World of Warships – Roon Ruin

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Roon on Shatter pushes toward C to capture for the team, our destroyer decides to not go for the objective. We encounter a Atlanta and attempt to citadel the ship. Nobody seems to want B, so I choose to go and capture it for the team. We encounter multiple enemy ships and we try our best to kill and avoid being killed. Most of the team is pushing far south with no objective in sight. I hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX German Cruiser Roon Replay


  1. Have to mention that the current player base does not have enough
    situational awareness neither the ability of analyzing the current
    battlefield. Maybe wg made it too easy to grind till high tier that the avg
    players simply cannot play the high tier ship efficiently. It mostly
    happens when you are playing solo queue, no matter how hard you try to
    carry, they just don’t help you, you could only wish that they don’t dig
    the hole deeper for you to work your butt off to fill it up. I feel you
    notser. :)

  2. As far as I know the Tirpitz has the best penetration value among the tier
    8 BBs, that might be the reason why he still manages to get 2 citadel hits
    on you, despite your angling. Would also explain many of the 1260 damage
    hits (overpenetration) I get, especially on ships like the York.

  3. Very unfortunate team there btw. It was looking so bad for so long, then
    you carry them to the doorstep of victory and they still throw it away.

    One can only carry so hard, I guess…

  4. For such a good player you are sometimes remarkably poor at gauging damage
    done to you, Nots 😛 The Tirpitz at B took you from 35627hp to 24124hp.
    That’s 11503hp. I don’t think that’s enough to account for even *one*
    Tirpitz 380mm citadel shot.

  5. Dear Notser:

    do you have any suggestion for captain skills on Japanese BB? I’m grinding
    Nagato at the moment.

    I have: Basic firing training, Basic survivability, Spotting, Turret
    Traverse, Superintendant, and Advanced Firing Training, and 1 extra unused

  6. The white text shadows made it harder to read in the beginning.

  7. Rrrrrrrr i feel you brother i would be so mad in that game, i like that you
    didn’t lose your nerves i would screaming for help nice job well played
    sorry for my English

  8. Notser do you enjoy play Tier 10 or 9 ??? For me this is the game i hate
    You all high Tier.. Fxxxx Caaamper , Dont play the game. Dont take Any
    Dmg… Sitt faar at the back let your team Die !!! And all is because of
    You Wargaming Asholes !,, Why … You idiots made high Tier so extremly
    expencive for repaircost IF you Die…the ll players are not playing the
    game as Tier 5 or 6 or 7. The Cost of Losing a T 10 game is .. What 100 to
    400 K kredits ??? Wargaming !!! Fix the Economi or there is no points to
    get High Tier ships… Please leve a coment…

  9. This is my number one brainbleed in this game. Players totally oblivious to
    what the objective is! I play mostly cruisers and i feel 80% off my matches
    are exactly like this one. I try to comunicate with the team, i write to
    DDs that i will go and cover them cappin a base, but whatever i do DDs will
    sail off to do whatever, BBs huggin tha mapborder or my favourite the whole
    team Lemming away the scenic route around the mapborders leaving me and
    some stray ships to cap all bases and contest.

    I think thats why i loved playing Tashkent in Ranked, because every game
    there i zipped around the map cappin bases for our team and killing DDs
    that i encountered. It was just easy wins all day long.

  10. great video Notser : I don’t think the German or Soviet Cruiser line are
    made to hard carry a game.
    not enough armor and something hinky with either the gun lay out or turret
    rotation / reload time. these ships are
    definitely in the support class.

  11. I just got my first Tier 8 ship, the Amagi. And it has been so much more
    frustrating than my Tier 7 ships. I didn’t quite understand what you meant
    by the broken gameplay, but now I get it. Especially in Tier 10 matches.
    Also, I am losing money on average in both PvP and PvE, so I’m not sure
    what to do to get better other than use lower tier battles to fund it.
    Looking forward to learning how to play Tier 8+, and your videos are both
    entertaining and incredibly helpful. Thanks Notser! BTW, if so many DDs are
    ignoring objectives, then maybe it’s time to go ham playing DDs.

  12. DDs that won’t cap, BBs that are 28k snipers ,cruisers that don’t support
    their DDs and BBs, and CVs that are locked to finding and try to kill each
    other, for the first 1/2 of the game or more, everything else be damned.
    yep that WoW these days where team is a 4 letter word. (teamwork is
    just two 4 letter words jammed together) its sad.

  13. i just want to say, this type of teammates is everywhere in asia server

  14. Hey Notser, the Blyskawica is back on sale and I was wondering if I should
    get it. I already have the Mahan, to which it seems similar. Is it more
    than just a Mahan clone?

  15. And those other team mates wonder what the cv was doing in the chat..

    This is like even more prevalent in the SEA server where they dont even
    speak english!

  16. Well, there are just a lot of bad players in wows who doesn’t grasp the
    concept of the game like DDs scout, cap and play for area denial but
    instead just chase BBs. BBs that just run to the edge of the map waiting
    for something they can shoot at at long range and cruisers that just run
    around, not protecting BBs or support DDs with capping, the list is

  17. ahem… good video!… intentional team play next : )

  18. Just got out of a game with u I was the NM brickbybrick gg bro?

  19. I gave up on T9-T10 games…

  20. I havent played pvp for almost two weeks. I been fed up of noobs at Tier 7+
    matches..your match here just reminds me of my average match…so sad..
    Great gameplay video though!

  21. When you’re in a cruiser against a battleship, HE is far better than AP.

  22. Shamster607studios

    Not even you are free from the curse of random battle teams.


  24. I found switching to HE, even on a BB give much more consistent damage for
    angled ships… plus free fire damage, and module damage. AP has such a
    limited scope… HE is a 360 degree DPM shot

  25. Beauty Notser am very short Brazilian your channel here has many tips I’ve
    learned with you have a lot of brazileiro written on your channel to
    divilgando your channel to the guys here who enjoyed word of warships worth

  26. i get games like this all the time

  27. Andreas Petersson

    We’re getting closer to 10.000 now Notser 🙂 whoho! 😀 I’m already sharing
    your vidoes on facebook linking them here :)

  28. That moment when your team wants to play standard battle but the game is
    actually domination.

  29. Hey Notser! How you like Roon? I’ve been waiting to get it, about half way
    there. It’s just that Admiral Hipper feels just so.. in some way
    “situational” with her weak HE. If your enemy knows anything about armour
    angling you cant pretty much do anything to her… even DDs cause trouble
    😀 and seems like its same with Roon. Like you missed that Atago about 10m
    from water line and 8 hits didn’t do almost anything. So frustrating guns
    😀 you just need to be so accurate and if your target moves slighty out of
    way its no damage :-/

  30. Because it requires two brains just to be able to think and breathe at the
    same time.

    There’s just not very much you can do. Well played on what you could.

  31. Well as i see it the loss was your fault. With a team like that you did too
    much. If you had just died then they would have lost in first few minutes.
    You delayed it too long.
    You did so much alone and didnt deserve that result. Was a great fight for
    you again. Now are you in the team battles yet?

  32. I haven’t been enjoying High Tier battles either. People are way to
    passive. I feel lowering the repair costs can help with that because I
    think so many people are worried about their credits when they have to
    continually upgrade their ship costing a ton! We’ll see what happens. Have
    a good one!

  33. I’m honestly surprised I have as much karma as I have, because I get so
    frustrated with destroyers at high tiers.

  34. dont worry, team been terrible for me too recently

  35. KingOfRotterdam16

    please play tirpitz, and gz on 9k!

  36. I was wondering when you’d show a loss. good one to show. I think, was that
    last dd worth your attention vs the bb who can kill you?

  37. long story short, people don’t think

  38. Yet more evidence that Tier VIII is the sweet spot in this game.

  39. nothing you could do different other than the angling. That DD going way
    off really screwed the team there. He did nothing early from out there and
    could have taken both caps and likely torp the ships neat the centre.

  40. friendly Fubuki was very helpful…not. Same crap this time at EU server.
    Seems nobody knows the sense of cap circles. But good game by you as

  41. I totally agree about tier 10 games. I got the Iowa recently, but I hardly
    play her, because the T10 gameplay is just so dull. MM usually throws me
    into tier 10. Been playing a lot of T5-T7 lately. Just more fun.

  42. I see this all too often when I am in battleships and cruisers, where the
    destroyers go off and ignore the bases and the insist that it is the job of
    the battleships and cruisers to take the caps.

  43. seems someone needs a cookie the feeling you are doing all the right
    choices are more taxing in random most battleships are too passive or the
    cruisers trying to out range each other can be old and/or frustrating. get
    a cookie and a cup of tea and forget them 4 awhile.

  44. This is happening so often at the moment. Seems the noobs have grinded
    their way up to T8+

  45. repair cost are the main reason everyone (World or Warships) avoid T-9-10,
    what we need is no repair cost. Repair cost cause teammates not to go above
    and beyond the call of duty, they force them (and me) to hide and mitigate
    as much damage as possible.

  46. Most games now seem to be one aggressive team and one passive team. If you
    get on the aggressive team you win if not you try and stay alive. That is
    at level 5-6-7 for me, but then I am not that good at this game which is
    getting more and more frustrating! Hard to take 500 points when you sick 3
    ships and be happy.

  47. Andhika nur Aulia

    Looks like an average day on Asian server, the reason why I gave up on high
    tier match.
    Actually not really, it’s just that people went somewhat retarded when they
    reached them credit sink tier.

    also Atago *(:37L)*

  48. Great tactics used here Notser, esp when dealing with a team that didn’t
    want to play as a team. Well played

  49. Do some tirpitz you haven’t done that in a while

  50. Great game on your part, Notser. Your team, however, yeah… I just don’t
    get these high tier players who have no clue on how to play the objective.
    That friendly DD down south essentially cost you the game. He spent the
    whole game chasing guys at the edge instead of capping.

    One thing: you don’t want to be completely neutral when BBs fire at you
    because they have a fair chance of citadeling from head on. Best to keep a
    small angle. That way you have the chance to deflect shots.

  51. this is how most tier 10 games are

  52. I feel your poin Notser…
    Once I was on my Yamato and start pushing, my team pushed with me, I was
    super happy, but an enemy DD went to our cap and my cruisers and DDs did
    not return to our base, so I the big ass battleship had to go back, I catch
    him before he cap, just second before, we won, yes, but my teammates
    refused to play their role, it could be a lot easier if the battleshps stay
    in the front and the cruisers return to our cap

  53. Yeah I am enjoying the game a bit less now that I am at tier 8, it has
    nothing to do with the ships but how to many of the high tier games play
    out. No one does anything but snipe at max range for 10+ mins of the game
    and half the time one team doesn’t play the objectives at all. I am finding
    more and more of the games just boring to play, the higher the tier it
    seems the more likely that is to be the case.

  54. Brian Lock (神通)

    A cruiser with 0 degree angle will do nothing against battleship level gun.
    A cruiser level gun should do nothing against BB level HULL armor, not
    mention CITADEL armor.
    A DD level gun should do nothing against CA level HULL armor, not mention
    CITADEL armor.
    The performance of ship should be judge on their specific job, not only
    damage for the sake of game.

  55. Great video Notser! Keep ’em coming ?

  56. Hear you about DDs not playing the objectives at high tier. I played a T-IX
    game last night on North. I was in my NC, so I really wasn’t in a position
    to cap. No one on my team made any attempt at all to cap. The enemy took
    all 4 caps and held them the whole game. I asked in chat and even all but
    begged people in DDs and CAs to cap, and some f’ing moron actually said
    “you don’t need any caps to win”. Wow. Needless to say it was a rout. I
    died trying my damnedest to cap C. At least a took 2 enemies with me,
    although they ended up being the only 2 kills my team managed the whole

  57. I hear a lot of players saying that repair costs are to blame for the
    passive gameplay you see at T10. I disagree – it may be part of it, but I
    think the main culprit is more fundamental: as the deadliness of weapons go
    up with increasing tier, ships are both bigger targets and they have less
    maneuverability to mitigate damage.

    Case in point: Tier 7 Nagato (C) has a rudder time of 11s and 770m turning
    circle. The T10 Zao has a rudder time of 7.7s and 840m turning cirlce. At
    full speed and full rudder, the Zao will turn 90 degrees to port 25% faster
    (on account of being faster), (or ~30% faster from neutral rudder) but it
    will cover more ground sideways doing it. The Nagato also has a torpedo
    belt and more HP. CAs were smaller than BBs in rl, but in this game the
    sizes are slightly scaled for some reason so that won’t really help the Zao
    so much either, though it is slightly narrower. Which of these will fare
    better against an unprepared torpedo attack? I’d say that if there is an
    advantage to the Zao at all, it’s small.

    At T7, the Hatsuharu is considered a hard counter to Nagato. Good players
    know that they should usually avoid them. And then at T10, the Zao is
    suddenly supposed to be the hard counter to the Shimakaze – a much deadlier
    destroyer? Sure, the Zao will kill it fast *if* it gets there and spots it,
    but the trick is getting there in the first place. I would argue that this
    is hardly easier for the Zao to charge down a Shima than it would be for
    the Nagato to charge a Hatsuharu down at T7. It shouldn’t surprise anyone
    that a similar meta develops from a similar situation. Don’t get me wrong,
    the Zao is probably the strongest (non-carrier) ship in the game right now,
    but you can’t play it like a low tier CA.

    And that’s just torpedoes. Guns also get deadlier and deadlier. You’ll be
    spending more time showing broadside and the enemy will need less time to
    get shots at your waterline. Which, again, means you’ll need to be further
    away to have enough time to turn with an acceptable level of safety. Which
    is OK for the Zao, because its guns work well at range. And the reason many
    players struggle with the Des Moines, whose guns do not work well at range.
    And don’t even get me started on BBs – they have no hope in hell of
    avoiding anything unless they are an ocean away.

    I might add that I sadly think this is WAI: they knew about this situation
    and then nerfed rudders even more on BBs, thus forcing them even further


    Anyway; this particular game is clearly not your fault. I saw you dying
    before that last shot, but that was a calculated risk I assume. 11km is too
    close to dodge effectively and just far enough away that shells get the dip
    they need to citadel you.

    If your question about what you could do different is genuine, I think the
    only hope would have been to start typing in chat. Some may listen, some
    may not, but you have a name they might recognize, so that improves your
    chances somewhat. I’ve found that 1) catching bad plays before the players
    get “attached” to them, 2) saying what plays you want them to do it instead
    and 3) also providing a quick argument as to *why* is what works best.

    (I’ve also seen so many players ruin their chances of being listened to by
    adding “n00b” or “idiot” to their otherwise correct ideas, but I guess
    there are people out there needing to hear that more than you 🙂 ).

  58. Brian Lock (神通)

    World of Warships game mechanism are way to garbage

  59. Teir 9-10 is turning into a camping trip

  60. TheLordDeliverence

    This type of thing happens all to often, you played well Notser.

  61. That tirp dmg…Sometimes game makes no sense, like today my Fuso was head
    on to a yamato and he hit me in the front for 40k dmg!!

  62. GG ol’ chap. Good point on the majority of guns vs. broad target.

  63. A.B. Gideon De Castro

    Congratulations with your 9k SUBSCRIBER mark!! :D

  64. you played well,team just too heavy to carry. GG!

  65. exactly the carrier should go for the bbs of course if a bb was there with
    u would be a help too,but some don’t play like a team I don’t know how they
    think ,I offen aim on a cruiser the match starts and I see bbs staying far
    from target,even if as u said bbs like mexico should push and cruiser must
    support, I wouldn’t stand longer again two bbs one cruiser and a dd,good

  66. sometimes these high tier match it’s so boring but can’t blame the players,
    once died have to pay with lots of credits so nobody want to charge and
    just hang back

    mid tier still the most fun

  67. i can understand why people are playing passive. if i play Tier8 wirh my
    Amagi and i get killed early in the game, i have to waste al lot of money
    for repairs and i didnt get enough money from my battles.
    normaly i get 100k-250k money if i win
    repairs -70k or more
    bur if i die early and i loose, i make minus of mostly more than 100k
    credits and that is very bad, i think wargaming has to fix that. passive
    play is boring, but it saves credits.
    if i would get the same money you get every game, i would be more
    aggressive too.

  68. i feel your pain brother…another nice game btw.

  69. It might sound weird… but I’m glad you sometimes feel the ‘urgh’, like
    the rest of us.
    A classic case of ‘not even Atlas could carry this’.

    By the way, minor mistake, you said Roon has 12 torps, she has 8. 2×4. ;)

  70. I think the problem with high tier Cruisers is they get citadeled from any
    angle by BBs and they can’t do the same level of damage. Only exception
    being maybe the Zao.

  71. Hiya peeps..Notser is a very influential WoWs player who assists so many
    others via these vids and i call upon all of you to smash the like
    button..This simple gesture helps him. So please consider doing it..Just a
    thought..Btw Notser..You allude to others and Yourself making
    mistakes…Would you do something kinda strange for us? like…maybe
    recording a 5 game minimum string with real time voice over…Think about
    it for a second….would it be helpful to others knowing the reasons you
    did what you did for these games? I believe is would be invaluable to
    others like me..Again, just a thought..S! Sir.

  72. +Notser almost at my Roon 🙂 woohoo!

  73. Oh Notser don’t be upset …. casual team mates in random battles ! Somehow
    it is your fail ….. you didn’t manage to carry them! ;)

  74. It seems that the people T8 and above fear to get damaged, as most of them
    play so passive, that it is sometimes impossible to get into a good firing

  75. RNGesus_Taketh_Away

    I feel your frustration with timid teams sitting in the back sniping rather
    than using superior tactics.

  76. Last night I had many teams fail to play the objectives, so I totally feel
    your pain.

  77. GODDAMMIT NOTSER need to make homework….

    Fuck homework im gonna watch notser :)

  78. I Love Purple Hazmats

    That DD was so clueless.

  79. I wonder why the Roon has such a fast ROF with its 9 guns, but the
    Baltimore is so slow to reload…”balanced” they say

  80. Than you so much this is very useful

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