World of Warships – Roon by bobbylord

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Roon by bobbylord on North engages at long range against a enemy Yorck. The enemy starts to push the eastern side of the map, bobbylord gets ready to ambush with AP. He works down as many enemy ships as he can get with the Roon. They push the enemy back and try to mop up the remaining ships. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX German Cruiser Roon Replay


  1. I had a game with Roon on this map where my first salvo was a 5 citadel
    devestating strike on a Myoko….was pretty damn stoked!

  2. Did you earn the Tachibana, Notser? Will we see a game?

  3. Dafuk is going on on chat

  4. Notser i love your vids! It will be great if you make a few tutorials of
    “How to CV”

  5. Best T9 cruiser!

  6. The Kagero didn’t leave the smoke. Bobby’s sonar detected the Kagero within
    5km. It happened to me too. Keep forgetting that German cruisers have
    better sonar detection.

  7. Oh man…..Notser…please stop trying to pronounce the names in their
    native language…… sounds so freaking wrong how you say the german
    names…..I dont want to sound mean just….well if you need help
    pronouncing it I can make a pronounciation video for you but…staaaahp
    (dont throw stones at me please guys ^^)


  9. Christopher Barcelo

    notser why dont you play world of tanks?? its a fun game

  10. Notser, IChase & flamu = best WOWs vids on youtube!

  11. Also using “jumping” forward and too big fast forward speed causes problems
    with some visual indicators.

    Notser, if interested in High Caliber with DD’s guns match you should have
    Of course using also some “Associated Press express telegrams” into engine
    rooms to do that.
    (HE tends to “stop to knock at door”)

  12. Nice shooting there bobby! I personally didn’t like the Roon too much, i
    just can’t handle the turret configuration. The Hindenburg is totally worth
    it though.

  13. How PC of wargaming , German ships of this period flew the swastika , NOT
    the cross . Dont try to change history , and it is history , so why not use
    it .

  14. Yep, you’re right. An amazing game. He carried the game and still one of
    the BB’s in the friendly cap called out in chat “Roon, we needed your
    help”. Apart from lounging around the entire game, they still wanted
    someone else to carry their bags…
    Thx for the nice replay !

  15. I like this, when you saying ROON 😀 Sub for you. Nice videos :)

  16. I am really looking forward to the Roon. Silly name, serious ship.

  17. nicely played by bobby.
    i got matches in my roon with ~8 citadels easily, but now on my Hindenburg
    i struggle to get as much … someone knows why that is?

  18. Also with a Cruiser chainfire is alright but with bbs i only Fire
    broadsides cause of the dispersion

  19. In a bb i always load ap :p

  20. So well played.

  21. Best Tier IX CA right now, and Kagero didn’t leave the smoke, german
    hydroacoustic did his job ;)

  22. If I recall it also sets your AA to off if you had it off before. (Dont ask
    me why I would have my AA off ever. Because I dont know.) I got my Montana
    killed a few weeks back thanks to it.

  23. *brags to friends about being able to do German pronunciations*
    Oh crap, WarGaming, y u release those German ships…

  24. great job in the roon. How come your not streaming notser? I would like to
    see not only the good but the bad situations you find yourself in.

  25. Big hits on that. Really well played except for the atago derp.

  26. I recently finished my York, I am looking forward to buy the Hipper, just
    need to save up enough credits.

  27. Like Snagabott the IJN DD didn’t leave the smoke at the end, he popped up
    at exactly at 4.9km which is the ship detection on the German Hydro, which
    he was using at the time.

  28. U could determined on what shells is used by the color; white=AP &
    yellow=HE. WoW should have something a software in game to communicate by

  29. love your videos bro, keep up the good work :D

  30. Like

  31. German AP to sttronk.

  32. Hi Notser,
    I know you don’t like mods that much, but perhaps you should only install
    one mod. The mod where HE (red) and AP (blue) shells have different colors.
    Then this problem wouldn’t be so confusing. When the shots go off you can
    see what was fired. ;)

  33. The best WOW commentator out there ………. Bravo Zulu

  34. The DD didn’t leave his smoke, Bobby had hydro active and the German hydro
    has 5km range.

  35. Oh I wish I had my replays on when I got 1-shotted on full health in my
    Roon by an Izumo over 20km away. It was hilarious :P

  36. good replay – can only hope to get something like that in my roon
    good commentary as always

  37. Notser, he did not leave the smoke, Roons Hydro Acoustic detected him.
    German ships have a high range

  38. Good angling is the best Counter to any bb. It appears notser Never Met a
    yammy that knew how to aim

  39. Notser : I do believe that’s the “” Battle Hero “” award for getting 10
    achievements of Battle Hero Type.

  40. holy mother of god!! what a final score at the end

  41. I like you man

  42. dam lol

  43. Sarmat Konieczny

    7;40 Amagi= gówno xd

  44. RE: The friendly battleships hanging out in the cap zone.

    Someone had to defend the cap zone from the enemy destroyers.

    It’s not ideal to have Battleships doing so, but they seemed to be the only
    ones who stuck to doing so. Learned my lesson on these Domination maps,
    after the whole team moving away and enemy destroyers sneaking in for the
    cap & our loss.

    I try to remind the team at the start, in this type of match, to defend the
    cap from such a threat. But most of them will still wander off to one side
    of the map, too far away to cover it. I’ve been left, a few times, to try
    defending our cap zone against DDs with my Battleship because nobody else
    bothered. 🙁

    That may be what the pair were doing in this vid. Just a thought.

  45. I love my Hipper and Roon. Soon I shall have my Hindenburg too. Great
    replay by Bobbylord! I do look forward to playing on the NA server once I
    get back.

  46. HE cits, wait what

  47. Wonderful game! Thank you for sharing it with the channel :). Cheers

  48. cruisers showing broadside, no BBs focusing you,

    that’s the dream in german cruisers

  49. Gustavo Trancoso

    Very Nice replay! the Roon is beautiful, makes me want to try and get past
    the Nurnberg again…….. I`m not gonna like the tier 7 either i`m I? T.T

  50. Aww my replay didnt win, oh well .xD

  51. Notser are you doing the new Arpeggio missions?

  52. Maybe Wargaming will finally fix the bugs in their replay recording system
    at some point. The AP/HE not showing correctly isn’t the only problem,
    I often see the torpedo spread & aim displayed improperly too. It doesn’t
    show the engine telegraph setting. Etc.

  53. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Wow the Roon xD cant wait xD

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