World of Warships – Ride of the Valkyrie

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With the introduction of the Research Bureau we’re seeing more players in low tier games regrinding their way up the national tech trees, and when you a few of those on each team, suddenly low tier games become a lot more interesting to watch.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. OK! But then again.

    Yeeeeeeaaaa, Came early…Wife isn’t happy

  2. Notification squad is back. Let’s check this out

  3. Father Who Has Fallen From Grace

    The one bight I stay up late I get to see the new jingles video extra early yes this how it should be

  4. First! Hey Commander Charlton sir? Has The Chieftain gotten into contacts with you and Quickybaby yet? I left him a folder at the Wargaming pavilion at the D-Day Conneaut event here in the USA, but I haven’t heard from him. IWANT to get these models I painted for you, Rita, Quickybaby, and Peppypepper for Christmas this year! Not joking! LONG LIVE THE KING OF THE GNOMES!!!
    Your humble servant,
    The Tank Commander

  5. Glad to see my fellow salt miners are still awake and busy working for the Gnome Overlord!! Keep working boys!!

  6. Am I the only one reading this players name as “A-to-the-K” instead of “uh-TOE-theck”?

  7. Jingles, is he called “Atothek” or “A to the K”?

  8. Gotta love some background noise by Akizuki

  9. 7:08 Sounds like Akazuki agrees with you Jingles.


  11. The music started playing in my head as soon as I saw the title…

  12. An Insane Shocktrooper

    Anything “ armored “ is slow and useless in wargaming games I see, unless they are russian.
    Classical :’)

  13. Pff but watching Tier 8 game of World of Tanks somehow shows more skill than Warships Tier 3

  14. Seal-clubbing is rampant these days.

    I used to play Tier 4, but surviving more than 5 minutes has become increasingly rare. Nothing whatever to learn when that happens–it’s all for the benefit of high tier players who are racking up really easy kills. Why World of Warships allows this, I can’t imagine. It’s very discouraging to see the game ruined this way.

    • keep practicing

    • is it seal clubbing when you capitalize on the enemy doing dumb things?

    • @ArmchairWarrior nope

    • I don’t think this will last very long, as it’s highly impractical to re-grind from tier III, the costs of commander re-training and fitting out the ships is too high to justify a few thousands free XP saved by actually doing the grind, most experienced players will skip directly to tier V or VI. It’s just the temptation of sealclubbing, but this gets boring pretty fast, so things will go back to normal in the noob realms after a couple of weeks or so.

    • I agree there needs to be some kind of separation between newbie and tryhards.

  15. Divmate here. I was just helping out Ato a bit with his grind. I think we played two/three games on this tier 😉 In the end I got killed because I did not have last stand on the captain, my repair was not up and my engine was out. Keep up the good work Jingles <3

    PS: There is only one way to go BB, full speed (even at tier 3 :D)
    PPS: Not 100% sure, but I thought A to the K was also a CC

  16. Jingles, I have two questions:
    1- Will you be attending the World Of Warships event in Den Helder?
    2- Will you be making a video about the torpedo-less destroyer Friesland?

  17. I love how Jingles pronounces the Thai destroyer Phra Ruang as Farang which is the Thai word for foreigner, so to his credit he is speaking a Thai word just not the right one.

  18. Re grind everything…
    And, encouraging seal clubbing to discourage new players…
    WOWS has made a huge mistake

  19. “… two kills after his carrier is sunk, thats impressive..” euphemism for carrierbullshit?! 11:55

  20. Jingles, I really think the more experienced players shouldn’t go lower then T5 regularly, stressing regularly, once in a while is no problem.

    We just had an event in our clan that went on for 1 month and it was “let’s see who can deal the most damage in a T3 ship”. In other words, it was an organized seal clubbing competition. And when you see players with 19points captains on T3 ships (why not^^) and not simply playing for the lulz or because other reasons but simply to farm everything that gets spotted, well, let’s say it escalated quickly…
    I mean when players don’t know what RPF is and keep asking in chat “who the hell is using radar???” you feel like you’re doing something you shouldn’t really do.

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