World of Warships – Roma Review – Rage Inducing Inconsistency

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Roma is a beautiful ship, can be fun to play but the inconsistency of the guns is absolutely rage inducing. Enjoy the review.


  1. Santiago Trujillo Tobon

    Didn’t this had a beer can over the bridge?

  2. a battleship that doesnt have a submarine for a citadel? cant have that- weak boat.

    • Just no.. lowering the US citadel and the stupidly low Brit citadels make the damn class dumb enough as it is.
      BBs should be punished like anyone else for making stupid decisions and not have any get out of jail free cards

    • Buff BB deck, bow, superstructure etc armor to 70mm. BB can bow on and bounce each other shell.

      Then introduce premium ammo.

    • just stop before you give them any ideas

    • What is this, a BB that is not absolutely superior to cruisers? A BB that has to angle and keep an eye on the minimap!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

      …was about time.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Guys – clearly he is being sarcastic… He was mocking every citadel-proof loving broadside-allday players – that are disappointed with the Roma for having a Citadel to begin with… So let me join in…

      Roma’s 375mm armour is so weak… I mean look at it… the citadel is so high!!! Can you imagine a battleship without Turtleback or Underwater Citadel???? This is Madness!!! WITHOUT (68 degree inclined)TURTLEBACK – (60 degree) auto bounce won’t deflect our shells away from the direction of our VULNERABLE CITADELS!!! No its truly unplayable… 


      – kappa

  3. Feels just like German BBs, irritating guns that don’t hit hard or accurately but is a decent ship otherwise. This ship will never compete with my Alabama in my mind.

    • Yeah, Bama is better by far

    • Already tried my Roma against an Alabama in battle: Roma was weak and couldn’t do much damage; if you can’t do damage then all that running around is useless

    • so you need to pay 70-120 bucks for a T8 premium that cannot deal dmg and faces T10 matchmaking all the time?
      hm, well…., let me think
      no ty. why should I pay so much money for such a weak ship? I already have a bismarck which will stay forever in my port. I hate inconsistent guns.

  4. I’m starting to believe you people overreact too much over nothing. I used the Aiming Systems Mod 1 and dispersion is OK. Having that amazing turret traverse, concealment, speed and rudder shift time more than compensates for the german dispersion.

    • a lot worse than german bb dispersion and even with the mod 1 i had turrets knocked out 3 times from a cruiser….

    • Justin Lew but Monarch has silly HC which can either Citadel you or just put you ablaze several time per salvo consistently. When you rely just on straight broadside damage, overpen and miss can simply make you “irrelevant” for your team

    • @Diego Salvati I think you’re right. Long time ago I player such a Amazing bb. Yes the dispersion might be bad… But those guns can hurt lol. It tanks the shit out of Everything and she is a God damm monster

    • Well, that goes for alot of BBs for me. I can have games where I overpen every shot. And the next game I citadell everything. Did not notice anything retarded with the Roma. And I have the AA module mounted….simply to get “range” on AA.

    • I’ve experienced that in several other battleships, even those considered “accurate” *cough cough Colorado cough* so I DEFINITELY know that feel. Aside from Cesare, I haven’t encountered a super accurate premium battleship, and I don’t really expect to.

  5. For the patches that came with the new update, I’m surprised they didn’t have penguins among the animals for Chase.

  6. She seems from those stats and the light armour more as a BattleCruiser than a Battleship, out of curiosity was that her role in Real life back during the war?

    • Phoenix jz Actually I’ve citadeled Romas at some surprising angles in my NC, where I thought I was gonna get mostly bounces but ended up with 20k+ damage.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      LIGHT ARMOUR???? WUTTTT??? This thing is the tankiest ship of T8… Hands down the thickest Belt of T8 and the most spam-proof ship at T8, that goes 30knots – is glorious imo…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      So apparently a ship with a citadel is considered – lightly armoured… Is this the year we live in wows now a days… Citadel proof battleships (are battleships) while those with high citadels are not battleships???
      My my how the meta has changed – and not for the better… Feels so fucking bad man…
      But I don’t blame the players ,I blame wg – for listening to the players..

    • Leptospirosi to be fair, at least there is a historical reason for American citadel height – they had a splinter deck below the main deck, however this was made of STS, which WG used to not count as armor as it was considered structural plating. Plus, most of it can be easily overmatched anyways so it’s not a huge deal.
      The American BBs also weren’t well protected (thin belts of only 307mm), which only made the issue of high citadels worse.

      The British BBs are more of an issue because in this case they really did have massive citadels in real life, and WG has literally cut off the top of most of their machinery to make it so low in-game. This is something they really didn’t need either as most RN BBs aren’t lacking for belt armor… And many of them get superheals.
      Which is kinda bullshit.
      And than they made Roma’s citadel larger than it was irl (although height is correct)… Also kinda bullshit.
      Imo, of course.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Yamato could have the same citadel lowering- as its bomb deck protection – for using the All or Nothing Armour – was similar to USN…
      But I hope this day never ever happens – as Yamato deserves to be the only T10 BB that isn’t played braindead that broadsides all day…

  7. For 60 ducks it better be a perfict ship

  8. Yeah I’m dominating in this ship so far.

  9. Roma’s guns are inaccurate even IRL

    • The fist time a Littorio class opened fire at 29.000m in an actual battle had been the Vittorio Veneto at Cape Spartivento (27 nov. 1940). Adm. Campioni then reported that the action “confirmed the observation, already done in tests, that, with the Littorio class battleships it’s possible to effectively open fire at 29km if the visibility allows it”.
      Further stressing the possibilities of the 381/50 the Littorio opened fire at 32.000m in the fist battle of the Sirte (17 dec. 1941), with even better results (splinter damages on the British DDs on three single-turret salvos out of seven fired).
      At Gavdos The Vittorio veneto did not obtained anithing better than splinter damages on the Orion and Gloucester firing from 23.000m to 26.000m distance, but, with the enemy ships entering and leaving smokescreens without giving the battleship enough time to aim, a direct hit would have been only a lucky chance. It had been already amply demonstrated (IE in the battle of the Espero convoy) that, even at far closer distances and with much more rapidly firing guns, it was practically impossible to hit a ship that was only manuvering to not being hit, if not firing some thousands of shells.
      Finally, the second battle of the Sirte had been fought in close quarters (up to 5500m) but under a severe storm, and the Littorio had been one of the few ships that, in those conditions, actually hit something (the brits scored a single hit out of of more than 2800 shells fired) and by far the most effective (the DD Kigston put out of combat by a direct hit and the Hawock by splinter damages, further splinter damages on the CL Euryalus and Penelope and DD Lively).

    • The guns seem to have been capable of being really quite accurate when using ideal, specially selected ammunition i.e. But it seems that the majority of the time, when they were firing the average rounds that they were given, dispersion was really quite poor because of the terrible ammunition production consistency. On top of that, the barrels wore down *way* faster than pretty much any other battleship guns I’m aware of; meaning accuracy and muzzle velocity was going down by pretty substantial amounts after every shot

    • The story of the “ideal, specially selected ammunition” has only one source, Adm Iachino.
      The barrel life was a non-issue. The 381/50, like all the major Italian WWII naval guns, had a quick-exchange internal barrel, that could be replaced without dismantling the gun from the cradle. All the main guns could be renewed in a pair of days of work in port (the time required to resupply the ship after an action anyway) instead of the several weeks rquired to replace the main guns of another battleship design. Moreover, 140 was not the number of rounds that could be fired first to have a smoothbore barrel, but those that could be fired with an “acceptable loss of ballistic qualities”. In practice, no 381/50 fired enough to record a discernable loss of accuracy.

    • In real life the higher the velocity usually the less accurate the guns are. Also the Roma had about a 45-50 second reload not the generous reload she gets for “Balance”

    • The reload time is the less comparable of the guns’ paper sats. Some navy indicated theoretical values never achieved IRL and that could be obtained only in ideal conditions and without moving the guns from the load inclination (coff… coff… Germans…), some the best results obtained in tests, some what could be really expected in action for prolonged time in the worst conditions. In actual live tests the reload time of the 381/50 was of 31-33 seconds.

  10. for the love of god, the g in gneisenau is silent

  11. Its sounds like the ship is a balanced premium. Has some good things with a couple big weakness.

  12. “There is a butt to this whole thing.” – iChase, 2018

  13. uhhhh almost 150k damage in a tier 8 premium isn’t so bad IMO, and I think you have to read the dispersion and after a while you know how to aim like with every new ship but that’s of course my opinion.

  14. PickelJars ForHillary

    Who ever approved the Kobiyashi camo needs to be fired.

    • Shhhhh – you’ll get deleted!

    • That stupid hat on the ship with that camo, why couldn’t we get the version before when it didn’t have that stupid thing on it

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Clearly Kobayashi is shit at doing camos… Why can’t WG can just hire him for what he does best???
      I mean – he designed Space Battleship Yamato…
      Why can’t he just design… Space Battleship Iowa or Bismarck or Roma???

  15. On the citadel i have to agree with Flamu. In a time were nearly every new bottlesheep is idiot proof with “no” citadel anywhere to hit, a ship that actually requires you to watch out for the enemy is a nice and fresh change.

    • I don’t mind the citadel, I mention specifically that it can be mitigated via angling and good use of concealment

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Earlier you stated that its really inaccurate and unreliable in terms of gun performance…
      Flamu stated the same – however he also stated there are ways to mitigate the problems…

      But before I get started… 
      There are 2 types of gun systems / ballistic trajectories that I’ve noticed when it comes to Battleships…

      Slow and Heavy – high arcs – this type – have slow af shells – but have relatively good dispersion… 
      Such guns are usually short in caliber e.g. 42-45 calibers – and used mostly by USN, RN, French and IJN

      Fast and Light – flat arcs – on the other hand – have high velocity flat arcing shells – but have relatively abysmal dispersion…
      either due to erratic ballistics (probably for having very little wind drag and excessively fast shells – despite using “light shells”) or excessive muzzle velocity (causing poor barrel life – resulting in erratic dispersion) 
      Clearly – the Germans, Italians and Russians – love this type… As they utilise Long caliber railguns – almost always 52-50 calibers long… 

      So I suppose we have to choose which type we want… “Slow n Heavy, High Acs” or “Fast and Light, Flat Arcs”

      Okay about Flamu’s commentary – and ways to mitigate unreliability… 
      We can all agree – that the guns are unreliable… 
      But we can agree Roma has whopping 800m per sec muzzle velocity – that has very little wind drag… 
      Essentially the massive 381mm shells travel at cruiser ballistic speeds – that hit in seconds… 
      Not to mention that Roma other than her God tier side and spam-proof armour – has amazing speed and concealment – not to mention rocket propelled turret traverse… 
      Allow her to strike like a ninja – and catch almost every cruiser off guard from stealth at 10-15km…
      With her Spam proof armour – and amazing belt – I would say she is also a full fledged brawler… As long as you angle…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer The Iowa, Missouri, and Montana all use the 16”/50 guns, but they use the super heavy shells which makes them still slow and heavy…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      I know… those guns are an exception to my comment/ rule hehe – it really boggles me…
      Remember when I said – the longer the caliber – the less the accuracy???

      Well 406mm have always been an exception for multiple reasons…
      406mm 50cal – actually has better dispersion than 406mm 45cal – which goes against my point…

      This is noticeable when you consider:
      Alabama vs Iowa… Alabama carries 406mm 45cal and Iowa carries the 406m 50cal
      They both have 1.9 sigma – yet its clear that Iowa is superior in terms of reliability, dispersion and consistency…

      This applies again when it comes to Kurfurst…
      406mm 52cal – have better dispersion, and penetration than 420mm 48cal…
      Which is weird as clearly the 420s have a shorter caliber…
      The only time when 420mm 48cal have better penetration than the 406 52cal – is at max distances – and this is like 25mm difference… 
      Clearly 406mm 52 are the better choice – due to better dispersion and reload – plus it has better dispersion in almost every distance except max range… 

      Honestly – the 406mm rule – is probably due to the fact that – Alabama uses Mk 6 shells… 
      But Iowa and Montana – don’t use Mark 7 shells – infact they use the Super Heavy Mk8 Shells
      so I guess the major increase in weight – allowed for better dispersion…

      Also the 406mm 52cal shells have heavier shells when compared to 420mm 48cal
      *In terms of Caliber to Weight Ratio*
      probably explains why 406s on Germans have better dispersion than their 420s variant…

      you can see that MK8s have near identical penetration performance to Yamato’s shells – at max ranges… – proving both Montana and Iowa use super heavy Mk 8 Shells…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      I guess we can say the better the Caliber to Weight Ratio, the better the dispersion and is a another factor that consider dispersion characteristics…  BTW – thanks for just stating “Super heavy shells” it never came to my mind that – shell weight also affected dispersion… 

      Then again the 2 rules that I just stated above:
      Caliber to Weight Ratio
      Shorter caliber better dispersion vice versa

      kinda goes against ships like USN Cruisers and Destroyers…

      I mean the shells are so slow – with pretty bad dispersion – yet they hit like nukes… Maybe this has more something to do with really severe air drag??? Is air drag another factor of dispersion in game??? 
      Ugh I’m just really guessing at this point – but thanks for the comment…

  16. Looks like what is happening with the roma is fuse activation. Heavily armored ships is what you want too shoot at…or cruisers that are angled. Thinner area like decks of battleships and thin armor belts of cruisers are not activating the fuses and causing overpens.. that’s my theory anyway.

  17. Through my first twenty games I have to say I currently prefer it to my alabama by a narrow margin. That said, north carolina takes top spot in my mind at t8 but I like playing Mid to long range early game and brawl mid to late game in roma and have had lots of success. I understand the frustration with dispersion at times but I have to say I’m glad we finally got a premium that isnt too strong when compared to everything else.

  18. you can sum up her with “ha, broadside cruiser, i have you now!” “no, you dont”…as said she is pretty much the only battleship in which cruiser is not your primary target, but other BBs actually

    • Uh you forget about the entire UK BB line?

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      That’s what the Mogami thought before getting deleted by 2 citadels and some penetrations. The guns are inconsistent, but there are still 9 of them and they CAN hit citadels and they CAN hit for a ton of damage even without citadel hits.

  19. The 1 thing that i don’t agree is that almost everytime u shoot dds u are getting smth. Mayby these are not pens, but u are almost guaranteed that if u aimed correctly u WILL get overpens- That’s from my expierience. That’s becouse of the awesome shell speed, and DDs have much less time to react 🙂

  20. my mom always said, the roma is like a box of chocolates. you never know, what you`re gonna get^^

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