World of Warships | Rock Paper Scissor Cruiser

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Mostly focusing on the Destroyers and Cruisers, as a Battleship is literally just a big ship with guns, not much to say about the next tiers, they just get bigger and bigger. And I haven’t played Carriers enough to talk about them.

Hope you’ll survive!


  1. Kitakami has fuck strong power.. also Shimakaze. so fast and high torpedo
    power. I like Tone and Mogami. Mogami is hybrid cruiser..

  2. “AA on the St Louis is just poop.” What kind of sailor talk is that!? You
    should be ashamed.

  3. I really really loved the part when HighFlyer started talking about
    Kitakami cruiser 🙂
    “A FACKING 20 TORPEEETOES ON BOTH SIDES!!!” It was real funny :)

  4. The Japanese long lance torpedos were devastating and they used them with
    deadly efficiency. All you have to do is look up the naval battles around
    the Solomon Islands.

  5. try Mogami Tier 7 Japanese Cruiser with 155 gun u ll like it 

  6. MRoesterreicher1

    One can ask. Why even go for the japanese destroyers? :/

  7. CheeseCoatedChopper

    gee, i wish i could play this but they won’t give me a code! i need that
    carrier play style.

  8. Apologies for the lightly confused commentary. There’s still so much about
    this game I haven’t been able to fit inside my head and many almost
    identical boats have very small differences and then next tier, BAM now
    you’re a Cruistroyer.

  9. Carriers are like arties, very balanced and do require a lot of skill to

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