World of Warships – Roma Sigma Changed

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Roma is getting a slight sigma by Wargaming before the release to the store. The sigma is going from 1.9 to 1.8, I share my opinion on this change. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

VIII Italian Roma Replay


  1. noooooooooooooo the guns already seem pretty unreliable, especially compared to NC and Amagi

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer
      Amagi (1.8 sigma) vs NC (2.0 sigma). While the sigma helps the NC be more accurate at shorter ranges, the Amagi ends up being more accurate past 13km despite the lower sigma. Amagi was my most consistent boat aside from yamato. Also, since Missouri is premium I think it retained the 2.0

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer either way, they nerfed the wrong thing on this ship. They should’ve gone after some of its concealment or if they’re hitting the guns aim, give some reload to compensate. All other tier 8 15 inch BB have 25 sec reloads

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      robidius Regardless 1.8 sigma – is directly in the middle… and ROMA is probs the best tanker of T8 hands down with its 45 mm deck and godly 70mm upper belt. Roma is essentially Scharn at t8 – fuckton armour – also fuckton torpedo bulge and is a beastly tank you rush in with – as it has amazing stealth aswell.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer You watch too much Yuro mate. Tune down on it. Roma is essentially Tirpitz when it was first released, brings something else other than regular lines. Flat arcs, good turret traverse, but when you’re facing that one(soon two) ship that’s called Yamato, that armor means nothing as it will simply overmatch your bow armor. It’s superstructure is a damage fest for RN CL’s and destroyers in general.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer this game also fails to properly reward you with anything for “tanking”. You also have the least range of all tier8. This was the wrong thing to hit, no doubt in my or most people’s minds.

  2. Nothing changed in my interest level, I decided to buy the ship in the same moment it wold be relased, since the relase of the first Italian ship

  3. I’m number 12

  4. General Cartman Lee

    Don’t forget that premium ships are statistically better because you don’t have to grind upgrades on them.
    And the average player of the less popular premium ships is probably better than the average player of tech tree ships of the same tier.

  5. I’m not sure the
    Giulio Cesare is that over powered. I think there are a couple of factors as to why it might be doing so well. The level of player skill that it faces isn’t that good for one. It has weakness and can be removed from the game rather quick. CV’s are the biggest threat and I see two CV games a lot when I play her. Despite having AA buffed all the way, if both CV’s focus you they might not kill you but can take a big chuck of your heath away. I say this with over 200 games in her. Yes I perform well in her but if I face good players I will have any average game.

    • Timatree DG.. very true if you can catch the ship exposing that weakness you will definitely insta delete the Julio. I have it and it’s amazing because if the manuverability and turret traverse. However. I fear all BBS I come up against because of her weakness. She is a fantastic ship and I do not regret buying her. “Keep the hull side down and fair seas”.

    • I love facing same tier battleships, the only battleship I fear is when on the rear occasion I have to face a Colorado as the guns can hit you hard no matter how you angle. Here is a clip I made dueling with some battleships, enjoy

    • The Julio is vulnerable to USN 203 AP out to 10 km because it has enough penetration to citidel the battleship

    • I agree, the GC is not overpowered when you take into account that every time I play it I get stuck in T7 matchmaking. I also feel that they have nerfed the AA on both it and the Oktober R. When I first got both ships I had them kitted for AA and was regularly taking 15 – 20 aircraft out per game. Recently though I and my shipmates have noticed that we are barely shooting down any planes.

    • Why should the fact that Cesare is uptiered a ton make any difference? Kongo, New York, and all other T5s face the same opponents without any of the tools she has. This battleship has higher win rate, average damage, and survival rate than the vast majority of T7s – it is nothing but overpowered.

  6. Notser ,I’ll still get the Roma but I don’t feel she needs the sigma nerf as 380 mm guns cannot overmatch cruiser 27 mm bow armor making it hard to deal with high -tier cruisers. Also I maybe in the minority here but I like my Premium ships to be overpowered to some extent ,otherwise want is the point of handing over hard earned cash for a ship that is virtually the same as it’s tech tree version . Being a better credit & xp earner is not enough imo to justify a 45 euro price tag for a tier 8 premium ship ,she has to have something different about her to want to purchase said ship.Keep up the great work Notser , peace 🙂

    • You can train captains which is a huge reason to get a ship lol, you might not like that reason for the price, but it’s very useful.

      I prefer my premiums to play different from other ships (Dunkerque and Okhotnik are two fine examples), or to be very fun to play (Kamikaze and Sims are two fun examples).

      Given the choice of a slightly OP ship or a unique ship, I’ll take unique any day. To each their own 🙂

    • Nowadays I play my tier 10’s with 19 points captains & just amass the elite commander xp which I can use on any captain of any nation so using a premium ship as a trainer is not so important for me.

    • krostouin It was simply over powered. The thing is covered in 70mm armor on the deck and upper belt. It seems like the idea here is a ship balanced by being very tanky, but having less reliable guns.

    • “You can train captains which is a huge reason to get a ship lol…”

      trolololo… u dont need a captain trainer when u reach 19 skill points on a captain, u can just farm elite commander xp on whatever ship you want and use it to train captains, so that reason flies out the window…
      so if u are buying premiums for that one reason than u are a fool, sorry but its the truth.

    • “The thing is covered in 70mm armor on the deck and upper belt. It seems like the idea here is a ship balanced by being very tanky, but having less reliable guns.”
      guns like the tirpitz with 1.8 sigma 25 sec reload, okish aa excellent secondary, better gun range, turtle back armour, torpedoes, ohhhh wait thats over powered… the only thing the roma had was ok-ish guns it had a citadel ABOVE the water line and no turtle back so the armour is just good enough… and no british super heal, so the nerf just makes the roma from a ok ship to a meeeeh dont give a shit port decoration…

  7. That’s what I feared: this 381/50 already are known to be “trollish” as hell, but increasing dispersion by 0.1 for a ship that already has the (artificially) worst range in game (Tier VIII) is quite BAD given the huge dispersion angle compared with ships reaching 20+km.
    I’d rather have a “less stealthy” Roma (aka remove the “Stealth module” option) but a more reliable one, with better AA.

  8. Good, another one to pass. It is bad already to play tier 8 ships, where you get tier 10 constantly, so your not so OP ships is most of the times the worst ship of the game.
    I already had a bad time with the Kii and it’s terrible 1.7 sigma guns. I hate unreliable guns, it’s not fun at all that the RNG determines where you hit or not.

  9. Mehh I’d rather take a nerf in whatever else instead of the guns, there is plenty of RNG in the game and I like good aiming to be rewarded. Give it the 381mm guns reload buff of 25 seconds just like Bismarck and Monarch and I am alright with the change else, put back the 1.9 sigma cause 1.8 it is pretty annoying just like with the stock Colorado…

    • A comment that makes sense!

      380s do need *some* advantage over 406/410 guns. If not accuracy, then reload.

    • Colorado: if you like consistently missing at 10 km, here’s the ship of your dreams

    • DaKillerChipmunk yeah and They KNOW it!! Clearly in the videos showing Roma the players get trolled by the guns so, why in hell make them worse and leave its real strengths the same? Sigh…Nonsense

  10. its stupid nerf…. roma dont need nerf…right now i cant see reason why to pick this instead of… nc/alabama or amagi in my opinion if roma had like 28 sec reload time it would be okay

    • You can turn the ship around have have your guns ready a lot faster, makes kiting viable in this ship while it’s not in the others.

  11. 1.8 is the sigma of the German BB’s, particularly the tier 6, since that was changed i believe to match the other Germans. so if you are used to german accuracy, it won’t bother you much

  12. This change has no effect on my desición to buy her. Flat out . I will definitely buy her. I have been waiting for over eight months since she was announced . Wheather the ship keeps the sigma or not. She’s Italian and we need more diversity not gimmicky ships .” Cough cough Brit BBs. ” Anyway my opinion and so be it. “Keep the hull side down and fair seas. “

    • vvmmuu . Personally I would have bought the ship with any namesake and country. I’m open to any ship that brings a speciality or niche to the game . I don’t like gimmicky ships that introduce unlikely results . BB HE from Brit BBs is a joke . Infact the Julio has just a slightly lower fire chance but the performance of it’s guns out ways the need to use it. In my opinion, we have enough CAs spamming HE to warrant gimmicks on BBs. Any country, any ship as long as it’s fun and has a special place in the game. I’m in.

      ” Keep the hull side down and fair seas”.

    • vvmmuu . Hope it kind of answers your question. I know WG does their thing to ships now and then ,but hey that’s what makes cash for them . Just keep it legit and people will buy . Don’t make it stupidly OPd or gimmicky. That only brings back lash and at the end of the day nerfs and changes are handed out to all ships to counter one ships gimmick.. Anyway, it’s my opinion and that is that. GL out there.

    • _Versili _ some would argue the 11km concealment is a gimmick

    • existentialvoid ..True . I see your point ,but what is the range on the guns .Same could be said about higher teir Brit BBs though and they have exceptional range. Give us more range and less concealment. Balance it out equal to the Tirpitz/ Bismark ranges, same caliber guns ..WG does all kinds of changes on test ships . We shall see what happens.

  13. Fuck you WG!
    Buff the Roma NOW!!! IT SUCKS

    • Is3t ITA you are the kind of person who would play a conqueror and still complain about how difficult this game is. Simply stupid

    • Iñigo Pa I don’t have one british ship, I hate using HE becouse I’m not a cancer

    • Is3t ITA you didnt understand me at all. What I meant is that you were the KIND of person, no that you had a british ship… The thing is that the roma is a very strong and solid ship but guys like you cant make them work because it requires ability, and if a ship is not made for braindeads it is said to be bad by people like you. Learn to play through the strenghs of the ships and hide the weak sides. Dont say it is garbage when it isnt.

    • Iñigo Pa I want Wg buff the Roma becouse I’m italian and I don’t buy premium ships, I don’t have one of them

    • Oh, wow. That’s savagely straight to the point. If you didn’t play prem ships (i.e: *Roma*), for whom will be the buff for? (Aside Roma, because it’s obvious the buff is for Roma as well (by your words), but is it for Roma only?)

  14. This TROOOOOOOOOOOOOLLL guns will be nerf ? OK now I’m sure that I will not buy it anymore.

  15. Hello Notser. I disagree with your thought about Giulio Cesare. She has strength and weakness (armor and AA in particular). Perhaps the reason why she has a high win rate is because many “veteran” like me who have already reached T10 have decided to buy it and when I paly at T5 I quite often find myself confronting less experienced players (angling, manouvering taking advantage of cover and so on). But believe me here in europe is very common at T5/T6 to find 2 CV in a game as well as 4/5 DDs and in this case your game is much more demanding. Last but not least when released the ship was quite expensive. So Im not surprised that average customer was someone with a real interest in the game.

  16. The Funny thing is that Roma should actually have almost the same range as yamato, as IRL her guns could shoot almost the same distance.

    • timmy112 42km in fact, with just 36° of elevation. Each battle in which this class fought it’s preferred shooting range has been between 32 and 29km

    • “Kek” The more intriquing fact is that IOWA class was modified in the 90s, it received advanced firing control which means it can fire shell at a maxium range of 80-100km with about 50 meter dispersion, but if you compare it in game………

    • Grace Zhang well, in game these are WW2 ships, when firing control system and quality control of amunitions were not comparable. Standard dispersion for Vittorio Veneto was in order of 335m at about 29km except that was mostly on the vertical plane rather then on the horizontal in game, due to high velocity and very flat trajectory.

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  18. I really wish they would adjust some premiums…the Atlanta badly needs a buff.

  19. Sigma is quite different to torpedo reload time. Reload time is simply a linear effect. Sigma affects the statistical distribution of shell dispersion (at least that what many YT vids say), a 5% nerf to sigma has a much larger impact on the performance of the guns.

    Someone said 1.8 sigma would make it the same as German BB shotguns. How is that remotely considered good?

    • Mylene Whalen flamu is the one who said this was a terrible target for a nerf. Why would you bring him up when he said himself the guns are the weakest, troll part of this ship. Hit it’s conceal. The sigma nerf makes him feel wg doesn’t understand their own product. He made a specific tweet about it

    • Well, only criticism is that you said I had it backwards and then repeated exactly what I said. Low sigma means I think it’s more intended to be a brawler because at closer range it wouldn’t be so bad. At long sniping range, that is where you would feel it the worst.

      I just think people are asking for power creep. Every ship must be better than the last or they call it trash.
      They want this ship to be over powered. It already has almost everything, so it needs to give up something.

    • Mylene Whalen yes and it shouldn’t be the sigma. NC 2.0, amagi has 1.8 higher sigma is better for brawling, not lower sigma. So this makes it less of a close range ship. Unless they hit horizontal dispersion but keep sigma. I didn’t repeat anything. I corrected you

    • To be fair, higher sigma is better for everything. It’s just that it’s going to feel worse at very long ranges where it’s more noticeable. 5 km from your target, you will hit the citadel almost not matter what anyway. I’m just saying that lower sigma, while always bad, is more an issue that affects snipers. If you get in close and brawl, you still hit the target.

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