World of Warships: Richelieu Preview [WIP]

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Preview of the new work in progress French battleship Richelieu. Queen of bow-tanking.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 new French battleship Richelieu.


  1. Cardinal Richelieu hon hon hon!

  2. We want see the normandie Aerroon

  3. Vive la France!!!!!


  5. May be it’s just me, but it seems like this BB is been eaten alive by HE! It “can go Bow on and tank”, but it’s no Roma for sure!

  6. *Knock Knock* Come out Comrade Aerroon. You are under arrest for leaking Soviet Sekrit Dokumintz to the plabianbase. We plan to revamp community enjoyment by releasing soviet battleships that whose stalinium shells can penetrate islands, and you have undermined the suprise.
    You are of go to gulag now.

    • onewhosays goose when they do that they will lose everyone. You look at khaba and it needs to be taken out of the game. Russian bb will make the game impossable to play.

    • Jerry Glaze Correction Comrade! It will be all of fair, and of balanced. And of course is heestorycul that soviet super battleship Sovietzky Suyuz sank entire battlefleets by using shells propelled by combusting vodka that was crystallized by the blood of lenin.

    • onewhosays goose sounds like its time to find another game lol

    • onewhosays goose LOLOLOL don’t tell the finns

  7. French Speed Boost gives +300% acceleration in both forward and reverse directions. So, yes, it does help; your ship accelerates and decelerates as if it had 4 times the listed engine power in port.

  8. 3:03 I see you Division squad mate is a fan of anime

  9. When will you Review the (“HON HON HON” times Sixteen) Lyon?
    I heard it is a blast to play.

  10. I still wish we could get a general rework of HE. Cause it is so broken in game. Especially crap like British BB’s. In real life HE being fired from a a DD at a BB wouldn’t be able to kill it. HE wasn’t even close to being the most used type of shell./

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      HE needs an auto-bounce angle like in WOT maybe 90 degrees and above… IChase also said that like Dmg saturation to certain sections of ships, results in reduced dmg, maybe fires to saturated sections – results in reduced fire dmg.

  11. At the end at the container screen…112750 XP on ONE DAY, are you kidding me? Where do you have all the signals and camos for this, do you buy them?

    • Eh, I just open flag containers all the time. Then some missions and ranked give these camos. Some of the Christmas boxes give flags like that too. On top of that I get a Kraken quite often too. Combine that with a lot of games as well. I’ve played 21 matches since reset today and I haven’t played any matches for the last 15 hours or so.

  12. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    So if I hire musketeers this ship goes down easier?? Really hope so

  13. How are the over the shoulder firing arcs? Are they decent, or should you take Expert Rear Gunner to compensate?

  14. Awaylon McInthrows

    Why don’t you collect your containers? You have 19 of them!

  15. O really this bote again?

  16. Nice video. Didn’t know you actually slow down faster with speed boost 🙂

  17. Haha, now the french can use their speedboost while reversing – oh wait…

  18. This Dunk… I mean Richelieu is nice 🙂


  20. He almost said SPOOD BEAST!

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