World of Warships – Roon vs Agir

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Roon is one of the oldest cruisers in WoWS. It has certainly been here a while and in this game I will be taking its command upon chat request. On the other side will be a pack of Agis, which just so happened to be on my side and they are in a division.

I definitely consider Agir to be a better and more powerful ship than Roon, but if Roon is played correct, it will often bait enemy into chasing it and then kite it down.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Dunkerque plays like a cruiser. Like the Molotov you have exactly one objective and that is to not get hit.

    • Agreed, she doesn’t want to be up close; has good HE and fast gun velocity, playing her like a big cruiser can be quite rewarding

  2. 11:52 the uncontrolled mouse shake from a sneeze 😂
    I honestly enjoyed this video…
    Love from Ireland 💚💛💚

  3. Destroyer Inazuma

    Moskva can be played as a BB, to an extent, Mino can be played as a DD esp in a shark pack of DDs. Kongou can hunt alongside cruisers and be the mean big bro.

  4. I just dumped two Roons in one game yesterday with my Ägir, good timing 😀

  5. Conqueror is the closest BB I can think of as being a cruiser.

  6. When you said, “she is going to mix, I need to turn down the mic” I was expecting mrs citadel to drop some fat beats…O_o

  7. I honestly hate the Gneisenau. I’m just so stuck on how to play it, do I kite away from everything? Or do I try to brawl, like the Bayern before it it can brawl, like the bismark after it, it too can brawl and the Gneisenau is that outlier that i can figure out.

    • I liked it a lot. I played her as a brawler and once did my first Kraken and double strike ever in her in the same game :D.

    • The great strengths of the Gneis are speed and tank, so you want to build your upgrades and captain skills for max tank rather than secondaries (speed flag: MANDATORY). You often want to go to the flank because your small main battery guns need broadsides to do a lot of damage, and unlike other slow t7 bbs you won’t waste the first 5 minutes of the battle getting in a good position. Once you get there, try to isolate 1-2 enemy ships at a time and push in on them aggressively, the gneis is very hard to damage effectively from the front. 16′ guns like colorado and sinop can overmatch your bow armor in theory, but the Gneis is so narrow they won’t get many hits. The torpedos are excellent for drive-bys on enemy bbs but you shouldn’t show broadside just to shoot them at someone 5km away, they aren’t that good. Kill the 1-2 enemies immediately in front of you, then move towards the center rolling up the flank 1 ship at a time. If you get caught in open water and focused by HE spammers like atlanta or schors, your speed allows you to turn away, dodge many of the shots, and GTFO – don’t stop and try to shelter behind an island like you would in a slower, heavier bb.

    • You want to play it s bit more at range at first, before finding the right moment to push with secondaries and torpedoes more towards the late game

  8. I think this is the first time ever to see you play Roon on this channel lol

  9. How in the hell can Flambass sail around in the open for 5 minutes firing on reload and virtually no one shoots at him? If that were me, after my 1st salvo the targeting number would jump to 6 instantly and shells would rain down. lol.

    • Basileus Raptorrus

      Same man, same
      Sometimes makes me think these are paid actors

    • I’ve been noticing that too, and I think I figured out what it is. He waits a little bit for ships to die, and then pays attention to his teammates. If there is a more threatening ship, like a battleship vs a cruiser, the average potato will shoot the battleship, and you can glide around freely. If they aren’t a potato and shoot at you, just maneuver to disengage, and reengage once they start shooting at the battleship.

    • MustYouHaveAUsername

      Keep in mind that this is a YouTube video. It’s not the “average game”, it’s something you would upload to YouTube as a “highlight”.
      The rest of it is positioning (never be the most attractive target to shoot at).

    • @Basileus Raptorrus yeah. They are hire to protect him almost. lol

  10. Jacob van Heemskerck

    Gneisenau and Scharnhorst were both battleships.

  11. Speaking of ships that perform out of their class, we all know Gneisenau is actually a frustrated destroyer on stereoids

  12. BB that plays like a cruiser I would say Georgia. Fast and can be very good for kiting

  13. I’ve got one! champagne plays like a CV

  14. typeZERO R3QU13M

    Flambass, I noticed you have been coughing a little too much in your Vids… you Worry me…

  15. Only Battleship I see that plays like a cruiser is an undertier’d Scharnhorst maybe? Because of the thin armor. Champagne too I’d imagine.

  16. Tahir ibn Mohammad

    I like how you knocked out yugumo from the smoke and took it for yourself 🙂

  17. I remember this moment in stream i had this on my other monitor while playing WOWS and getting my ass handed to me in my alabama

  18. with the right commander and ship setup, the Gneiss can be played cruiser-ish due to the speed and maneuverability, but you haev to be very careful not to overextend

  19. Nope, 100% battleships with small gun calibre. 8:15

  20. Michael Søndergaard

    thank you for showing a roon game and how to play it. i have it, but i have a problem using it right so good to see some of it.
    coming from british smoke cruisers i find it hard to play any ships with no smoke.

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