World of Warships: Riga Is Amazing

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Riga is well armored, has great AP, and radar! It’s like a smol Petro.

0:00 Riga Ranked Match
12:27 End Screen
13:23 Captain Skills & Upgrades
14:44 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Soviet heavy cruiser Riga.


  1. I was thinking about what to watch while exercising and just then you popped up. So thanks!

  2. best T9 cruiser just happens to be Russian *again*

  3. Good timing, class was getting boring anyway.

  4. Yeah, the Russians are good at warfare!

  5. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    So I was playing against Aerroon with his RIga a couple of days ago in ranked, I was in the Georgia. So beginning of game he sailed braodside and got blapped for like 30k and I finished him off…..
    Maybe it was an imposter……

  6. Ichsbe Stimmtnischt

    it all comes down to “luck” (how much money you sacrificed to rng). if that was me… i would be dead after the first time taking a bb salvo full broadside. and trying to run away from a musashi (the most accurate bb in the game if it shoots me), won’t work either.

    • Well, you don’t take a salvo full broadside. You try to show broadside only when you won’t be shot at. Eg when she’s engaging something else!

  7. I love how he counts all the team but himself and then says we are missing a cruiser lmao

  8. thank you so much
    i just got riga not long ago and im struggling to find out how to play it

  9. Is it suspicious that I‘m using Sinop in bronze, Riga in silver and Kremlin or Petro in gold?
    Obviously just a coincidence that all of these ships are Russian 😀

  10. Riga is amazing! The ship isn’t bad either 🙂

  11. George Washington

    As it seems the Riga is great but I can’t seem to enjoy dim.donskoi.I have it fully upgraded with IFHE and a 16 point commander but most of the shells tend to not penetrate most of the BBs even though I am aiming for the superstructure.Cant figure this ship out.
    I had great fun with all the previous vessels of that line and 100k were something usual but with donskoi a 60 or 70k I consider it amazing,because I usually average around 40-50k….

    • Donskoi has 180mm guns, and her armor is lacking.

    • Donskoi is more sluggish and less concealed compare to her predecessors so she should be played even further away
      Load range mod too if you feel uncomfortable

    • George Washington

      @Danhvn I don’t have problem with the range,I have problem with the fact that 180mm shells with IFHE shatter against the superstructure of most tier 9 and 10 BBs

    • @George Washington I have no problem with her firepower tho, 87k average after 64 games

    • Артём Шепелев

      Donskoi is a beast in my opinion. I play her with no IFHE and practically every salvo is a fire. Shell velocity and 12km radar with 12.6km concealment counters DDs hard. With AP you can citadel many cruisers at long range and do a ton of damage to broadsiding battleships. She’s also pretty tanky with 43k HP and well protected citadel. She plays fairly differently from Chapaev so maybe you just need some time to get used to her?

  12. How to fight against Alaska around cap?

  13. North Carolinian Mapping

    Wow this guy just wouldn’t play the Tallinn 😉

  14. Played 95 Battles with her in the past Clan Battle Season, the ship has its up and down you gotta know how to handle her, but if you do you can pull crazy shit off…

  15. To bad you have to go through that atrocious Tallinn to get her.

  16. I played Riga and Roon a lot in the previous ranked season too. This is one cruise in which I’m not afraid to do a face off against an Alaska.

  17. If you would not have fired at 10:19 you probably would have gotten the cap. You went unspotted just before you fired so they would have had to hit you blind.

  18. Артём Шепелев

    Me: Tallinn is trash omg (*has 68% winrate and 1500 PR in her*)
    Also me: Riga is so good omg (*has 46% winrate and 1000 PR in her*)
    Like wtf

  19. Mr. Örtzknörtz

    imagine not putting juliet charlie on when you play ranked ..

  20. Wasn’t Riga the name of the guided missile cruiser in that old Clint Eastwood movie Firefox?

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