World of Warships – Romantic Sea

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Click the link and set out on your most exciting adventure!

Exciting adventures awaits –


  1. nice :D

  2. “It’s easy to forget something very important…

    *Torpedo Alarm Sounds*

    … that there was a Destroyer in front of you a second ago, you noob!”

  3. Dane Gil Cabrales

    Hey can you get back the function where you can see the overview of planes

  4. Yep

  5. Also, Torpedo the Yamato

  6. I don’t want to torpedo the Yamato, I want to torpedo the Iowa.

  7. you must learn how to torpedobeat!!

  8. die map Meerenge nervt langsam die soll nicht mer so oft kommen

  9. There should be pocket edition

  10. and torpedo the Yamato?

  11. Arturo Gutierrez

    But, but, can you torpedo the Yamato on this game?

  12. That’s kinda what marriage is


  14. Torpedo the Yamatoo!

  15. Torpedo the Yamato again!!

  16. what about GNB rewards (wanr my ESSEX!)

  17. “Click the link”, arrow schows up. There is none. A bit editing to do, hmm?

  18. Whitedragonking Ocola (Whitedragon1204)

    lol that twist in the narrators voice.

  19. Will I still be able to torpedo the Yamato?

  20. Is it me, or are those the new water effects u guys were talking about?

  21. Soooo sad that forcing Nvidia’s MFAA in the game still won’t work… FXAA
    doesn’t work well too, so many edges still…

  22. Yellowstone The Pony

    also, Torpedo the Yamato

  23. Release the Royal Navy then maybe I’ll play ?

  24. Link ne robotaet.

  25. Nice Torpedo beat!

    atsf would be happy…

  26. FIRST

  27. nothing more relaxing and romantic than to citadel a cruiser in my tier 7
    myoko monster ship

  28. wows on consoles would be epic

  29. Erie: Torps op plz nerf
    Everyone else: Be more aware, you noob.

  30. X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X

    Open world WoWs would be epic!

  31. also first

  32. Also to torpedo the yamato

  33. I was very confused for about 20 seconds

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