World of Warships- Rocket Planes Nerf

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Hey guys, today we discuss some in testing changes to the rocket planes, let me know what you guys think!


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  1. Then theres me who attacks dds with torps.HEHE

  2. Basileus Raptorrus

    Okay so that leaves torps to be nerfed and GZ will literally be just a target practice with secondaries

    • cause u can’t hit shit with GZ’s AP bomber’s, even if ship isn’t moving at all most likely bomb’s will miss/skip both side’s of ship.
      It’s like very drunken man trying hit dart board with 2 dart at 2 metre’s, missing both tries.

    • ❱•❰JustMatt❱•❰

      IM honestly concerned with what wg is doing to some of the older premiums. This policy of not updating them after launch is dumb, ships like the Roma, that will become useless after the italian BBS will come out, or like gz that have been nerfed to death even if they were bad from the start…. Its duh

  3. Whats next. Showing the enemy where your BB shells will land as soon as you fire them? Maybe we should know exactly where the enemy Shimakaze torpedos will hit before they are even spotted?

  4. To me this change is ridiculous as most dd’s have smoke and dd’s try not to use it. I have 4,611 dd games played. 1,289 cv games played. Most dd players are cry babies. In my opinion I don’t like the new cv notifications.

    • Try “crybaby” part is pretty accurate i main CVs but play DDs as Secondary class… Not as much matches as you but i love playing DDs that have no smoke… Especially Reload Booster Kagero…. Makes you play smarter knowing you cant Disengage if you get caught in the open….

    • Dd’s have to get closer than any other ship to deal damage. Radar you can look out for. Rocket planes can shred you to keel without you being able to do much if player is competent. You can’t out run the planes. Aa is pretty much useless now that aa fire does nothing to dispersion. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a dd cry baby. I just really hate cv/Artillery.

    • @Keller 13 im a proud user of TA Kagero and soon F3 Yugumo so i know what ur talking about I honestly hate Radars more than CVs when i play my DDs cause CVs you can kite and maneuver accordingly against Rockets and as long as i dont overextend too much or stray too far from nearest cruiser or BB if ur in CV’s chosen flank to pummel

    • @Keller 13 plus im an IJN torpboat… AR buffs are welcome

    • @Night Raid Sky thats the spirit.

  5. the reckless warlock

    Man wg sucks at balancing their game.

    • @Dark Phantom this is not a right nerf. It just makes the whole rocket a pain to use.

    • @I Gusti Praba They should be more of a pain to use. as it is its too easy.

    • @Furry Rabbit imagine your shells having delays after you click the button to shoot. Even a small desnyc is infuriating. Imagine an input lag by design. That’s just retarded.

    • @Furry Rabbit add cheating tools on top of that and this is just some totally retarded bullshit. Even people who hates CV in Reddit calls this suggested ST total bullshit.

      Reduced rocket speed, increased aiming time, reducing air detectability, radar like delay in spotting. All of these changes is way better and makes sense, without bringing additional issue.

      All those options and they added cheating tools. This game is dead.

    • Like zero clue

  6. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    As an audacious main, I believe I have become sexually attracted to untargeted nerfs

  7. GZ is just crying in the corner begging WG to stop

  8. If they wanted to make it more challenging to use the rockets and more realistic all they had to do was give them BB level dispersion.
    Look at WW2 films of rockets being used, BB dispersion is being kind to them.

    • Honestly yeah. Nerf the dispersion, but buff the damage high. A single rocket hitting a destroyer in the days could literally cripple the ship

    • @Phillip Leung Ao not really, a single 5 inch HVAR from the US had about 20 pounds of explosive, the 60 pound British rockets had about 25 pounds so each one is about equal in explosive power to a 105mm shell, give or take a bit.
      Now if some butt hole decided to slam a half dozen of them into your Bridge you won’t be happy…

  9. I’d just like to know how this makes my anti-aircraft capabilities do something

  10. How does knowing where your rockets go AFTER you already fired them, help the CV in any way whatsoever – that’s nonsensical

  11. What if, this is a secret WG plan to change the meta into forcing us to stop playing cv, so that the dd player base to increase, and we will get upset bcs of the too many shima and we will jump on our RUSSIAN radar cruisers to counter them, and this will prouve again to us why we should thank Stalin for his paper ships.

  12. They should nerf the FDR instead.

  13. The attack animation is when the planes are transitioning from normal flying to becoming an attack group.

  14. they still don’t get that being spotted is the problem

  15. So, next time, all other ships will be nerfed…. time after that, the planes will be nerfed again… then all other ships will be nerfed…. meaning then the planes will be…. When will they give up ans top this crap…. they are nerfing the game into dirt… all nerfs have consequences… most times, ones they do not want. They need to stop this crap because the CV “rework” was a disaster and the decomposing carcass is still causing problems… but tell that to the Devs who think everyone loves them for doing a great….errrrr…. job.

  16. If they really want to tweak CVs they can start by capping the CV limit to 1 per team. Double CV games are absolute cancer fests.

  17. I hate cvs as much as the next guy, but this just sounds dumb.

  18. A delay between clicking the mouse and rockets actually firing sounds somewhat questionable. The difference between a well placed rocket strike and a whiff is only a fraction of a second. This could make rockets very hard to use, especially if the firing delay is variable rather than fixed.

  19. I think they should cvs and subs in their own game. And let us get back to enjoying the game. Wow never been more toxic in chat than it is now.

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