World of Warships – Richelieu First Impression

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Check out the Richelieu, gameplay gets stalled out with enemy stopping my flank attempt. Good variety of situations to see the Richelieu in action. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII French Battleship Richelieu Replay


  1. So It’s better than the Roma… ??

    • Quo Niam Lol say that to the Roma, it had better dispersion than Bismarck…

    • Are you talking about gun native dispersion or fire control system? Fast shells with low life guns will have worse dispersion overall. As for fire control system, I don’t think that the Germans could do worse than the Italians. Italians had better range and better speed with more up to date armor scheme, that is kinda all.

    • Italian and French 15″ guns share many of the same traits in-game. High velocity, good penetration and unreliable accuracy

    • Richelieu Best Ship

      French armor schemes are the best, Lyon gets the best HE/AP armor while the French T8 to 10 gets the best AP armor scheme of the line

    • E.C.3 was not a gun control radar – idiotshit from you n.1. It was a good radar set, the same size and mechanics as british 25X radar sets.

      Pugliese torpedo protection was a good system, but did not protect while ship – idiotshit from you n.2.

      45 second reload time was not true at all. Average reload time was 30.5 seconds. 45 was a number used by Admiral Iachino to cover his defeats… official numbers count – idiotshit from you n.3.

      Short shelf life was a “non-problem”, as the barrels could be easily removed, while in the US ships this couldn’t be done – idiotshit n.3.

      The bomb thing tells everything everyone need to know. Trolling at its best 🙂

  2. Dat pronounciation … 😀

  3. British are still betwr

    • British BBs are just plain stupid HE no brainers. They don’t require skill to be played.

    • They should have nerfed British BB fire chance. Strong HE damage but very low fire chance is more balanced than the current high damage high fire chance meta on British BB.

  4. STREAAM 🙁

  5. 6:56 At this point, it seems to me that you had a good opportunity to try and blap the destroyer with your main armament. There were a couple of opportunities after that too, especially since you were talking a lot about helping the destroyer that helped you, but it seems you largely concentrated on battleships and talked about wanting damage right to the end.

    And then people wonder why some players become obsessive damage farmers to the detriment of wider goals.

    • Unfair comment. The friendly dd had the situation under control. At 9:00 Notser opens fire and hits that pesky pan-asian dd.

    • Agreed Noster was bizzy fending off the Enemy Team….They must of seen Noster in Lobby & all had one track mind…..Fook Domination…fook the silly sap DD trying to Cap C, Completely Ignore B…… New Game Mode Everyone…. Kill the Noster?? ?.

    • I agree with jsm666, he should have been supporting the friendly Benson. If I was in the Benson and I went out of my way to flush out an enemy DD I would expect the BB I was protecting to shoot the DD when spotted. That would have opened up the Benson to then go to work on the BB’s. ALWAYS SHOOT THE DD FIRST!

  6. Aw. Notser, you should do the full line, not showing hightlight like this. Yes, I know people want these ship because they like them, but they need to be reminded that there’s a grinding road before you can touch those monster, and considering Lyon and Richilieu is tier 7 amd 8, yes, it’s a long road ahead. 😉

    • Im always abit curious about the lower tiers too, but doesnt ppl just free xp trough them anyways?

    • Palle Gantzhorn Usually yes, but most people won’t have enough Free EXP to skip the whole line, especially people who have intention to not use any Free EXP, which is…. very rare btw. 😉

    • i just used all mine to skip Colorado :p

    • Palle Gantzhorn Lol. Just grind her in Coop. XD

      Or use Operation Mode will help too. Just Division with 6 more player and grind the hell out of Narai, or wait for any tier 7 Operation to come up. That’s how I grinded those final EXP for North Carolina. 😉

    • Some people maybe but some like me actually want to play and enjoy the game, I am not at a rush to get to tier 10 and I like playing all the lines concurrently. This is not the best way to do it I admit as grinding one ship allows you to get used to it (shell speed etc) but I enjoy it and I did it that way in WOT and got all the tier 10 eventually now I am up to tier 8 on all lines on WoWs without spending any free exp.

  7. Pitty it does not have 3rd turret in the back.

  8. First impressions make lasting impressions. Also, your quote of, “If you choose,….. to bow tank,…. you’re giving up your advantage of speed” sounded very Captain Kirk-ish. 03:00.

  9. Notser! It’s Ree-Shell-Ee-Uh!

  10. I think the Richelieu will be an excellent kiter.

    • You can only fire truly from the back 4 guns, you have to give far more broadside to use your #3 turret, not to mention the Amagi has a larger dispersion and whilst not being slow, her rudder shift and turning circle radius is massive. Not to mention her piss poor detectability.

    • Amagi has a larger dispersion??? IJN BBs have the best accuracy of all nations, including USA and they have better shell arc than US BBs. The third turret while not being able to shoot over the 2 other turrets can still shoot while the ship is slightly angled one side or the other side, not uniquely one side like with ships with front turrets. A superstructure is blocking way more than a turret and if you shoot a target that is far away enough, your barrels are elevated enough that they are not blocked by the turret in between.

    • Shitty Pony OC Recolor

      +Tom-A062 That would mean it’s better at running away than kiting. That forward double quadruple gun turret layout is good for advancing at the target in a slithering motion without losing firepower.

    • IJN BBs have dogshit accuracy, only Germans’ accuracy is worse. American is the best by far.

    • Tom-A062 I disagree. Yamato is the only. BB with a 2.1 sigma

  11. You can almost believe WG deliberately built the French to be fast for flanking and at the same time not ideal/effective for ‘bow tanking’ because even they can see so much of the game has become a blob of battleships sitting on their arses bow on doing bugger all.
    THAT’s why the enemy lost this battle so badly IMO. A whole ton of their firepower sitting uselessly away from crucial points, sticking to ‘bow tanking’ which, in this case, is hilariously mislabelled as they’re not ‘tanking’ at all. Bow on? Yes. Getting somewhere so as to soak up damage (you know, the ‘tanking’ bit)? Nope.
    Any team that lets the enemy grab all cap points while their BBs sit looking pretty and being useless has failed hard.
    I caught a live session of Aerroon playing, and it was SO static with fail after fail battle with one side losing terribly because ALL their heavy firepower sat back doing nothing.
    I don’t know how people bother to keep playing such tedious, static, unimaginative play.

  12. Lyon also existed

    • Actually the Lyon as portrayed in the game never existed except on paper.
      It was a class designed under the 1912 program, but none were actually started.
      As typical of ships of this era there were several designs proposed with differing armament until the 16 gun design was selected.
      However the outbreak of WW1 put an end to all this and the ships were never laid down. Therefore the ships are a pure paper design like the American Montana class.

  13. I am not excited for this line of BBs (I dislike the two front turret set up) or adding more BBs to an already BB heavy meta.

    • Honestly I feel instead of giving many BBs to the French, they should make their Cruiser more potent. but I can’t lie, i downloaded the game hoping to captain the Richelieu… Now I’m down tier 5 in the french line and start to grasp the idea behind their ships. Ok the idea behind them is speed. Then make them reach 40 knots. Yes, that fast. at least. As they stand now, USSR DDs are better than french cruisers for the same role…

  14. is the dunk getting speed boost? i feel it would be beneficial to the ship and would not break its balance, considering the horrendous dispersion on the dunk

  15. Hey Notser
    Why are the French 380mm guns considered “Not very impressive” while people rave over the power of the Bismarck’s 380mm guns? The French guns had greater rangeand hitting powera as the shells were 84k heavier.

  16. I think the Richelieu should be the premium and the Gascogne the tech line ship because of the gun layout. Would make much more sense.

  17. Seems like a tier 7 of the dunkerque. I have the dunkerque, but you have to be quite selective about your targets. I swear she must have been constructed with sardine cans…

  18. With that ship’s speed, you can almost play the Richelieu as a Cruiser… Do you know when will those ship will be implemented to the public? I practically play the game in hope to get my hands on the Richelieu…

  19. I hear you about assisting… Usually I always try to screen friendly BBs ( I play French Cruiser ) Taking out DDs thatèd get too close for comfort…

  20. bro how do u become part of the community

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