World of Warships: Richelieu tanks 4 million damage!

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The French line has been hit and miss for a lot of people, this ship in particular! I have been enjoying it a lot since I’ve played it and this game we tanked like an absolute monster! 4 million potential damage!


  1. Welp.. i guess mine is still the highest at 5.3 mil.

  2. Had 4.6 mill in my Missouri here one day. Spent 90% of my time inside a cap geting shot at and torpedo beating. No Minotaurs attacking me either. Fun game 🙂

  3. hahaha… “OMG what is this ship doing today” yep, french BBs, i really enjoy playing them, but some games lol, good game man

  4. YEA man they should reward potential damage, spotting damage, and capping more. I also think there should be some system that rewards you for being closer to the caps as well some how

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