World of Warships: Roma and Two Carriers

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I got myself into a match with four carriers – two on each team. You can guess what happens in the match.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Italian battleship Roma on the map North.


  1. Beer can on an Italian ship? Shouldn’t it be a bottle of wine or grappa or something? Or is that German axis influence?

    • Tyfighters002 Verkerk

      Its stella artois is my guess. Italian and looks like the real thing

    • @Tyfighters002 Verkerk Stella Artois is a Belgian beer! You may look for Moretti, Peroni (don’t like it) Menabrea, Poretti, Ichinusa (Sardinian beer) as mainstream. Anyway as a n I ternationa beer giant I think Heineken owns every single of these beer factories nowadays. Then there are a lot of more particular ones Viola, Gradisca, and many other I don’t know well.

    • Tyfighters002 Verkerk

      @Zumzifero both European its close enough i say

    • @Tyfighters002 Verkerk don’t say it too loud! Belgium is like the mecca of Beer producers and has some of the finest (probably 8 out of 10) breweries in the world! I think Italy has a lot of good beers, but I would not dare to put them as “same” as Belgium… 😱

    • @Zumzifero He did say it too loud! And I’m offended in every bone in my body! We Belgians can take a lot of crap from others (look at our history, it’s not as if we ever had a choice), but don’t ever, EVER give us crap about our beer.
      We don’t even talk about Italian beer. It just doesn’t exist.

      (actually when we were on holiday in the north of Italy two years ago I found out some of the local pils beers were quite pleasant, but you never heard me say this)

  2. Can you drink from the beer can, because that would make it the best ship

  3. This camo is just awful – the beer can looks like a forehead tumour, poor ship 🙂 . Would never ever use it.

    • actually in the mod station there is a section called “historical cammos” or something like that: the only good thing about it is that it removes the punchbag (but the raping graffiti stay)…

  4. boristhebarbarian

    that new signal flag regime means i run out of flags a lot especially the top part of the signal flag part (fire/flood/detonation/speed. etc… )

  5. The roma if it has the beer can looks he has a disability

  6. I, too, like hugging my teammates like they’re my waifu

  7. 8:54
    as a mogami lover and i play her a lot I would confirm that Roma gets better despersion shooting her

  8. Aeroon: And no one likes warm beer
    Brit: Really? Hold my warm beer!

  9. 10:50
    “How the turn tables.”
    Was that intentional of it being reversed? Haha 😀
    More importantly, the first salvo onto the Shoukaku with those over-pens made me let out a big sigh 🙁
    Similarly to your hugging the ships like your waifus, I protecc the destroyers because they are so smol >.<

  10. Roma, the hidden gem. Do not tell share this secret to anyone during ranked season. When it works, roma will reward you. Dubbed mine mini-yamato of T8. Great video 👍

  11. Roma, whose guns feel like 16 inchers in all aspects except overmatch…

  12. When are they going to release the full tech tree for Italian BBs ? Instead they are releasing more RU ships

  13. 0:42 it’s a what tier again xd

  14. I disagree with you. You NEVER abandon your flank to the enemy. He sweeps down that open flank and then your in crossfire. Lemming trains suck and lose games.

  15. The renaissance man

    Not a beer can.. a wine industrial 25000 liters tank, enough for a full crew of bielorussians sailors to last a full day !!!!

  16. Fredrick Nietzsche

    Nah , it’ll be fine!

  17. The Roma is a good ship. I was very impressed when i had it for a one day rental recently. Highly recommended T8

    • But if you got a tirpitz or a KII you got more gunpower plus AA plus torps!!!!

    • Nah, if you played her enough you def wouldn’t recc her. The guns are just awful

    • @Jonatan L i have a tirptz and like it a lot. Kii not so sure about, as have tech line amagi and still working the play style out

    • For long range KII is better because the extra turret plus great accuracy for mid range plus secondaries tirpitz is better is all jack trades in tirpitz you arent inmune to citadel if you know to aim in right place i even citted a tirpitz in a lender and you suffer plunging fire ap plunging fired can score better damage against tirpitz. In counterpart can be a long range ship and at short it has the same abbility as tirpitz of 100ml fast reload seccondaries plus torps . I made KII full secondaries and i ripped fast a dd at 7.5

    • Km and plus charged he and begone dd!!! Japanese got great HE whay germans lack!!! I lime KII in carrier meta in all jack trades tirpitz and bowplayer with good AA massachuset.. i not recommend ROMA it should be a tier 6 battleship because bad performance!!! And overpens against the same tier while great against cruiser and bad against DD if they give them the same shells as cruisers of italian class i will sure say ROMA is a grear ship but with shit he and underpowered ap i dont like at tier 8 specially when you go against tier 9 and 10!!!

  18. this thing is giving me peace walker vibes

  19. Just know that the can is actually full of grappa. And the size is ‘Medium’.

  20. 12:3 – really borring matches these days

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