World of Warships – Roma Vittorioso

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It’s that Libeccio feller again, this time in something a little more appropriately Italian.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  2. Actually Jingles the Class was named Littorio, Vittorio Veneto was the second Ship in the Class

  3. Wake up. Get cup of coffee. Jingles is up. This is good.

  4. Fun fact: Roma has a Fritz X bomb hidden on her when in your port! Look under the searchlight platform between the funnels. you won’t be able to see it all, but you can see enough to know what it is


  6. It’s about time that wargaming gives us an Italian ship line. Comment of you want Italian ships too.

    • +kilen Surely not a CV line as Italy had only started to construct its first CV while surrended in WW2. But if you speak about DDs and cruisers I’m quite confident on saying it’s easy to do a full tech tree line tier 1-10. You know, even in other existing tech trees WG used only blueprinted ships so it could be done with Italy.

    • Boobash 15 YES PLEASE

    • Yeah, italy has plenty of ships, unfortunately wargaming doesn’t seem to love her, even in world of tanks it took a lot to see something italian, maybe they can be faster with the navy but at this point i think they will introduce only the cruiser tech tree in late 2019…we will probably have sooner soviet bbs and perhaps french dds

  7. “Roma is more likely to score a citadel if shot at the rear of a retreating ship.”
    Well duh. Italians greatest opponent in Mediterranean was France so of course they designed their fleet to combat it!

    • The Royal Navy wasn’t that much more aggressive.

    • Idk which is less funny, you mocking the deaths of thousands of soldiers trying to defend their homes or how unoriginal your joke was

    • +ItalTube Oh? Can you tell me more please? Naval doctrine isn’t my field of knowledge, and that particular piece of knowledge was from a book I forgot about.

    • +Ita Sukandar
      Royal Navy Aggression had nothing to do with it. It was luck as well as more advanced radar.
      Don’t forget the Italian marine service sank plenty of British ships using mini-subs.

    • It’s often said that the Italian Navy after Matapan and Taranto was too scared to leave the ports, that’s not true. The number of ships on sorties after those 2 battles was limited only by the scarcity of fuel, but the number of sorties did not decrease (for exemple, 3 destroyers escorting a group of merchants instead of 6 destroyers and 2 cruisers).
      Many times the Royal Navy did not look for conflict with the italians ships, deciding not to engage combat.
      If by “aggressive strategy” we mean only the Taranto raid, then the Italians had many more aggressive and daring raids on British ports, such as the incursion on Alexandria carried out by frogmen.I am interested in naval war history, and depending on which book from which autor you are reading, the picture can be different. I still have a lot to read.

  8. “Increased his damage count by 16,000.”

    Or, you know, 6,000. But who’s counting, anyways, right Jingles?

  9. Actually Jingles, at 10:42 he sinks the Icarus. Jingles?

    *shotgun pump sounds*

  10. I heard that the NEW Italian navy was constructed with glass bottoms… so they could see the OLD Italian Navy… Sorry, old joke but couldn’t resist…

  11. Roma, what a beatiful looking ship! The italian in me really wants to correct the title in: “Roma Vittoriosa”, as we are talking about a feminine, but i already hear the gun clicking, Jingles? Oh well, goodbye.

    • I was gonna comment. Glad that I’m not the only one who caught on to Jingles being old and cra – Oh hi, great gnome overlord of the salt mines. Whats that? Double shifts for a month? Yes gnome overlord. Of course gnome overlord. Right away gnome overlord!

    • Technically speaking, for ships of the era of the Kingdom it also depends on how you refer to them. With their names alone you use the male article. However, in the era Roma was active, if you refer to them with the prefix RN (Regia Nave), than it becomes feminine and you must use female articles with them (ex, La RN Vittorio Veneto vs Il Vittorio Veneto).

      As if that wasn’t enough, for many smaller types of ships, such as cruisers and destroyers, often they would be referred to by their type, rather than just ‘ship’, and the article would change as well – so a destroyer might use RCT (Regio Cacciatorpediniere) and use the male article for the prefix. Because of this, the same ship could be Il Folgore, la RN Folgore, or il RCT Folgore!

  12. Hey…. You forgot to include the “Kraken unleashed”-videopart! Feel bad man…

  13. In fairness Italy was well placed to cover most of the Med from the air, so carriers were not as important for them. And in the 1930s when these ships were laid down everyone still thought battleships were the most important warships. So it made sense for Italy to prioritise battleships.

  14. Now we all just gonna ignore the rear turret going through the superstructure at 15:44 ?

  15. Uhm jingles
    He’s not doing any damage to the NO because he is missing, not because the shells have high velocity. I mean roma has only 30m/s(Roma has 850m/s shell speed not 910) over a tirpitz and bismarck. Are you telling me those two have trouble dealing damage to cruisers? No they don’t. Roma here is missing the citadel, middle of the ship. Of course if you hit stern you are going to overpen, it’s not because of high AP speed. Besides, high AP speed means better chance at underwater penetration. Which means you are more likely to citadel cruisers than others.

    Example: 15:24 He’s firing too high on a ship that is 3km away with the fastest AP shells a tier 8 can get

    • Savage it always happens, the game is fucking trash

    • +Savage When at very close ranges like that I often aim a few pixels below the water line. Hasn’t failed me yet with 4k games and counting.

    • +Nickhasarrived Well, my original thoughts were “German Dispersion, guide thy shells to citadel with your might” because in close ranges i somehow have my shells flying all over the damn place.

    • +Savage As a DD main that is what I hope for. Lol

    • I agree the point of aim is throwing things off in this video, the fact of the matter is Roma’s AP does overpenetrate considerably more often than other AP – her AP not only travels faster, but she also has considerably more penetration due to heavier shells (German 380mm APC is only 90% of the mass of Italian 381mm APC). Penetration factors in heavily into how much a shell will slow down when penetrating armor, and in general this causes Roma’s AP to slow down less than Bismarck’s will, for example. Thus, targets that Bismarck is not likely to overpenetate, Roma still will.

  16. Sir Douche McScumbag

    Funnily enough, the Littorios apparently didn’t actually shoot HE shells. What is used in-game as the HE shell is actually a lower-penetration AP shell that (at 20km range) had about half the penetrating power of the in-game AP shells. The high-pen shells were for use against battleships, while the low-pen shells were for killing anything smaller. Kind of a missed opportunity for WG, seeing as this could have made Roma really stand out.

    • Pretty much all ships used based fused shells to shit on weakly armored stuff. Battle shop he normally was good enough to deal with cruisers and the like so the Italian shells are some what unique but other nations had similar ideas.

    • This is true, but this is a great deal of difference between a Base-Fused HE round, and the shell he is describing above, which is an SAP shell.

  17. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    Italy did build 2 aircraft carriers during the war. And considering what happened to Force Z which got obliterated by land based bombers from Saigon this thinking wasn’t that weird for its time period. Of course major flaws include the internal rivalries that fascists like to encourage leading to really bad communication between naval and air forces, and even if they had carriers they still would have had the same fuel problems.
    And Italian naval strategy mainly focussed on countering French naval ambitions and wasn’t prepared to face Great Britain.

  18. Plz do another asasins creed odyssey

  19. This is assuming that Italy had the finances to construct an aircraft carrier fleet, which it certainly did not. She barely had enough to build a credible surface fleet navy. The ships she did manage to lay down were excellent at meeting the basic requirements, but lacked some of the systems improvements that would make them as effective as the British or American ships. Also, the Italian fleet lacked much of the supporting infrastructure so support large fleets…particularly naval aviation based fleets.

    Building a world class navy is expensive. Italy had a smaller source of revenue than France or Germany…neither of whom built substantial naval forces either. Only the US (largest resource base in the world), the UK (island nation that spent more money on ships than armies), and Japan (another island nation in the midst of spending nearly 50% of her government spending on an arms race) built significant naval fleets including the backing infrastructure to support them. Of those three, only the US was able to build a large, well supported fleet with all the bells, whistles, and gadgets.

  20. Noob who has not played for years here, but would the Roma be more effective against cruisers if he fired HE?

    • Roma has some pretty awful HE, so having it loaded up in general is a detriment. While her AP does have a penchant to overpen, she can do awesome damage to battleships, and her armor gives even the Yamato trouble

  21. So …. why did he (or she?) not fire HE at the cruisers instead of AP?
    And I’m not buying the reload time argument … there were several times when the switch could have been practically made, especially early on when he (or she?) was focusing almost entirely on the New Orleans.

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