World of Warships Richelieu Test Drive

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Thanks to a container I got the ! Let’s see what this French tier 8 can do.

With this affiliate link you’ll get the premium USS as well as 2M credits. That’s a nice kickstart if you’re just getting into the game.

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  1. I love the look of those quad turrets

  2. Dexter Productions

    that’s one sexy ship

  3. Oh it was sound bug- and i was cursing that unknown jerk with string saw.

    • No idea what happened there. Must have been a replay bug. Horns simply don’t work that long.

    • Maybe on French ships its feature, something like “Emergency horn” – you break the security glass, push the big red button and from there you are noisemaker, iam not expert though.

      Cool video anyway- have a good one.

  4. How many containers you had to open to get T8 BB? I only got T5 and T6 :((((

    • Quite a few. I had almost completed the Gold of France campaign when I got it. Did get the tier 5 and 7 previous.

  5. I find secondary builds to be largely useless, and AA builds to be pointless because I never see carriers anymore. Buying the aiming upgrade is probably best for the rich as it’s accuracy sucks, the specing your cpt into adrenaline rush, basics of survivability, vigilance, or superintendent, then the final skill being fire prevention (assuming rank 10 captain) Concealment works too though.

    I do this because most of the time there are no carriers, (your base AA is good enough anyway) and secondaries are in a terrible place on the rich, your secondaries are all in the stern, and your main cannons are on the front, you want to angle towards your enemy at all times. If your secondary guns are firing while you’re doing this, you’re surrounded and lost anyway. Your side armour is pretty shit compared to others of the same tier, and your citadel peeks ever so slightly above water.

    • Yeah I know the secondaries are useless mostly. Still have this captain build because I was doing the “score 1500 ribbons” and that works faster with accurate and long range secondaries. I might change it later. For now I just enjoy the fireworks.

  6. OMG I new it Richelieu must have been there ! thanks wow.
    IRL He was design to sink the Tirpitz and the Bismark. Adter Radar and AA upgrade as well as firing conduit from USA It was the best Battleship of the Allies.

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