World of Warships – Rock, Paper, Scissors…..right

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Remember when this game was actually designed to make sense and follow rules? Rules that WG themselves came up with? You know, rock, paper, scissors…where BBs were designed to counter cruisers, cruisers were designed to counter DDs and DDs were designed to counter BBs?

Tell me what you think of this in today’s WoWS that we got.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I’d like to say I’m on time but I’m just still awake from major insomnia.

  2. it’s like Harry Potter / Harrygumo putting on a gun show for Hogwarts

  3. It’s more like Hammer, Anvil, Aircraft Carries now…

  4. Their Venezia is charging like an idiot and somehow your Minotaur manages to die first, kek.

    • Yeah thats call bad Luck and eating Citadells from 20km probably.

    • @Gernot Fischer Going to open water with no covers in a Minotaur then gets dev struck by a Thunderer in front of him, bad luck, sure buddy

    • @Lav i didnt say that he has made no mistake, but sure it wasnt like that yolo run the Venezia was doing. Look down and you see he probably got a little to fare a head, spotted the petro to late, smoked up and got blastered. Mistake, sure yes. Yolo Run like Venezia sure not. and getting dev struck by a bb over 18 km is bad luck.

    • It’s not bad luck if you’re sailing broadside you deserve to get deleted

    • @Gernot Fischer Like i said the mistake was not yoloing like the venezia, but bringing a Minotaur into open water with no covers whatsoever. The Petropavlovsk was spotted way before he got into that position, he could’ve gone behind the rock at F1/G1 but nope he went to the other side, and even if the Petro wasn’t there, there could’ve been DDs which haven’t been spotted yet. Oh and the BB that dev struck him was a Thunderer, so not bad luck.

  5. Özcan Murat Gültekin

    Nah, it was never rock, paper and scissors only. There is middle finger as well. And a big one.

  6. you forgott: CV’s counter BB’s, CV’s counter cruisers, CV’s counter DD’s, CV’s counter star destroyers

  7. It’s more Rock-Paper-Scissors-C A R R I E R

  8. 5:37 Good on them to be able to sell a 150 euro pixel thing that you can get by just playing the game.

    • A fool and his money……

    • @RS2Russ90% of entertainment options shutdown because of lockdown for close to a year while still working full time what else is there to spend money on?

      I know so many people who smoke £40+ a week (which is only 80 cigarettes compared to the 50-100 a day habits of people in my youth before the cost sky rocketed) in comparison a handful or premium ships a year is peanuts and that’s before you get into restaurant and takeaway spending.

      Not had a takeaway since February not to keen on other people handling my food in a pandemic at least microwave and oven instant meals you kill everything cooking it yourself first.

    • yo mate just asking. are you interested in buying a 15$ world of warships code for 10$. I dont play so i wanted to sell it.

  9. “How does a player like that get a Venezia?” Probably like me: you play 90% of your games in co-op, and then suck in random. 😢

  10. A person asked me how I would LIKE that real expensive car.. I told him I would rather have the money to pay its insurance.

  11. More like Rock, Paper, Scissors, CVs and Slava

  12. Whining about Thunderers, while playing a harugumo. That’s cute.

  13. You can tell that they’re removing the Thunderer when you see SIX Thundies in your match XD

    • the question what will boggle your mind now is…..would there be so many Thunderers if they didn’t announce 3 months in advance they are booting it from the coal line up?

    • @Frans van Terwisga Oh that was exactly the thought I had. I imagine we’re going to be seeing a lot of Alaska, Massa, Georgia and Thundy in these coming months. Especially with Christmas coming up.

    • Because you can only get Thunderer with Coal

      For comparison
      Massa – doubloons only
      Georgia – cash or coal
      Alaska – cash or free xp aka doubloons conversion
      Smaland – free xp aka doubloons conversion

  14. Well, sometimes the rock doesn’t care if it’s covered by paper.

  15. Considering the time I’ve put into grinding the Japanese BB line, at Izumo now, I think €150,- isn’t even that bad.
    If I’d spent those hours working it would be waaaaaaay more. Then again, I live in the Netherlands and compared to Croatia our minimum wages are about 2 to 2,5 times higher (then again, again, the cost of living is much higher here as well)

  16. I can afford a $150 Yamato, because I’m not dumb enough to buy a $150 Yamato….

  17. Imagine how many people would pay for all the ships if it had Missouri and belfast.
    Will never forget how wg lied about a contest and I should’ve got a kutozov plus 7 other premiums

  18. Especially for China lots of people who paid 2k for a gold type 59 in wot can easily pay 200 for a ship

  19. the transformers voice overs are incredibly annoying addition to the game.

  20. The irony of pointing out the high skill needed of players using Thunderer, CVs and Smolensk… Whilst playing Harugumo 😀

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