World of Warships – Right Place Right Time

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Tier 8 Destroyer without a smokescreen in a tier 10 battle with an Aircraft Carrier and two radar cruisers? This is going to be painful.

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  1. 6:13 Ok I checked because Jingles insisted on it. He was almost right, only HSF Harekaze and HSF Harekaze II have lower HP, and those are quite rare on the account of being event ships.

    But the real AcTUalLy, jINgleS moment is that there is a Moskva, but he insists that there are no radars left in the game on either side.

    • You need to edit your post include the words ‘Actually Jingles”

    • No,right after the red Worcester dies he does say “…There are now no more radars left…” with the red Moskva still alive.

    • @Strenif Strecs I already did, though it’s not for the health pool thing. I don’t think that’s a proper “Actually, Jingles” moment because he acknowledged it himself. The radar talk was the proper stuff.

    • László Németh

      the fact that it has the lowest initial health pool means nothing, because it has Repair. so the actual health pool is among the biggest ones for its tier.

    • @rick posthuma Sadly (or maybe not sadly? Not sure) the era when it would be both funny and slightly accurate to say “Battleship Moskva” has definitely passed.

  2. First time I have been here so early after the upload. Feels good.

    P.S.: I love you Jingles for the content you make as it takes my mind off the bad things going on in my life(parents’ divorce). Love from India 🙂

  3. 18:20 Hmm that sunk Yamato looks suspiciously like a Moskva. And that sunk Moskva looks suspiciously like a Yamato.

  4. Hey Jingles, first of all great and funny video. To go with the theme of the video:
    AcTuallY JiNGleS he had to kill the Yoshino at 19:20 because the teams were at even points so if he ran, he would have lost the game.

  5. No mention of the oh so rare Solo Warrior achievement? And that part where you’re talking about him not getting any helping fire from his team.. It’s not that they didn’t want to shoot the Yugumo, it was that none of them had paid any attention to the unfolding battle on the mini map, and none of them COULD.

  6. 2:10 casually doing a Scandinavian flick to drift his propellers over the poor downed airman.

  7. they are swedish so i think they have to put them together from an ikea manual.

  8. Actually, it could be much, much worse, if the enemy carrier had even the tiniest clue about his true potential. Thankfully, competent CV player are a rare sight.

    • if the majority of hiw team had 5 braincells between them-this woud have been much easier – camping and hiding like that,just hoping that “some one else” will do all the heavy lifting is the major reason why this game has gone from being quite fun to just being plain boring – cant win by camping the enemies to death

    • at the end, when Oland was the last remaining ship, the CV went afk… I mean.. these must be actors… they are so bad

    • No need to be “Competent CV player”, WG’s main goal is to make the class “comfortable to play”.
      Don’t get CV players any ideas about improving, that would murder DD gameplay for good.

  9. 1:56 Well Jingles, if it was any other carrier I would agree with you. But it’s a russian CV, so never mind the AA bubble

  10. 9:17 “No radars left in this battle!” so… what the bloody hell is the friendly Moskva, old man? lol.

  11. “if you can’t be good all the time then being lucky when it matters is an acceptable alternative” – I’m putting it on a T-shirt

  12. If he hadn’t killed the Yoshino they would have lost on points. He had nothing to lose by shooting at it whether he was pinned or not

  13. Damn a rare solo warrior achievement I have only gotten once in my years of playing WoWS

  14. Actually Jingles that Lightning looks awfully like a Jutland. No need to worry, it sank anyway.

  15. Remember when the cleveland at tier 6 could sweep the skies clean?
    Aahhh the good old days.

  16. That’s the lowest damage carry I think I’ve ever seen, and it was definitely a carry.

  17. I love how jingles stated “There are 3 radar cruisers on Foxbat’s team” and two minutes later after two of them died “There are no more radar cruisers in this battle”

  18. Zooms in on the minimap that shows a friendly moskva – “There are no more radar cruisers!”

    Jingles, never change =)

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