World of Warships: Richelieu Hipper Sandwiched

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My Richelieu got outplayed by a Prinz Eugen and an Admiral Hipper.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 French battleship Richelieu.


  1. I lol at you?

  2. Aren’t baguettes supposed to be on the outside of sandwiches?

  3. Lewd!!! (>~<)

  4. Why u skip alsace? ((((

    • I wanted to make an Alsace video today, but I messed up. I “recorded” my commentary and other stuff… Or so I thought. My mic was muted, so I have to redo it. The video was getting so late, that I decided to just push this out today and do Alsace tomorrow.

  5. The WIP intro and tag have to be there. Even though it’s not even a sneak peek.

  6. how can you upload a video with that camo on? have you no shame?

  7. Typically french. The secondary gun crews were on a strike. ;D

  8. how can you keep playing this game, im so bored and got like 1500 fights (beta included)

  9. BTW, you misspelled the ship name: Richelieu

  10. Git gud u screb XD

  11. It’s just good business

  12. NIce and short video! 😀

  13. Press shift to enter binocular view.

  14. I want to get sandwich by Hipper and Eugen

  15. Oh, which sandwich pun to make?

    ->Teamplay is this game’s bread and butter
    ->Some meaty teamplay, if a bit cheesy, with notes of salt
    ->The made a cyka B.L.Y.A.T. (Bacon, Lettuce, Yolo-torp Aerroon, and Tomato)

    Vote now!

  16. never go between two sister’s i guess.

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