World of Warships – Roma says Hold ma beer

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I had a sudden urge to play Roma…I don’t know why. But then someone said she’s a great ship on which I laughed basically. Roma heard me xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I love my Graf Spee! When it works, it’s hilarious deleting … well, mostly it’s the Konigsberg and Nurnberg come to mind ? . Oh, and the Pensacolas, Omahas, Dallas’s.

    Edit: it rarely works ?, I guess like the Roma.

    • I have no fun with it…but it’s my only premium ship (won it in a container )…so it’s a good moneymaker…And I’m allways low on silver as I’m mostly playing carriers.

  2. Flanta you are out of coffee cups. Have Hans restock them immediately! (I’ll buy mugs, magnets, or stickers)

  3. The tragedy of Roma the inconsistent.

    I love Roma purely for her tanking potential, you need to stay afloat long enough for the guns to eventually co operate, and target selection is key with the ship.

  4. Let’s pause for a moment and ponder the fact that he managed to get a full penetration on a dd… In a Roma…

  5. Thought I clicked on Jingles’ WoT video for a minute…

  6. I haven’t played Roma in forever, but she’ll always be a fun ship to me. Amazing? Definitely not. Her guns are wayyy too inconsistent, but definitely fun.

    My fondest memory of her was having a broadside Alabama 5.3 km in front of me. I fired and watched half my shots go over her deck and the other half hit the water in between us. Ive never laughed so hard while being so annoyed.

  7. I have had some really crazy games in Roma. I once had a Grosser Kurfurst rage at me in chat because he thought I was cheating because he couldn’t penetrate me being angled-bow on to him. Roma has a really trolly extended front belt that’s rather thicc. The guns either go super accurate or super dispersion lol.

  8. You get asked the daftest questions….
    How do I buy a mug and do you use the mini map sheesh!

  9. The Roma is one of my favorite ships in the game. Great for bow tanking and citadels when the shells hit. I usually get around 75-105k damage a game with her.

  10. Flambi dont buy a camera use eye tracker, I think it’s a good option

  11. >Flambass use Webcam Eye-tracking.
    >We caught him staring at the ship’s rear.

  12. *Sad Matilda II, Valentine, Covenanter, Cromwell, Achilles noises*

    • ‘Crusader is worst tank of ww2’ NO lmao, the brits loved it, it had good speed, armour and plenty penetration to kill all but the heavy stuff

  13. Ironically, the Roma’s guns being inaccurate is a historically accurate fact.

    • eeeeh it wasn’t really the guns themselves. It was the shell quality control which was sometimes faulty. Guns were pretty accurate when they shot higher quality shells

    • “Ironically” Roma NEVER suffered from gun inaccuracy except for some dated (biased) sixties British publications. Admiral Iachino also is to blame for the bad publicity to Italian Guns (to cover for his own inadequacies). ONLY Littorio and Vittorio Vento suffered form the quality control ammo problem and this was solved by mild 1941 when the Sirte Battles happened. Both Italian and British reported the 381 shells being quite accurate by then and Roma entered service in 1942.
      About the very low hit rate in the Mediterranean (both sides) the excessive shooting ranges is to blame (often above 25km)

    • Leptospirosi Yes indeed, I should have said it ouright, my bad.
      But still, the ammo’s quality really left to be desired in the early stages of the war, although if I’m correct both Vittorio Veneto and Littorio saw limited action (I’ll have to double check though, I could be wrong) and Roma didn’t do jacks**t

    • Gnawgore Yep, that’s what I implied but I should have said it outright

    • @Mackinaw Sensei up to late 1942 littorio and VV were in action every time the intelligence called for counter convoy operation (unless under repair). After that fuel shortage and allied air superiority made use of such big and thirsty units problematic.

  14. I love this fickle beauty and sometimes she decides to love me back.

  15. The Roma can’t be more accurate, and that’s fine, because that’s how she was.
    It’s almost storically accurate but she misses her dual purpose secondaries to increase a bit her AA like in her last travel.
    Btw, in game she’s not so bad.
    Her fast shells can prevent enemy cruisers to leave their opened broadside in time if you shoot’em between 15 or less kms.
    Her concealment is weak against enemy CVs but strong when they got no air vision.
    Using this advantage can make you find good openings in their formations, but a single miss-shot can ruin everything, so she has to be used wisely.

  16. Love the channel deeply. But the spiel on tanks was gibberish. Better to watch the Chieftain or Tank Museum for that topic.

  17. For me Great = OP. I like the Roma, and you really have to use its strong points. Have had more fun game in it then the great ships

  18. Well, at least someone is getting citadels

  19. So one of the big issues with the guns on the Roma is the velocity. Because the guns are so high velocity the dispersion circle is so much worse and elongated than a ship like the monarch. You trade a lot of vertical dispersion for horizontal and the amount is always heaps. That’s why the guns behave slightly more at very long range compared to short as well

  20. Roma: Pizza delivery!

    Enterprise: Nope! Nope! Nope!

    I’m so close to getting Roma in the app version.

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