World of Warships – Right Turn, Clyde

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    now my favourite streamer name.
    “Clyde, clscrap the caddy”

  2. that was a quality movie honestly. they don’t make em like that anymore. I watched in back when it was new.

  3. Thank you so much for what you do sir, you have no idea how much your videos, voice and sense of humour have helped me through hard times.
    I am here for a long time and I think I watched every single video you have uploaded since you started.

    If you would do a bit more War Thunder content would be dope.

    I stopped playing WoT a very long time ago and I don’t regret it really, I still love watching you react and comment on that game

  4. Whatever happens to people when they die, I hope your friend was at peace when he passed. I rarely comment on your videos but I’ve been a watcher since you started publicly posting WoT replays and that intro, more than any I can recall, had me really emotional. Hope you have a good day 🙂

  5. It’s nice to see the villany that was trained into you by the Royal Navy put into such good use as to annoy Clyde! Good job Jingles, just beware the turnabout.

  6. Gotta love an “Every Which Way But Loose” reference… BTW – “Hicksville, USA” is supposed to be “Bakersfield, CA”. I lived there when the movie came out… the audience went barking mad every time the city name came up.

    Fun Fact: There is NO zoo in Bakersfield. The city is too small (especially back then).

  7. Managed to citadel a Tirpitz from a frontal angle with my Warspite…asked on the NA forums how it was possible and it turns out that at a similar angle to where you can easily citadel a yamato, the Tirpitz and Bismarck have this tiny spot that’s not covered by the turtleback that if I was intentionally aiming for, I’d never hit, but for RNG rolled the dice and 3 out of my 4 shells went into this exact location at near point blank range and blew them up.

    • The turtle back armour doesn’t cover the bulkheads. It’s not just a tiny spot, but the entire front and rear. Most non-american and especially German ships have poor bulkhead armour. If you get to angle where the bow isn’t an autoricoshet but the bulkhead angle also doesn’t get too steep you’ll be able to citadel them even with some of the cruisers. But as you say, if rng says your shells must fan out in a v-shape and miss the target completely then… Just wait a bit, (Dave what do I do if I’m bottom tier with shit rng… NO!! Also, what does that have to do with uninstalling wows and raging in forum)

  8. This is exceptionally well played brawling BB. You nose in in an angle, then nose out in an angle. Your trajectory is a saw, close enough to use your ship fully, not too close to die and definitely not a yolo. This is the right way to play all german BBs and BCs. Learn peasants!

  9. i have never played this game, watched anyone play it before, and im not sure why the algorithm threw this at me, but i found myself watching it for the soothing accent and chill but jovial vibe

    • Jingles is a joy to listen to. He is also a rather amusing chap.

    • I used to play them but I don’t any longer, I still watch Jingles every morning though. So hang out and sub, come join the rest of us in the salt mines and enjoy Jingles gift of gab.

  10. Thank you for pointing Mr Hornfischer’s last book out, didn’t know it was out allready. I did read all his books and they are fantastic, he will be dearly missed…..
    Greetings from Luxembourg

  11. Clyde just loves , The “Right Turn Clyde ” . . .don’t worry Jingles we will let Clyde know you sent us . . . Ok Minions it’s Back to work . Hi Ho Hi Ho. . it’s back to work we go . . . . Do I sound too happy . . . . Hmm must be that 18 minute and 49 second Holiday I just had . .

  12. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    I’m glad James’ book was finally released. A shame to know that he’s not around to see it

  13. Here’s the real question, when is Jingles going to be narrating an Audible title?

  14. Arne Pietruszewski

    Clyde was aware of the Z-37 he set his manual firing for secondaries to it.

  15. Can highly recommend the Expanse series as well. Been using Audible for years now listening to books during my commute. Currently on book 7 of the Expanse books.

  16. An Old Fogey's Fun

    I guess Clyde was lucky to be a top tier BB ship in a game really – as any time I try to play a T8 BB, I always end up in a T10 battle . . . So I either can’t reach the BB’s that are shooting at me at the start, or I get pounded by HE cruisers or DD’s – or the T10 CV always makes a B-line for me first . . . The MM still needs to be sorted out – but I can never see it happening now really . . .

  17. Jingles you really should listen to Expeditionary Force by Craig Alanson 14 books of awesomeness for some reason Skippy reminds me of you.

  18. The terrible is pronounced Teh-reee-bleh

  19. Hey Jingles, I got a book to recommend and it’s called 86 eighty six. It tells the story of a nation at war against an autonomous army of robots, where instead of developing their own robots, the country strips the minority citizens of their rights and freedom, and forced them to fight in basically suicide squads while claiming to the general public that there’s no casualties because they don’t consider the minorites as “humans”. This series is really good in my opinion, I would highly recommend it for it’s darkness, ability to kill of characters when necessary, and suspense. Also it also has an anime as well so if you like the book, definitely check it out, watching the anime version is extremely satisfying with insane levels of symbolism and great soundtrack

  20. I have just completed my 3rd “circumnavigation” of the Aubrey/Maturin books by Patrick O’Brien on Audible. Fantastic narration by Patrick Tull.

  21. I…well shit. I’d not heard of his passing. Hornfischer is arguably why I love naval history to the extent that I do. While my field of interest is mostly golden age of sail and earlier, his WW2 work sent me down the rabbit hole that is naval (and WW2) history. O7 to an absolute legend. RIP.

  22. The amount of “Pop Culture” refences in this is magnificent, and a part of what I love about this channel! It is extra funny when the pups don’t catch the references… A+

  23. “Who Can Hold the Sea” is a great book, I finished reading it a couple of weeks ago and I’m proud to say it’s the first time I’ve read a Hornfischer book before Jingles did!

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