World of Warships – RN DD Fixes and Nerfs

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Devblog post highlighting RN DD detectability nerfs, ship nerfs, and fixes for 7.10. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. The real issue here is… when they come out. I will probably be playing another game… a red game…a red dead game.

  2. lol then why kitakaze has 5.9 km concealment and minced every dd that it outspot, also why dds like haru and grozovoi has a size as a cruiser and hv 6.2 and 5.8 concealment and daring and z 52 has 6.1 which can be outspot by the aforementioned dds
    so the point weegee don’t wan’t gunboat dds out spot is not entirely true and it seems the larger the better concealed the ship is, wt next, a 1km GK seems legit

  3. Shima needs to be revamped.

    • The main problem with shimakazes lies in it being a master of nothing. It was supposed to be the THE torpedoboat of WoWs yet other tier10 DDs do a far better job than it. With the advent of radar aswell, its mediocre gun and its torpedo’s poor detection range lead to it being heavily powercreeped by other DDs.

    • Hatsuharu also.

    • all IJN DDs need a look at asides from the T8 to T10 gunbote line which is stupidly superior to the shima line

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Shimakaze committed suicide and hung herself ages ago my dudes. Don’t worry though Harugumo and the rest of the ijn gunboats replaced the image of IJN DDs – plus PA DWT from Hsienyang and Yueyang – basically replaced IJN torpedo power since consistency of hits trumps dmg and amount of torps.

    • Shima legendary is garbage

  4. Ahh RN = Royal Navy. And here was me thinking it meant RussiaN.

  5. The issue with dds right now is that every dd except shimakaze/khaba is gunboat style…. you cant balance 4 gunboats or how much we have every one of these is build around killing other dds… whats the point of researching them if one will be always best? or maybe two…. but they will never be able to balance them properly… you need to diversify those dds more… t10 dd now has 4-2 sec reload, 67 knots torpedo, 10-15 km range, 1.3 detectability, 20-28khp and diferent rudder and torpedo rearm…. daring/yuoyang/z52 have all some way to detect ships in smoke daring/grozz have both heal – completely uneccesary – haragumo is just broken…. gearing? what is the point of playing this ship lol? shimakaze? oh poor you only dd that even cant defend itself properly from other dds… joke with worst everything except speed and consealment…. this is just wrong… look at the cruisers if we skip that stalincrap they are all perfectly balanced, everyone has something…. they are not just bad copiest of one another

    • +Coşkun Akalın Makes me wonder if these changes affects cruisers in general. It makes them sort of irrelevant unless radar is equipped.

    • Not exactly. They have huge HP pool than any DD, all have either DAAF or Hydro (in some cases both [Worcester]) not to mention, better armor. Also they are best weapons against DDs even without radar. For this reference, Yuro’s Spotter Des Moines can be a good example.

    • I even made some thought on 150mm DDs. For Starters, it has 2200 HE alpha with 840 m/s initial speed with 38mm penetration (German HE value). It has 12% fire chance, same with Z-23. It has 3800 AP alpha with 850 m/s initial speed with similar German cruiser shell (light shells to be frank), 5 second reload for 6 guns would be too high for other DDs, however it is still half of the HE-DPM a cruiser can dish-out (and 8 of them also can’t get close to Harugumo 100’s as well). The Fire range would be optimal around 13-14km since it will not be improved via captain skills and (range upgrade should be removed also) it would balance it with other DDs. Around 27k HP pool and 8.5km base concealment(6.7km maxed) would be good for a T10 gunboat DD for Germans. (those can be nerfed for balancing if needed but buffing them would be overkill). However, rudder and speed is the hardest part, but for these, Germans had plans for 150mm DD that can go 36+knot (similar to Gearing) with the weight it has, and if it had 4 turrets, it should have Akizuki level rudder turn optimized for a German DD, meaning somewhere around 740m turning radius with 5 second shift time.

    • +Mclaren v8 it’s a displacement(hp) tank, no other dd can take so much of beating while holding a choke point.

    • That line would be cool, but unfortunately almost completely fake. The 150mm German DDs are already in the game, Gaede, Z39, and Z23.

  6. It’s not that the RN DD’s are too good, its that the original DD’s (Gearing and Shima) are now really bad. Gearing and Shima buff, please Wargaming.

    • Gearing is good and has always been. Shima..well…

    • i agree with joe , i have almost every tier 10 dd( except shima and kahaba ) and i can say that gearing is still my favorite i never felt like it needed a buff.

    • I mean, sure, Gearing lost some of that gunboat dominance it once had. But maybe it should have? It’s still a good gun boat yet also a great torpedo boat. And has the best smoke, great concealment and DFAA. Did you perhaps want it to be the very best at everything?

      I do agree with you on the poor Shima.
      Plagued by trash guns and hard to use torpedoes mostly good for potato catching and not enough of a concealment advantage to make up for its many serious shortcomings.

    • Buff IJN torpedo detection range across the board… detecting torpedoes at 5kms should not be a thing..

  7. It’s going to cost you another 250 loot boxes to unlock the new British BBs

  8. WG should also fricking nerf the shells performance too. OP HE and Best Pen on AP? Atleast make the shell speed very slow, like almost old cleveland slow. U just said it yourself(Notzer) that the only DD u are afraid of in the Daring is the Harugumo. A line that making u not afraid of 90% of all the other line is bad for the game.

    • The fact that RN DDs can launch single toprs is pretty OP enough. For me, let that be the unique style play for them but nerf their rudder shift, their concealment which they did and reduce alpha damage both HE and AP.

    • +Mclaren v8 I would think singles OP if they reloads individually.

  9. So the RN DDs are slow, the only DD without a speed boost, short duration smoke (same issues as the RN Light Cruisers have), now will be easier to spot…. why even bother with DD line for RN, cause these are basically Light Cruiser without crits -.-

    • Exactly, they are light cruisers without Crits. Just like Russian DDs, but traded all their speed for gimmicks more useful for cap contesting.

    • More useful for cap contesting, IF there weren’t radar ships everywhere, with more to be added soon.

    • Elmarby I hope even more radar ships get added.Why?The fact that dds can spot while remaining unspotted is an overpowered ability,not the torpedoes or the guns of the speed.The ONLY 3 counters to destroyers are other destroyers,radar(pretty viable) and carriers(unreliable,cvs are very rare).A good balance would be a 15-20% HP buff to all tier 9-10 dds to compensate for more radar ships added.
      PS:I am a DD main.

    • +Taraza Marian Maybe because they are smaller?

    • +Taraza Marian not exactly. Amount of radar spam is just unhealthy and radar has no side effects beside having “short” duration, which can be improved further using upgrades. Also half of the radar ships can STEALTH RADAR! THROUGH THE HARD COVERS AT THAT! If you think radar is ok at the moment, you have many problems

  10. Welp this nerf completely killed my hype for RN DD. Not worth it to grind

  11. right, so not only can you not run away from other gunboats, you’ll get out spotted….

  12. Great, if were making torp boats have better stealth than gunboats, how bout we actually give them better torps than the damn gunboats and not the over nerfed garbage they have spotted at times 2+ seconds before the gunboat, that can also fire from stealth, has theirs spotted. I get the 20 km skill wall needed a nerf and all, but the mid range and all the other torps down the line seriously don’t need or deserve the .1-2 sometimes more km extra spotting range over other nations like Germany and USN that despite similar speed, range, even damage, with more torps at times have lower detected range and leave less reaction time.

    Yugumo’s 10 km torps, spotted at 1.7 km, traveling 67 knots, leave 9.45 seconds to react with no other torp spotting add-ons. Fletcher’s 10.5 km torps, spotted at 1.4 km, traveling 66 knots, leave 7.9 seconds to react. Same stats as Gearings 16 km torps. Germany has on it’s tier 9 and 10 DD’s the same general 10km range, a torp s fast or in the 10’s case, faster (faster than even the Kami clones) that has a spotting range of – 1.4 km. So it has times similar to or lower than USN’s for reaction. No one cries about the T-22and Gaede, that can stealth torp and have .14 seconds more reaction time than the clones, or about Minekaze that has the same stealth, the fastest reload of both launcher AND by tubes per launcher (by tubes per launcher, kami clones have the slowest times, while there overall is faster due to less per tube – all DD’s around tier 4 or 5 have a minimum 20 seconds per tube x number of tubes on the launcher as a reload, with a little bit added to differentiate). About PA DD’s with half the time of other systems. And other than Mine, which is a faster ship, and used to have better range making the Kami clones the inferior one, these are all Hybrids and gunboats – with better torp performance, than the IJN TBoat line.

    Seeteufel on the EU server put up an entire spreadsheet that’s still up to date even with new UK DD numbers, all based on everything Wargaming has provided in stats and equations. You basically see the massive difference in spotting rages, even if similar speeds and that the rest follow a pattern that x speed range is y spotting range – with very rare exception that isn’t IJN. And makes it easy to see why IJN ships tier 6+ are falling behind and out of favour. Other than the new face melting gunboats.

  13. so now we’ll have slow, poor concealment, crappy torps, gimmicky as hell smoke and no way to get out of trouble when you inevitably get lit up by radar all the time at top tier, all because of improved AP and a heal. I’d rather they just remove the heal, give her decent torps (ones that are actually better than the CL’s!) give her respectable 5.7-5.8km concealment and stop trying to make her a gimmick boat that will only work in a very specific scenario!

    • Or in other words you want to be a stealth gun boat that melts every other dd in the game

    • how when I said very middle of the range concealment figures would it be a stealth gunboat that would melt every other DD in the game, yes, 1 on 1 with other DD’s it will do well but against radar cruisers it will be weak as hell because they are so slow to get out of range, the torps are very ‘meh’ at best so you’re no where near as good against BB’s as other DD’s, the AA is fairly pitiful so it is weak against aircraft. I don’t see how that would be considered OP at all….

  14. Very disapointed with the changes… was looking forward to RN DD single torp play. Now, with the nerf to concealment… don’t even think I will bother with the line.

  15. HA-RU-GU-MO (japanese for Spring cloud), not Hiragumo or Huragumo, you have a real talent for butchering Ship names esp. the japanese ones…. 😀

  16. Well thats killed the Royal Navy DD line for me. They should have buffed its speed to balance all the nerfs especially the concealment nerf. Just not worth the time researching the line as its not bringing any thing better than whats out already.

  17. So. They are gonna screw them all up ahead of time, instead of waiting to do it later. Awesome…. Shima captains everywhere are cancelling their extra-underwear orders.

    I was SO looking to these DD’s. Not so much now. I’m TIRED of gun-boat DD’s. The game already has more then enough of them.

  18. Well, just went from get immediately to get whenever I get around to it.

  19. Thank you WG for the concealment nerfs, specifically the concealment.

  20. As a IJN main for DDs and BBs since beta, all I can say is the PowerCreep is real, very real.

    • Except Yamato stays strong due to that infamus accuracy. Shimakaze however, needs a big amount of balancing to make it playable against other lines.

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