World of Warships – Roma – The Great Tragedy

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lol hi guys

yes, it’s meant to be overdone.


  1. I think She is a good ship

  2. it’s got a can of sauce on it

  3. *”Ever heard the tragedy of Darth Roma the Inaccurate?”*

  4. Man, you do not post videos often, but each time it’s like 10 Flamu vids in one for fun and entertainment ….

  5. good………its not exceptional………….its not adding to the power creep……..

    • insertpienow except you may end up being a danger for anyone casually passing near you. This ship is bad for blood pressure…

  6. So much roma(nce)

  7. RDF says: You should write for hallmark, your pain is so real I wept as you waxed on and felt reborn with hope during your finishing stanza. I’m emotionally spent ?, I couldn’t cry another tear even if I witnessed a puppy being slowly run over tail first by a roller/compactor.

  8. Slow clap. (non sarcastic variety)

  9. Alabama, the girl you meet in your freshman year of college, when you think you’ll never meet anyone special, there she is. She sits to the sides alone, she doesn’t know anyone there, no one is willing talk to her or get to know her, but something about her catches your eye. So during one course you sit next to her, start talking to her, she laughs and it’s beautiful, during the course of your freshman year she becomes your best friend and confidant. You slowly discover that she’s an amazing girl, fierce and strong, loyal to a fault and you can’t help but fall head over heels for her and that’s when you realize, she’s already fallen for you.

  10. LOL … you know that the Montana isn’t the wife that you want … but she’s the one you need. Loyal to a fault, tough as nails, works like a mule, she gets in close and even BeYAMATOce gets obliterated. She’s not so sexy … but she’s sane and balanced. Consistent, and almost boring … but always there.

  11. The great Xcelerator

    Just stick with the Giulio Cesare, you’ll be fine. The big sister is not always the more adorable sister.

  12. Biz? You ok bro? You don’t sound like yourself.

  13. That last sentence cracked me up. A really good anecdote of that ship.

  14. Jesus Christ Biz, that was deep as hell. Some personal anecdote in there?

  15. FrustratedNameSearch

    This ship is broken. Period. It needs to be fixed and quick.

  16. *screams in autism at the end*

  17. LOLZ This review. Now if i ever get this ship I have to call her Renee hah

  18. She has a penis. I’ve seen it with another camo. Sorry to say that!

  19. Please don’t punch babies.

  20. Business! I thought you fell of the face of the planet! Welcome back! 😀

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