World of Warships – Rockin’ Robin

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Look, I tried, alright? A reference in the title to an obscure rockabilly song is the best I could come up. If you can come up with a better reference to The Sailing Robin for the title I’m all ears.

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  1. Jingles videos come like 18 inch shells toward the cruiser broadside that is my sleep schedule.

  2. I really don’t remember the last time I am here and this channel really bring back nostalgic vibes.

  3. I’ve got no names that won’t get you sued by DC Comics.

  4. TheSailingRobin. His Harugumemes video is legendary

  5. He is also a Community Manager of WoWs Legends.

  6. Thanks for your time featuring this replay, and even more for the shoutout, kind sir!
    Much appreciated.

  7. Robin is a legend! We do need more random acts if violence and more des memes videos

  8. 10:12 “the Hipper has him hydro’d” ah yes, the legendary 8km hydro

  9. Surprised you didn’t make a reference to the Reliant Robin, Jingles!

  10. After this game he should change his name to the CarryingRobbin.

  11. Missed chance to call this episode “Reliant Robin”, because on Sailing Robin, you can always rely!

  12. remember when Wargaming took HE shells away from the RN cruisers cause they said it was too strong? and now we have Smolensk….

  13. 10:08 actually, Jingles: The Hipper has a hydro range of 6 km, so I assume that, at least until the Hipper closes the distance down to 6 km, it is ther Großer Kurfürst who has Robin under hydro here.

  14. strange that a cruiser set up for anti-aircraft has no high explosive shells – isn’t flak high explosive?

  15. The most stupid things I’ve seen this week are probably NOT on the same level of Fury, but come pretty close, I think. Namely, two BBS and a CA scared to contest a single cap with an enemy Pommern; two top tier North Carolinas abandoning map control to pursue a lonely Monarch on the edge of the map; FIVE BBS scared to take a cap because of a single enemy DD who was running away. And of course, all of these circus champions were on my team. Oh well.

  16. “Fury” the tank movie with Brad Pitt? Who wants to hear Jingles talk about that? Me, that’s who 🙂

    • @cupcake kitten Makes me wonder. I didn’t find Fury all that bad and the one encounter with the Tiger was entirely believeable as they weren’t on the front.

    • @Greyed I think the part people say is inaccurate is how many shots they bounce from the tiger. But I’m not that kinda tank junkie to understand that, or it might be that people think the military wouldn’t send 4 (? I think I haven’t watched it in awhile) Sherman’s on that mission. But if that’s the part they find unbelievable, they obviously have no one from the military

    • The first part of the scene is accurate-ish… It’s actually a viable tactic for the Tiger to ambush the Sherman platoon by hitting the rear and lead vehicles first (of course because Brad Pitt, only the rear one went down). However, if the Tiger commander hadn’t bought his binoculars from Desuchmark-Land, he would have identified that the lead Sherman was in fact the dangerous one with the 76mm gun, and would have 100% hit that one first as the others only had the standard 75mm gun which stands about the same chance of damaging a Tiger as you would by flicking rubber bands at a brick wall. But, benefit of the doubt, let’s assume that the German Tiger commander didn’t identify the 76mm gun… the Sherman platoon did 100% the right thing next – they knew the shot came from the right so they turned to face that way, popped smoke, reversed into the nearest treeline for cover. Here comes the next innacuracy: what spanner of a tank commander throws away all of his advantages (armour, range, firepower, and the fact that the yanks didn’t actually know where he was positioned), drive straight through the smoke (smoke doesn’t last very long) and then close within punching distance of a platoon of Sherman tanks, AND completely fail to target the biggest threat, the 76mm sherman (again!)… next cock up, the Shermans did the same bloody thing! They were relatively concealed in the treeline and the Tiger was in the open. The 76mm gun can penetrate the flat front of a Tiger from a couple of hundred yards.

      Did I miss anything?

      I’ll pick the rest of the film apart if you give me chance… but I think it’s someone else’s turn.

    • @Preywinder if no one else steps up, then go for it. But could a Sherman even bounce those shells? I mean, I use the tech tree easy 8 and it’s very rare I bounce a shot from anywhere besides the gun mantlet, or tracks

    • @cupcake kitten not impossible but highly improbable. The 88mm gun used on Tigers and also the long 75mm on the Panther could actually overpenetrate a Sherman and carry on out the other side, but that said the front of the Sherman hull does have some sloping to it and the front armour of any tank is the strongest, so a bit of luck and maybe… I wasn’t so concerned about the shots missing or not hitting centre of mass though as both the Tiger and the Shermans were moving.

  17. The torps on the Nevsky were so filthy. He knew he has hydro, so he drops them short. Nevsky sees torps, slows down to avoid them – and takes all of them. Wp indeed.

  18. Unfortunately the team reached 1000 points?

    Someone sounds like they’re trying to win harder 😛

  19. A useful note on the Thunderer: There’s a visual cue when a ship is flooding now. If you see white steam coming out of the funnels, a ship’s flooding. The Thunderer did, indeed, use damage control to stop the flooding that torpedo caused before Robin sank him.

  20. Jingles: “Rockin’ Robin! Here’s a picture of a duck.”
    Everyone: “You’re crap Jingles, but that’s why we watch.”

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