World of Warships – Roma Review

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Share my thoughts on the , brand new added to the store. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Italian Battleship Roma Replay


  1. I really hate this round thingy on top of it xD The rest of the camo is awsome tho

  2. Seriously though. What even is that giant round tank thing on top of the bridge?

    • Rangefinder/fire control director stack. its clearer in port view and looks weird in game, top slice is AA battery director, middle main battery, bottom secondary battery.

    • That’s okay, as long as that thing didn’t decreased the concealment parameters.
      But what’s in the mind of Makoto Kobayashi really?

    • It’s Italian ship. What do you think it is? It’s the cistern for their wine that they make on ship for the staff. That’s why they keep missing the close range salvos. Everyone’s drunk on wine on this ship!

    • Special ship equipped with moonshining facility for the pizza armada.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Guys clearly – that unique paint job on the Beer Can… – Is to state that the Pope is staying there…

  3. Sir Douche McScumbag

    I do wonder why they gave Roma a paltry 18.1km range, especially considering these guns historically had half a km more range than their french counterparts.

  4. Gosh.. this camo is so ugly it hurts… it just butchered the good look of the ship, specialy this can they put on the tower… lul wouldnt wonder if they just slaped on “red bull” on this in the future^^

  5. Notser plz recommend wargaming to remove that ugly thing from top of camo

  6. I like she ship and would play her but 60 bucks for the basic ship is sooooo out of controle. I know they need to make money but 60 for a ship is just stuped out of controle. And its over 100 if you get a captain and so on.
    I cant aford to buy anything anymore. Thanks wg

    • if you consider one premium to grind a nation’s 2-3-4lines of ships, plus the lesser time invested in it, its pretty cheap actually, plus money-money, plus captain XP. As everyone said, if you dont like it, then don’t buy it. Its a f2p game and mechanic, not an obligation over YOUR empty pockets. In addition, its a damn fun ship to play.

  7. This ship is the price of a full price video game , rip off .

  8. battleship with shitty guns… yeah we have germans no need for more bbs like that… and pay for that lol

  9. Miss citadel at 9km range is unforgivable!!! If it 11km, I would definitely go for this ship

  10. Dear Notser, thank you for your nice review. My simple answer is : I WILL NOT BUY IT.
    Reason: 46 Euro for the cheapest bundle is not so CHEAP. in return what do customer get? a simple ship like MANY Others in T8, nothing really special about it. No Radar, no Hydro, No def AA. Which can be fine for me cause after all is a BB. And what’s make feel a BB special?? It’s main GUNS. Please explain this to those WG groupies.
    But hey wait a moment this big guns sucks!!!
    Conclusion: I watched several review of the final ship done by very good players like you. no metter how much effort you put to describe the alleged ninja character of this ship. At the end of the day you strive to HIT. And you are way better then the average player (like me).
    PS if this is the premium T8 for a future Italian line… I’m afraid thinking about the regular T8.

    • Antonio Barone while i disagre about the ship being meh i think itnlooks like fun. I habe the Duca and many would say its meh but she is fun. I am looking foward to the Italian line.
      The cost of ships is out of controle. 60 us for the basic ship. All most every ship is now out of my price range.

    • I’m not a great BB player although I like them very much. I honestly prefer DDs. I have many premium ships (more then 10) and I could buy this one too. BUT why should I ? to get angry every time you see those bullets going all around and not hitting the target? And look Notser forgot to mention how the BB reacts to planes, I have seen videos in which a bomb run from Enterprise almost destroyed Roma.
      Going to 12 km from enemy sounds nice BUT usually in that space between you and the enemy BB there is at least 1 DD. At least on EU Server. And that’s where the fun ends!

    • Erm. So you want something like Belfast?

    • So basicly its not Over powered so you will not buy it. Sorry bud shitty excuse.

    • This is not what I said. But because English is not my native language I apologize if I get misunderstood. let’s try again. 1. Game is full of very good ships just in the normal tech tree. 2. T8 BB like North Carolina is one of the best in my opinion. So why to buy a premium? a. It allow you to earn more credits and more free XP;b. retrain (or speed up) your captain faster;c. no logic you just like it. or you want to collect it. 3. Example: Alabama is very similar to NC; has better torpedo protection but share the same good value of AA and have very reliable GUNS! After all is a BB and main battery are your only tool to work with.4. Second example: if you play DD you have 2 way to deal  damage: guns and torps. Now if you choose to buy a premium DD you may think “torps are not exceptional, but guns are very good”. You make a balance, because after all you are paying money. Conclusion: Personally I will not buy a BB with unreliable guns. I have Tirpiz and quite often I find  it frustrating. But at least Tirpiz can brawl, has decent AA  and has this magic torps that make it fun to play. is it OP? I don’t believe so.

  11. You forget to say that it is incredibly durable when angled in, took it into ranked and tanked 3.2 million potential damage from 4 BBs, they got so annoyed that they switched to HE eventually to burn me down as nothing else was working!

  12. Note to everyone…. don’t shoot the beer can on top, all you will do is really annoy them
    Don’t come between an Italian sailor and his beer.
    BTW Noster… nice shot on the Yamato. 1 in 100

  13. Dispersion curb my enthusiasm

  14. Two major inconsistencies:
    1) The Pugliese system was dogshit, the Roma’s torp reduction should tops be 20%
    2) Her actual reload time wasn’t 30seconds, it was 45.

    • First it wasn’t dogshit, it was just wasn’t good as was expected and that because pugliese system wasn’t designed for new era magnetic torps,
      Second no it wasn’t 45, it’s a matter of debate there are sources claiming it was around 25-30 to seconds.

    • The pugliese system was doing more then fine given the size of the ship if you consider how much torps they absorbed and srugged off form 1941 to 1943: it was worse on Cavour Class because the cylinders were smaller and covered less of the ship. The hits at Taranto don’t count: 2 out of 3 torps hit outside the protected area and all of them were hugely enhanced by the shallow waters ricocheting on the bottom of the port into the the unarmoured belly of the ships (where the flooding started on Littorio). By comparison, British BB hit by torps were heavily crippled, so, which evidence can you carry about Pugliese’s system (one of the best naval designer in the world) being “dogshit” except for the heavily biased British opinions about Italian equipments from the sixties, which were widely disproved by later studies? No Littorio class ship was ever crippled by a torp in open waters, and they were always able to get back to base on their own and back into service a few months later. Littorio was hit twice in the same spot on different occasion and it wasnt’t particularly damaged by the second one, meaning repaiur (3 months) brought protection back to standard without leaving weakspots to exploit. These ships ate 6 torps form Subs and torpedo bombers: how many BB were able to do the same and get back in service? Cavour was brought out of service because the torp hit outside the Pugliese belt, right where the new Bow was soldered to the old one: it was a known weak spot and for a similar damage, even the sister ship Giulio Cesare was sunk when in Soviet service. BTW, the Caio Duilio and Andrea Doria didn’t suffered the same weak spot because the new bow was part of the ship and not just an add on.
      Actual reload during trials were 35 sec. but in battle it was reduced to 45 as it happened in many other battleships which fought the war: it’s more important to actually try to hit the target instead of slugging shells, especially when. like in the mediterranean war, you engagement range shifted between 29 and 32 km.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      It wasn’t dog shit… The Pugliese System was easily one the best designed torpedo bulges ever constructed… It effectively absorbed the shockwave of a torpedo – literally absorbing the shock and preventing any floods from occurring… The Pugliese System allowed for the exchange of water – within its double bottoms and Flood rooms to the torpedo bulge on the other side of the ship – allowing for Automatic Stabilization… Essentially making it harder for the ship to list on one side… 

      But it wasn’t the Pugliese system – that gave the Italians shit torpedo defence…
      It was that the Utilisation of the Pugliese system – made them complacent – and ignored the importance of multi-layered bulkheads and flooding pumps…
      Clearly – there was only 1 SINGLE BULKHEAD and 1 MASSIVE Void space – that shielded the Engine Rooms, Machinery and Powder Magazines – IF THE PUGLIESE SYSTEM’s inner and outer bulkheads FAILED to contain the blast wave…

      Yamato and Iowa –  clearly they did not have the special Pugliese torpedo bulges… But were both protected by 4 Major Bulkheads and 3 Major flood rooms. all of which alternated in layers – that protected the engine rooms, boilers or magazines of the ship, if the torpedo bulges failed.

      AND unfortunately – Torpedo bulges – only work like a 1 trick pony…
      So if Torpedo bulge gets hit twice in a row, it would have directly detonated on within that massive Void Space – causing severe flooding – but the transfer of water – thanks to the Pugliese System – prevented any major lists… 
      HOWEVER A 3rd strike on the same spot -would have most likely detonate on the final bulkhead, protecting the citadel, causing major concussion (due to the bast wave) and flooding to the engine rooms)…
      If a citadel of a ship takes in flood (it usually means your fucked either way), and the lack of water pumps utilised in tandem with the Pugliese System would seal the fate of the ship…  

      The Pugliese System was Effective… But clearly – the lack of Bulkheads and lack of water pumps… Resulted in catastrophic flooding to major citadel compartments – if sections were repeatedly struck by torpedoes…

      Honestly they should keep Roma’s excellent TDS of 40-45% – but maybe give her a very very poor flooding coefficient for some historical balance” – as the ship lacked proper flood pumps and flooding suppression techniques, due to lack of bulkheads…

  15. So much money for the basic ship? Nooooo way WG! Also my eyes hurt watching this atrocity on top of it, combined with this awful skin… Such a beautiful ship on its normal appearence! Maybe on a 50% discounted offer I will get it.

  16. That grain tower on the superstructure looks ridiculous! Did somebody actually get paid to think that one up?

  17. OMG that camo whyyyy

  18. 6:37 That’s debatable! I think it’s aardvark ugly with that upside down hydra flask on top of the super structure. I couldn’t play that hull and keep a straight face.

    40%: What is that thing on top?
    15%: Don’t like it in general
    5%: Misc (This comment)

  20. I will never sail a ship that has a giant beer can on top of it. It looks absolutely ridiculous.

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