World of warships – Roma

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  1. lol BB caries… I guess I’m BB cruiser main ..but good luck winning a ranked battle after ur DDs die no matter how much dmg u do easier to keep ur star in a BB than dd I guess. first game of ranked I played at R15 I manged 2.3k xp 3 kills and 150k dmg in my north cal but the fact is second on my team was a kidd that spotted killed dd and caped all game ( with help ofc) but without him I would have died for sure and we would have lost.

  2. Aksis, Archon Prime

    When do you think Roma will come out?

  3. Should have put this silly Italian theme to boot.

  4. have you taken roma into ranked?

  5. That dispersion… v__v WHY!?!?

  6. What the fuck is that dispersion though?

  7. Map would have been nice to see.

  8. the D tacts , wow , pro play 😛

  9. It’s not like WoWS has a lot of immersion, but damn – those “HO HO HO” sounds at the end of horns are just dumb.

  10. Please don’t block the minimap. :-(((

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