World of Warships – Right down the middle baby

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It’s Odin it’s TWO BROTHERS so you know what’s coming.

Fast firing guns, 2/3 firepower in the front, secondaries to help, torps (with bad angles but at least I have’em) hydro, let’s go.

Enjoy have watching 😉

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  1. The moment I see Two Brothers: IT’S SPESHUL TIME BABY!

  2. Italian WW2 Navy: We existed!
    Soviet WW2 Navy: You are a joke to me.
    *sad Italian noises*

    • @Johnny Bravo they stopped because of the war, not because of shipbuilding limitations. they even made the guns and used them at leningrad

    • @kisaragi_san sorry, but they couldnt build shit. indeed the war stopped and cancelled the production of the 3 ships laid down, that had terrible construction faults. they never costructed such large ships, biggest was kirov class 8000 t cruisers, everything else was bought from other countries such as italy. for the sov soy they also had to buy from abroad, the turbines, prop shaft etc. couldnt properly build the turrets, the guns, the modern armour, optics, el. sistem etc. and in the end these ships if constructed, would have been a laugh, not what was intended.

    • @Johnny Bravo >ignores the decades of soviet shipbuilding and their (still pretty adequate) battle fleet

      also you should read up on how the soviet metalworkers gathered the work experience to make sovetsky soyuz’s hull

    • @Johnny Bravo and again, the gun was made at home and very effective against german units

    • @kisaragi_san hey man, dont be such a potatohead, they only built 1 gun with 1 gun single turret “only for testing”, because they didnt ever built such big guns -EVER-. second the soviets didnt built any other battleship before – EVER- they bought all their bb and dreadnauts from italy, gb, usa so they werent such big shipbuilders as u say. before u comment more of your lies, please read before. even the russians agree that they were unprepared to build such big ships and didnt have the knowhow, and the means… check the facts first

  3. Sees video title.
    Me: “Awwww yeah!”

  4. Upcoming Soviet Carriers:
    Hydrogen Bombs : Confirmed Detonation even with Det Flags
    Nuclear ICBMs : Confirmed radiation DOT that lasts forever and cannot be DamaConned
    Dolphin Torpedoes : Homing speed faster than MACH 1 and undetectedable by SONAR

  5. Got to say, I used to love this game, until the sky cancer that’s carriers finally broke me. Nowadays I play maybe 1-2 games a week, just not worth it anymore. Adding all those op russian ships(yeah i do own Smolensk and literally first game in that thing broke my dmg record) and on top of that you have class that can murder any1 without any counterplay, no thank you.. I’m just done until they fix carriers(yeah right…)-

    • @dzello My first comment makes some relevant points concerning the OP’s chosen topic. Whether you can understand that or not is irrelevant. Which is exactly who you are portraying yourself to be here n now, posting absolutely nothing of merit concerning the topic. I’d say that makes you a nobody. Try again. Do bring more than a troll attempt that is just going to end up making you look like a nobody.

    • @Jubjub Tubs Your first comment assumes falsely something the op said, leading you to an irrelevant MASSIVE paragraph. You then complemented it with another useless paragraph following your first trend.

      Overall, it makes you dumb af. Learn to read.

    • @dzello Cool troll attempt. Just proving my point that you are a nobody with nothing of merit to post. Good job representing yourself for all to see.

    • @Jubjub Tubs Imagine getting wrecked and thinking its trolling. Stupid oike that, its no wonder you assumed he meant revert out of nowhere.

    • @dzello What’s funny is you think you’re calling someone out on something that only you yourself are doing. Hypocrite. You aren’t even capable of understanding that, let alone the topic and actually contribute something to it (which you haven’t done yet once after 4+ posts). What’s it like being so delusional that you aren’t even aware what’s happening and how you look to everyone right now? Ignorance must be bliss, cause I’m sure you believe you are making yourself look like gold right now. How funny this is.

  6. 5:27 The defeats of the Italian navy in WW2 happened mostly because of their non existent communication with the Air force because they very much disliked each other haha

  7. Voice of- Dr. Evil “I want sharks with freakin’ lasers on them”
    WOWS -” Da comrade, We put Russian flag and it will be next update”!

  8. WG also said you will use one premium account to play all the games that changed also they lie about everything.

  9. Basically they could go full Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, dolphins, squid, and teleporting battleships

  10. the stats don’t lie. You get more views when you post a two brothers down the middle video :/ typical.

  11. Michael D. Uchiha90

    Italien: Fourth biggest Navy in WW2.
    WG: What is Italy? We only know russian fanatasy ships. That are to big and heavy to be made in real life.🤷‍♂️

  12. 5:20 Hey, the Italian Navy should be sufficiently significant because they *actually existed*, right?

  13. Third best coming is: carriers that drop dolphins that deploy homing torpedoes.. Because why not

  14. Giant squids sinking DD’s like a kraken.

  15. Finally a wargaming community contributor who is agreeing with me that WOWS is turning into WOT with how they are doing shit!!!

  16. I like how the Benson just straight up ran by screaming to his death.

  17. WG in 2021: We are pleased to introduce Sharks with FRICKIN LASER BEAMS attached to their heads…

  18. WoW: let’s add- minefields (and minesweepers, but only Premium ones), kamikaze pilots, tidal waves, and a Real Kraken when someone ‘unleashes’ it.

  19. Uh oh, you killed a Russian ship with a German one, guess the Odin is going to get nerfed soon. XD

  20. Time for the Odin to get nerfed again. Someone’s having fun in it.

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