World of Warships- RNG Bias

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Hey guys, today we have some highlights from Stream. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. subs are the definition of BS. It makes 0 sense in this game, but we all know wgs greed.

  2. I’m not buying anything from war gaming until they do something with the subs not a freaking dime I don’t care what it is I’m not buying it so they need to do something fast they put the things in when nobody wanted them and it’s just so they can launder more money for whoever actually owns the company

    • DW not just you. Ive stopped my spending over a year ago. The CV and Subs is the last straw. Free to play it is. I have over 150 ships and 80 premiums. Use to run yearly premium account, but not with the state it is in now.

  3. Vibhanshu Meshram

    How could we get detonated in 3 games countinously..what kind of RNG is this

  4. Wait so with that first sub you actually got 2 depth charge hits and a flood and you only got 2k damage?! Don’t they have like 20k HP? So you’d have to hit him 10+ times bc ofc they still get saturation mechanics!!! I’ve felt like for the past month damage numbers have been super off. Just the other day in ranked I hit a nearly full HP Tashkent with 5 he shells from Georgia and only got 4k damage. That’s less than one she’ll alone does!

    • For your info, depth charges are not effected by subs saturation

    • bruh, even last match using aveire, i need 16 DC and 3 sap shell to sunk single tier 8 sub.. i wonder if their 19 mm platting is actually full titanium hull like sierra class nuclear submarin

  5. I think some of the issue is to do with how the game does aiming and the help it gives to hit the targets. It is also why a lot of people miss the ship the were aiming at when it goes dark and they blind fire straight away. I notice you do it as well in these situations. It is similar in principle to how COD and Battlefield and other such games, when played on consoles using controllers as opposed to M/K, pull the reticle onto the target once you get close enough to the thing you want to shoot. Most of the time when shooting at ships we don’t actually aim on the ship but instead can be anywhere from 10’s of meters to kilometers off the target. That is why the missing when the ship goes dark because you still aim where the reticle was before but since the ship was never actually there you clean miss. That is just a small part of it though, obviously there is other bits that combine with this particular instance.

    • Yeah, when you try and blindfire just when they go dark, you can clearly see the reticle on the minimap change position. After some practice you figure out where you have to adjust to though. Just use the minimap dot to confirm when you are not confident yet.

    • Stephen Lawrence

      oh and i get 1020 damage off Ap broadsides as well.. the joys, and i thought they`d fixed zero damage shells, well they’re back

  6. For the first time i unlocked the petro yesterday, first game got cit 6 times while angled, happened again the next game, meanwhile i can’t cit a flat side of a ship 7km away from me………….subs, cvs, and rng make this an unfun game, lately my fun has come from clan wars.

    • I got the Petro 2 1/2 years ago. Got her when you could absolutely wreck BB’s at close range (within 10k). At beyond 12k, she was ok (avg. 2000 to 4000 dmg.) per slavo. Angled, the petro was a beast. But, any broads and I got cits on me quite a lot. Over 1,100 games in the petro and I can tell you she is nowhere near that ship anymore. About a year ago, I noticed the shots did not do any relevant damage anymore (not even at very close range). The petro has been nerfed beyond what has been said. So many people whining about how she could blast BB’s to pieces unit WG nerfed her guns. But that only happened at close range. That’s been removed now. Not a word was said about it. I wont even play the petro anymore because she isn’t even a decent short range CA. WG can adjust anything without ever telling anyone. I think that is a common practice.

    • @Jay Edgar After 5 games i said to myself, i can do everything better in a 7 year old DM, so pissed that i unlocked a trash can……i will not be playing this ship!

    • @Bernie White Yeah, I dont play her anymore either. Not a very fun ship to play anymore.

    • Should have got the Petro before her nerf ahaha she was my played ship other than the Kleber

    • @Nailed2AX _ Agreed. At close range, she was devastating. But that was her gimmick. Like I said, at range, she was ok, but get her close and she wrecked everything quickly.

  7. What sucks is when you have a ship like Tone, Kearsarge, or any Dutch cruiser that has NO asw. At that point, you are screwed. :/

  8. There used to be an issue, not sure if it was ever fixed, that if you aimed right at the waterline the game’s auto adjust would screw your shots. I find aiming a few pixels above the waterline the shots are closer to where you want. However yes, I hate the RNG factors imposed by WG in the game, if I know how to aim the shells (in general) should go there, more so inside a few km.

    • Yep. RNG IMO is the most broken thing is WoW. I get the dispersion factor (dispersion RNG), but when shells connect, non pens, rickys and torp belt on a ship that overmatches (like Yama) is pure BS! Even at close range, I watch my shots where they connect and it is just broken. And yet, you have shots24k+ out that do multiple cits. WTF???? RNG is simply just broken. And yet again, you cant push because your shots do such horrible damage, but the other teams RNG does incredibly high alpha on you, you will loose that match every time. No matter how well you aim and whether or not your ship can overmatch your target (at any range), RNG is the main factor in determining your win loss. Also, pens that do such little damage (same as overpen damage) is also bad RNG. It is simply THE most broken thing is WoW.

  9. I’ve basically quit higher tier gameplay due to subs, super ships, and multiple carrier games. T7 ranked is fine when it’s available but T9 is not my thing – too many overpowered ships.

  10. Destroyers irl: spotted at 15-20km, have to be insane to try to close enough to maybe survive long enough to get into toprs in the water, a single large shell could crippled the ship.
    Subs irl: US Navy spotted and unloaded on a broom handle that was washed overboard from several km away thinking it was a periscope, a single crack in the hull could be fatal. Max speed underwater like 10kts.
    Subs and destroyers in WoW: “Cloaking device engaged, Captain, speed: 50kts, nuclear guided torpedoes armed”

  11. 3:53 “what are supposed to do?” ….. pally just have to be lucky enough not to be in the sights of one of these pests ….

  12. Waverley Journalise

    That wiggling Marceau highlighted everything wrong with this game’s aiming system in 10 seconds.

  13. I had the most bs match against a sub yesterday. He went under got literally within a km of me quickly came up and nuked me. I had all of 10 seconds while I was in a gunfight to react.. I died to him. That’s completely ridiculous.

  14. Either head straight at sub or run in straight line away from em..Torps will saturate single area of damage and not get citadels.
    Sub matches mean’s you need a destroyer or cruiser to be your middle man

  15. I also suffer similar fates with sub in this map. Similar situation in the middle.

  16. the worst thing is wegeh still implement RNG on ping indicator. like we easily drop DC accurately on them if there is no RNG.

    also sailing 20+ knt underwater dosnt even increase spotting range, even for DD like IRL do. dd basically useless for countering sub becoz when sub underwater, no one can spot them.

  17. I agree with his thoughts on subs, you have to drop what your doing to focus on even trying to find the Bugger, it leaves you vulnerable to getting smashed by a BB or torped because your attention is elsewhere.

  18. WG is gambling they can make more money from upcoming sub pre-release events and premium subs than they will lose from veteran players permanently leaving; No question about that. On a more speculative note there may also be a bit of spite aimed veteran players who ‘dare’ to provide negative feedback about the direction of the game.

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