots. You can see another solution to avoid this on British cruiser from tier VII to IX where the center gun is setback from the others.

  10. For the 1800 ribbons just get a rapid firing ship like an akizuki and keep farming main battery ribbons.

  11. Hey Notser, the speed boost does not affect stopping time. it only affects the acceleration speed up to 1/4 speed forward or reverse

  12. So for the Richelieu it’s basically the Dunkerque just scaled up by 20%? 😀

  13. Richellieu is great for penetrating german BBs, but you need these tricky, angled shots on cruisers to do ok damage.

  14. I’ve noticed from tier 6 on up, the armor on thee hulls of the frenchies, its, really really low. I was looking forward to them until I saw thatg.

  15. The random super-equipment is irritating. I want speed boost modules for my french cruisers and BBs but I only have one probably won’t get another because RNG

  16. The Gold of France campaign feels like it is punishing me for:
    a) Not being lucky and getting the tier 8 battleship mission so I can’t do task 4 in any of the campaign missions;
    b) Not having both the tier 6 battleship and cruiser to make task 2 really viable; and
    c) Being unwilling to throw enormous free xp at those ship lines to make it happen.

    I don’t mind that task 3 is a bonus to player who bought the Aigle. That’s fine. But campaign mission 2 with pretty much just task 1 is 10,800 ribbons. That’s damned rough.

    • The second mission of the campaign is rather punishing in general. Like you, I have no problem with task 3, the Aigle task. But task 4 is going to be pretty brutal for anyone at this point because the best way to get through it in a timely manner is to have a French BB spec’d out for secondaries. Trying to work a ribbon based task with BBs and only depending on your main guns is brutally slow work.

      As for task 2, doing with a BB is extremely sub-optimal unless you happen to already have one of those high tier BBs spec’d out for secondaries. Doing it with a tier 6 BB will be very, very slow grind indeed. It’s easier to do it in French cruisers (or the Aigle, if you have it). But even then, it’ll usually be a slow grind, because overall, the best way to get through any ribbon based task is to do it with a high RoF Russian style gunboat, like a Kiev or a Khab, where churning out 200 or 300 or more ribbons in a battle isn’t all that hard if you’re good with those DDs. For what it’s worth, I did have a pretty spectacular game in my De Grasse when I produced about 240 ribbons, but that takes a lot of skill and no small amount of luck too.

    • Same, really frustrated that I need to grind 71k of XP just to get to the Leon from Normandie just to play the Hermes too, it gonna take me about 4 days to do that.

  17. It seems for French BBs, try to wait until the cruiser is angled just to where you would consider not attacking that target. So far I have had good luck doing that as the pen for the AP rounds seem much better then normal which allow you to pen angled targets and overpen broadsides ones. No, not overmatch that is a different thing, just old raw pen seems to be a thing here. Anyway, if others have tried this please let me know!

  18. Hey Notser. I grinded through the Richelieu to the Alsace, and I love the ship. I went a secondary build with a 14 skill captain, as I found the 152mm secondaries to be highly devastating to destroyers. The random-ness of the citadel hits I think comes down to gun velocity. North Carolina’s gun velocity is inferior, but its AP shells stick better in the targets. I’ve noticed with French guns that I need to strike the engine room or have a plunging hit to get it, otherwise it flies through the target. Against tier 9 ships like Missouri or Musashi I’ve used the speed and maneuverability to get stern shots for instant or near-instant kills, with secondaries setting fires as I go. I don’t use Richelieu’s HE, as historically France never built 380mm HE shells.

  19. I was watching Flambass stream talking to some WG devs and one mentioned that the FR BB’s AP penetration is better than most ships. I think it’s so good……the shells don’t arm going through a flat CL/CH, and they need to be slightly angled to get the shell to arm. It’s probably something they need to adjust.

    Link >>

  20. Cem Kucukhasanoglu

    Well, campaign’s second mission’s task basicly translate to “buy aigle and spam shells or struggle” to me…

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