World of Warships- Rigged Santa Containers Again?

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Hey guys! Today we look at the new Santa Containers event and see if WG has indeed kept to their word, enjoy!

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  1. Had 8 mega containers from the new years tickets, no premiums. But I wil not complain too much as I got the Yoshino B out of one of the free black markets containers.

    • @David Johnson was it worth it even if you got total of 7 ships ? I doubt … most of those ships you probably gonna play once in half year maybe even less. Lets be honest once we reach 100++ ships most of those collect dust till event with snowflakes or not.
      The only worth ships are T10/T9 and odds are insane low so in the end its not worth it.

    • @Mario it’s all priorities I guess. Since I am in the middle of grinding multiple tech lines MOST of my premiums collect a fair amount of dust (or is it rust) in port. IF I want to play something just for fun though it’s not a tier 10 ship for the most part. The economics of running any tech tree ship at tier 10 aren’t feasible for me, and I don’t have many freemium tier 10s to play with. Honestly if I weren’t endlessly trying to acquire new tech tree ships and could play anything I had I probably still wouldn’t play a lot of tier 9 tier 10 ships. I find more joy between tier 3 and tier 8 than I do in and 10.

    • @Mario bottom line, do what makes you happy.

    • @Padan Fain pushing isn’t Yoshioka strength. She can easily go 4 or 5 on one kiting. I can only think of one or two ships who can do what she can. And if you put the range Mod on her you outrage all but a few bbs.

      Fir aggressive play Alaska is much better u r right.

    • Damn just unlucky, I got the tier 8 Champagne out of my free mega gift

  2. SLM’s attempt at Portuguese had me lol’ing 😂
    It was endearing, though.

  3. I imagine lots of people are getting Jura simply because it’s a low tier ship they haven’t got already. Even most whales won’t have brought a Jura as its just a gallant clone. I think Jura was the only tier 5 or 6 ship I hadn’t got from the list so not surprised it dropped for me.

    • I can only agree with that. I didnt have her before so i got it aswell, but the rest of the Containers were absolute godlike for me got in a Batch of 20 of the Megas a Salem, the Yoshino and Hayate. So i guess there goes all my luck for the next 2 Years

    • I bought all the cheap ships prior to the event so they would not take up a shot at a higher tier ship. Just part of the plan.

    • Another downside to the Jurua is that while she’s a Gallant clone, she’s part of a different nation and cannot be used to train RN captains. Of course, the flip side is that she can be used to train South American captains in anticipation of the day that we see a S.A. tech tree.

  4. I have been watching crates opening for the last few days days, and this video is the first I saw the Juruá drop. And I’ve seen 200+ containers opening.

  5. I only have 5 tier Xs at the moment, bought 1 mega and nothing. I’ve spent some money on Black Friday, so I wasn’t expecting anything good on Xmas, and since I’m a “new player” (playing since March), if I bought containers, I would get Makarov level of ships because I don’t have all the lower tier ones…
    And then all of a sudden, out of the free random daily Santa gifts (small ones) I hit a 0,4% chance and got Kii completely for free… and just a reminder, I only have Alabama as a t8 premium
    Wargambling POG

  6. I was worried for a moment there, hopefully they can continue, they might need to be a bit more open though, i also hope no one misinterprets getting these “short list ships”

  7. I’m pretty sure they’re not doing a shortlist this year, it’s just that Jura as the Tier 6 DD that it is gets a much higher drop rate than say an Alaska or a Tirpitz because those are much higher tier ships. I’ve been trying to corroborate stories of people who got their santa containers on the day they dropped and most of them got a wild spread of ships from Arizonas to Hayates. So again, probably not rigged, just that as a tier 6 the Jura has a higher drop rate.

  8. When I opened my Big crate I got myself a Leone, not the Pan Asian boyo, but similar in a way. When I opened my Mega I got a Vanguard. No idea if ther truly is a short list or not, but from those 2 crates, I dont think there is.

  9. glad you tested it. I was gonna do the dockyard this time until i watched your last video and decided to keep the 200. dollars. Thanks for the vids and have a happy holiday.

  10. I’ve bought 80 crates, and got around 20 ships from them, including Gronigen, Kidd, Bayard and Le Terrible

    That said, I do not have Jura, nor did I get her from any of the containers. If this was a shortlist in a style like the previous years, then I would’ve most certainly got her here.

    • I got Bayard too, sadly didn’t get anything over Tier 8 so far after 72 Containers

    • God you guys are whales

    • @Matthew Hodgetts Christmas containers are a good way to stock up on Dragon flags. I got 100 mega containers and restocked my dragon flags and premium credit ( 2 * 180 ) for the next year to somewhere between 180 a 400 flags. The 20+ ships are a bonus in my book. Got mainz, sims, JB as those that really stood out ( and some others ). So nice bonus.

      There is a difference between whaling for ships and hoping to get one of those rare ships. So use this as a “relative” cheap way to restock premium flags and time. It really cuts down on the grind!!

      And if this is the only game you play for 80% of the time, … its not that expensive. My hobby is mostly playing this game when i have time. What else am i going to do with my money? Stockpile it even more, for what? To die with a lot of money in the bank account like some people. If they buy a console game every month, that is 60 Euro … That is freaking 720 Euro in the year. And gaming that is a relative cheap hobby. What i see some people spending on hobbies is insane. Its funny that people are “whales” for spending 100,200,300,500 euro but people spending 1000 Euro on a overpriced GPU is just a gamer.

      There needs to be less blaming “whales” in this game because its our money that keeps this game going for all the whining people!

  11. I think I had seven of the largest crates and did get the Juara. I got another tier VI ship as the second ship but don’t recall what it was besides it being a BB. However I have a fair number of coal, premium ships, including most of the higher tier ships.

  12. I bought 3 Big gift containers and 2 of them had premium ships. The first was a Marblehead L and the second was Jean Bart. So color me satisfied with this years containers.

  13. The funny thing is I was waiting for a video like this because of last year. I’m probably going to drop $75 and get 20 containers and that will be my Christmas gift to me. What I was worried about was maybe the fix was in again because businesses are in business to make money and sometimes the rules get bent. Thank you for taking the time to look into this and I will probably wait till mid week and drop my money have my present day

  14. Jurua / Yukon / Agincourt… yes they’re on the ‘short list’ of many long time players simply because they were released in 2021, are on the list of ships that’ll drop the most frequently AND unlike the Ise for example, didn’t sell well (weren’t widely distributed in Agincourt’s case) in their initial release. That’s just how statistics works.

  15. I almost have all ships and I even got the Immelman and Hayate and no Jura. Don’t think they are rigged but to get coal or doubloons seem to have changed dramatically bc to get those seems to be much less than the previous years.

    • Well they did increase the amount of coal they are handing out to tier 5 and 6 snowflakes SUBSTANTIALLY over last year. Additionally last year there was NO option to get a large Santa or MEGA Santa container from snowflakes. You just got the small ones and that was that.

  16. Yes! Like last year’s Makarov, this year it’s the Yukon. WG’s stick it to the population for NOT wanting a crappy ship.

    • The Jurua isn’t really a crappy ship. She just happens to be part of a “nation” where she can’t be used to train captains from the navy from which the ship came. The Gallant is an OK tier 6 premium DD.

  17. Stands to reason that most people outside of Brazil aren’t going to have this boat and as a low tier it’s got a higher drop rate. My clanmates have gotten some pretty good drops from the Santa Containers. I personally have done very poorly with the free crates I’ve gotten so far from Santa (out of 10 of the lowest level containers I’ve only gotten 200 doubloons and camo and flags) and I didn’t do to well with Black Friday either. But THAT’S why I don’t buy crates.

    Since January of 2021 I have pulled the following ships from random super containers or Santa crates (last year’s event)

    1. Yudachi (last year’s Santa regular container for free)
    2. Arizona (super container)
    3. Prinz E F (super container)
    4. Genova (came out of a tier 5 ship container I got for free from a dockyard event)
    5. Texas (really happy to get that one since I’ve seen the real ship in person)

    And those ships are in addition to a significant amount of doubloons, coal, elite commander XP and FXP plus of course plenty of garbage camo and flags. Most of that came out of random super containers I’ve gotten from completing about 2 container drops daily over the last 12 months. None of those ships are especially wonderful or high tier of course but I didn’t pay a dime for any of them.

    I also acquired a rather substantial list of ships through FXP, coal or events that includes the following:

    1. Thunderer (coal, my second coal ship and my first tier 10)
    2. Georgia (coal + steel so I wouldn’t miss my chance to grab her)
    3. Alaska (FXP, my first FXP ship)
    4. Strasbourg (through last years winter campaign missions)
    5. Nelson (FXP)
    6. Salem (coal ship, my second tier 10)
    7. Agir (FXP)
    8. Gallant (coal ship)
    9 Groningen (FXP)
    10. Exeter (through community tokens)
    11. Pommern (my most recent coal ship)

    I’m not including anything below tier 5 on the list of free premiums I’ve gotten this year but just for the record I got 3 of those as well. And as of today (12/13/21) I’m sitting on enough steel to collect my first steel ship when the coupon resets despite the fact that I used a significant amount to make sure I got Georgia at the beginning of the year. And I have enough coal to get either 1 tier 10 coal ship or a couple of lower tier coal ships. Oh and of course I’m going to grind the current dockyard far enough to get Repulse. What a no brainer that one is!

    Now in addition to all of that WG gave me a coupon this last summer that gave me 200% of the money I spent with them on a ship back in the form of doubloons. So I bought a $20 ship to use in the tier 6 Summer clan battles and got back $40 worth of doubloons. When I added that to the free doubloons I had already horded I was able to purchase.

    1. De 7 Provincien from the dockyard for 5000 doubloons
    2. Atlanta for less than 7000 doubloons (I lived there for 20 years so that was a collector choice)
    3. Massachusetts B for 30% off (a little over 9200 doubloons I believe)

    And I still have enough doubloons on hand that I could buy another mid tier ship or I can start hording it again. And I’m going to tell you something else. I am a BELOW average player in a clan that is active but that is probably below average on wins. I’m getting better in some ways but I still only have a 45% win rate. So I am far from good and I STILL got all of those ships (plus tons of coal, steel, doubloons, FXP, Commander XP and flags and camo) just for playing the game an hour or two a day and spending $20 once last summer. By any measurable yardstick I got my money’s worth out of WOWS this year and then some!!! And that’s especially true when you consider that the only premium ships I had in September of 2020 were Oklahoma and Aigle. Oh and I have a Yahagi that came out of the Hizen dockyard but I can’t remember when that event happened so I didn’t know where to stick it. Doesn’t matter it’s a garbage port queen ship anyway.

    I’m not happy with War Gaming about a lot of things. Subs SUCK! Matchmaking SUCKS! Feeding gambling addictions SUCK! Super ships SUCK! Bait and switch SUCKS! Bugs SUCK! The way they treated their CCs SUCKS! BUT I am fair too! I’m not going to heap dirt on them or bitch about things that really aren’t a problem in my humble opinion. Video game companies are fucking shady!!! I mean ALMOST ALL OF THEM are fucking shady! Look at Blizzard! Look at Bethesda (or bugthesda as some people call it)! Look at EA! Online video game companies are ESPECIALLY shady! You should see some of the crap that goes on over on Elder Scrolls Online (or god help us Fallout 76) But corporations and businesses in the age of the internet are ALMOST universally shady it seems! If we as consumers don’t hold them accountable and if we don’t DEMAND our elected governments hold them accountable who can be surprised that they try to get away with as much shady shit as possible! And you know what WE the consumers are shady as fuck too! I’ve been in customer service all my life and I’ve seen customers lie, cheat, steal and exploit every loophole imaginable to get something for nothing by bitching up a storm over some stupid bullshit that amounts to nothing or worse just outright stealing from businesses. And I’ve watched fanboy communities trash all manner of IP from amusement parks to movies to tv shows to video games because whatever company they were bitching about didn’t give them what they wanted or didn’t do something they thought they should or did something they thought they shouldn’t. Some of THAT criticism is RICHLY deserved but some of it is just ridiculous. I’m not happy with War Gaming about a lot of things but I am more than content with all of the FREE product they piled on me this year. For a mere $20 I got endless hours of entertainment all year long and got to meet new people and play with them as a team in a fun environment. That’s a pretty good value in my book.

  18. If my experience helps : the first ships I got from megas (68 containers) were : Yukon, Roma Warspite, Poltava, Veribus Unitis, P.E Frieidrich, Constellation, Marblehead, Gorizia, Tone, Abruzzi, Kirov, Le Terrible, Siroco.
    I did not have Jurua nor Kirov in port.
    I bought enough containers to get all the ships. The last one I received was the T7 Belfast.

  19. I don’t think there’s a short list this year. Of course, this year I used in game gold to buy the 8 mega crates rather than open the wallet to use the credit card. For me I had 7 ship drops from 16 mega crates which is pretty much insane and shatters the myth of what was expected to drop from the mega crates. And no not one of the 7 ships was the Jurua.

  20. Three years ago I bought more Santa containers than I’m ashamed to list.
    What I found after getting 42 ships that season, was that tier 5 and tier 6 ships were more plentiful, then tier 7 and tier 8 ships next being prevalent and the Missouri being the very last ship I got in Santa crates.
    I’ve not spent any real money on this game since.

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