World of Warships – Roma Preview – Potential Ninja Battleship [DATAMINE]

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From the information released from the Development Blog and datamined information, I think we can get a good sense of what the Roma might be in .


  1. First,

    Edit: so I think she should be pretty good overall,
    It’s good for her to have weaknesses so she isint OP but she isint Under powered ether.

    Also it would be funny if she is weak against AP bombs… you know what I am referencing if you know the history on this ship.

  2. What’s the history of the roma

    • Thanks guys

    • Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

      From KanColle’s wikia:
      Named after the city of Rome, the capital city of Italy. Sunk en-route to Malta following the Armistice of Cassibile by German Luftwaffe’s Fritz X radio-controlled bombs. These guided bombs were dropped from altitudes of 8000 meters on angles of 80°, out of range of Italian anti-aircraft fire of 3000 meters and far more vertical angle that the normal of 60°.
      The first bomb launched at 3:42 pm pierced Roma from her upper deck all the way down between the towers #1 and #9 of 90mm Single High-angle Gun Mount, flooding and reducing her speed. The second bomb launched at 3:52 pm, pierced near the #2 turret of the OTO 152mm Triple Rapid Fire Gun Mount, passing 4 decks and landing on one of the Roma’s main guns magazine. The force of the explosion (that eventually sank Roma) blew the entire main gun #2 turret out of it’s mount… The red and white stripes come from the distinctive markings fitted on the bow of all Italian ships after the Battle of Punta Stilo (1940), during which Italian bombers couldn’t distinguish between the Italian and the British ships; the light/dark grey pattern on her is a camouflage scheme adopted by some Italian ships during the war.

    • Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada fuck off with the anime shit.

    • Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

      Juri FUCK off you… I wrote accurate information. Just because the reference comes from a game doesn’t means it’s inaccurate. Go to Wikipedia or NavWaep … you will find the same.

    • You play Sniper Elite 4? Yes, those smart bombs are real.

  3. The Maserati of battleships

  4. The Italian ships are so damn gorgeous

  5. Sounds like she would be a lot of fun as an Atlanta or Flint team mate.

  6. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Japanese ships finally have a formidable competitor when it comes to aesthetics…

  7. Every time i hear someone say italian BB being beautiful is just compare it in my mind o the lines of the Scharnhorst and think … well good second place there italy but Scharn still wins. She just has it all … lines of a battlecruiser, the martial look of a real BB and she just radiates power and elegance, italian BBs (just for me) lack that projection of power and lethality.

    • Exactly. No other ship is as lovely as Sharny. I admit, I bought iher cause of her “looks” 🙂

    • Andreas Müller Richelieu is the best looking battleship ever laid down and put to sea.

    • I´m not that much a fan of “all forward” armament designs … and let us be honest a ship with double the reverse gears doesn´t feel that powerfull ^^ (and yes i´m joking).

    • Yeah, I don’t like that gap that the Richelieu has in the central part of the hull… I prefer more compact and fullfilled ships (and LUL French jokes never get old)

    • While i too feel a bit… weird people so praising the aesthetics of the Italian ships, it is of course all subjective, beauty being in the eyes of the beholder and all. While I grant she is pretty, in general my preference would go for German and French designs more than Italian.

  8. I think the Germans have the best looking battleships hands down. My main issues with the Roma (as far as looks) are the separated second forward turret from the superstructure as well as the two small smokestacks. I prefer a big smoke stack or if it has two them being connected to the superstructure (Like the Iowa, F. Der Grobe, & Grober Kurfurst). I am not a big fan of the lower rear deck as well as I prefer straight lines and don’t like to have deviations from that.

    With that said I think the Italian BB’s are the second best looking BB’s in the game. I really like the Red and White Striped front deck as well as the combination of armored and wooden deck.

  9. Did you mention AP bomb? Laughs in Fritz X !!!!!

  10. I guess you can say shes gonna ROMAROUND!

    thank you thank you your all to kind

  11. 18km. At tier 8?

    So tier 6 can have laughs?

    • Mammoth Mk3 But aren’t selling it for real money and doesn’t represent the guns range no where near close.

    • The Dark Hadou you seem to be under the impression that premium = better. But thats not the fucking case is it? If it was, it’d be pay2win. Oviously you completely missed my earlier point so I’ll spell it out for you: unless you’re bloody lucky, battleships are fucking ineffective outside of 18-19km so the range is fucking fine. WG will buff it if it’s underperforming, but they have a no-nerfing premiums policy, so if you want overpowered premiums go play wot.

    • Jaden Zhou no, dumbfuck I’m under the impression that I’m PAYING REAL MONEY and that if i want a historical ship, i want the ship to live up to its historical standards.

    • The Dark Hadou dude, its a game not a sim. Shouldn’t have picked wg if you wanted historical accuracy. Look, if you don’t like it don’t buy it. The stats aren’t even final yet. IT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Wait untill the official announcement before you whine about the stats. I could whine about the yamato or iowa not having its historical 40km range but you don’t see me doing that do you?

    • The only reason I wouldn’t is because of low hp and armor. I’m a cruiser player, I get to spend like 10% of my gameplay at 18km. When I play BBs (Yamato, Kurfurst, Montana, Conqueror), I fight 12-16km ranges, no matter which BB. You know why? Because I’m not shit. If you have trouble with BBs firing from 20km, I suggest you learn wasd hacks.

  12. historically Roma had 17-20 degree firing angles so 31 degrees makes me sad

  13. You know what bothers me about this? The firing arcs of the rear turret are good but they really should be *amazing.* The Littorio-class were specifically designed to have a *20 DEGREE* forward arc on that turret. I get that being able to fire all 9 guns so deep inside autobounce angle is probably exactly why the devs nerfed it, but honestly I’d rather purely WG-invented stats like sigma and concealment be not quite as good if it meant Roma could get the uniquely great firing arcs she was designed for.

    Also, those datamined stats are the historically correct for the shell velocities, so the devblog was probably in error.

  14. Nice fantasy ship with an hystorical shape as always…
    Roma has probably the longest range guns among BB (42km at just 36°of elevation), while here we are stuck at 18.1km which is the worse at tier VIII. Shells were also beastly powerful with incredible Kinetic energy and Armour piercing ability (with a rather flat trajectory which might be a problem at distance), but here Krupp is pretty meh overall… It also had poor reload 45sec Vs 30sec in game and good underwater protection, after a weakness in the belly cable lines were sorted out after Taranto: the class took 9 torpedoes in the war and the outcome was quite less crippling then with Washington and KGV. Here we have a pretty meh 25%…
    Vertical dispersion was not awe inspiring while here it’s on par with the South Dakota (one of the most reliable and precise guns in war).
    Once again WG shows how it wants to implement their idea of “flavour” instead of sticking with the real things (when, at least, they do exist…)

  15. Ichase Is it confirmed that the hitbox scheme will the the french cruiser style smaller hitbox with spaced armour? If so then it could be very good at kiting away. Almost nothing is going to make it through triple layer of spaced armour even angling at 40-50 degrees while running away, if the spaced armour absorbs AP like the french one. I’ve heard rumours about the new t7 italian CA having that hitbox scheme but there have been contradicting accounts.

  16. A higher muzzle velocity for the HE shells would make sense, because the HE shell is lighter, than the AP (825kg vs 885kg)

  17. @iChase Not every BB has to have good AA

  18. Hey Chase, are there any other games aside from this and Navyfield that have a similar genre with an active community that you’d be interested in playing on your own time or have on your channel?

  19. Just be careful because there are French in this game too, you are going to get headbu.. I mean rammed.

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