World of Warships – RIP

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The USS New Mexico. Not the worst tier 6 American battleship in the game. Probably. Maybe.

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  1. Actually Jingles, if I’m not mistaken the first Standard class USN BBs were the Nevada Class BBs… NewMex came few years later…

  2. Rare now…I remember World of Draws🤣…Also…ACTUALLY JINGLES, the standard type battleships, started with the Nevada class🤣

  3. for the ultra rare draw: had a same end as here, just with 3-3 ships remaining, same type and no difference in extra points just yesterday. It was even worse, one of the enemy ships managed to get behind an island with 15 hp.

  4. When I still played this was my favourite U.S ship, guns with good accuracy, range and the sound of a full broadside is always fun….. If you every actually get to the fight before its over.

  5. Jingles : “The New Mexico’s guns aren’t very accurate.”
    New Mexico : *immediately scores 6 penetrations, and then proceeds to surgically murder anything in sight* 🤣

  6. Wow, my noob ass got featured, I must say I did not expect that to happen, but yeah, this was a pretty rare outcome and in my short and uneventful career it was the second draw ever and first one I played an active role to achieve. If I remember correctly the Nevsky played really well and ended up at the top of the score board.

    • I don’t blame the Nevsky for gunboating, he was playing to win rather than playing to not lose. Gotta do what you gotta do.

  7. I had my third draw the other day, after nearly 7000 battles. Although that was a Domination rather than Standard Battle and it came down to literally the last second when our points ticked onto the same as the enemy team. We had two ships left, the enemy had one and we managed to take or block enough caps to get the points for the draw. It was quite an epic conclusion.

  8. Jingles, the Pennsylvania and Nevada classes were both standard type, and both came before hand. Even if you discount the Nevadas for a different gun layout, the Pennsylvanias were there first.

    • That’s jingles for you
      Classic Jingles
      Either way, he is in some way british if I remember correctly
      And I’m pretty sure he lives in Britain or the united Kingdom
      So he would have to really try to learn all he can to impress Americans with him saying a lot of accurate info

    • Yup. They used the New Yorks as blueprint and then went Nevada (USS Oklahoma in game) > Pennsylvania (USS Arizona in game) > New Mexico (in game) > Tennessee (USS California in game) > Colorado (in game + USS West Virginia 1941 in game). The would be South Dakotas are generally not considered part of the Standards anymore.

    • Racks shotgun

    • @Casper Reininga isn’t the south Dakota class an evolution of the south Carolina class, making that the first of the US fast battleships?

    • Jonathon Yarborough

      @gingerfest that would be the north Carolina class , they were both treaty battleships classes but both were faster than the standards fast battleship applies too

  9. Logan Brandenburg

    Jingles, I can not allow the negativity towards my New Mexico. You are gonna make me redownload the game and play her so you have many replays 🙂

  10. In defense of thet AFK bayern, it happened to me and if your PC hangs and does take a fuckload of time restarting because your windows update decided that it was the best moment to install 30k service patches you only can endure the frustration and your pink name when you log in again into wows.

  11. Jingles has only ever seen a draw 3 or 4 times? Were you not playing Beta when it was called world of drawships? Jeez every 4th or 5th match for me was a draw.

  12. I like the part where Jingles doesn’t mention the Fubuki bitch slapping 2 ships hiding in a smokescreen with one spread of torps lol

  13. I haven’t played in years, but i still roughly remember the Omaha’s health pool number from the sheer ammount of times people blap it.

  14. GG. Thank you for the humorous replay! Ships getting paddled by a BB while broadsiding are the best paddlin’s!

  15. I actually liked my New Mexico. It really teaches you how to bow tank properly in the game. I’ve tanked over 3 million against the bb before in this ship. The Colorado now that ship was terrible! I couldn’t make that one work!

  16. Jingles, You need to remember the old old days. There used to be game mode that required you to cap the one enemy base or kill EVERY enemy ship. Points were irrelevant unless you had 0 or 1000. If you didn’t cap or win because of those point totals it was a tie. I remember the first few months of the game I had a 10% tie rate. Surviving DDs would just run and hide to deny the enemy a victory. Ties were basically a defeat as far as xp and money were concerned.

  17. Ancient Yuletide Carol

    I remember draws being extremely common back in the beta and early release days before the current scoring system was implemented and made them as rare as hens teeth.

  18. I actually love the New Mexico. The firing arcs are so good that I can win a close range duel against just about any other BB at close range. It’s also the first American BB with decent deck armor.

  19. The highlight of any morning is a cup of coffee and hearing Jingles laugh at dubious plays.

  20. New drinking game: Take a drink every time Jingles says “she/New Mexico is not a particular good ship”.

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