World of Warships – Roosevelts Bathtub

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While transporting President Roosevelt to Tehran for a Conference with Churchill and Stalin, the US Navy realised that since he’d been paralysed since 1921 the President wouldn’t be able to make use of the showers onboard, so the USS became the only US Navy warship to be fitted with a bathtub.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. whats this guys affinity with shooting at islands?

    • Sorry sorry, my comment was more generalized. I was saying “As long as you aren’t one of those who rages”

      And yes, you want to win. Of course, even I want to win. But if winning for me, involves playing the same way everyone else does, that’s just boring. I like being unpredictable.

      Then again, I don’t entirely play World of Warships, I’m too bad at it, nor do I have the time to put in.

    • you’re wasting 3 captain points to get one yamato shells worth of HP
      better spent on superintendent which gets you more heals and thus more hp in the long run.

    • +Caelo de Vorago Yeah you can play different play styles but you wouldn’t pick an aircraft carrier skill for a BB. You would be literally hindering yourself. That was my point, you can pick a secondary build if you want, but some skills are just bad for certain ships. He picked a destroyer skill that is basically USELESS for a battleship. I want people to make informed decisions to help themselves.

    • +Yui Funami Exactly my point, you said it quite well.

    • Caelo de Vorago I definitely agree with you on avoiding the meta– well actually I’m kind of both, like I love playing very competitively and all, but I NEVER compromise any fun for it, and I usually like to play the stuff that’s unique and fun to play, and in some cases with something commonly considered “mediocre”, though fun or unique, I’ve used it so much that I actually get really good and competitive with it, and get consistently good results, it’s also always fun seeing people’s reactions when I get some really good result using “garbage”, though I admit psychology certainly plays a part in it, with some people tending to play more carelessly against things considered “bad” or “mediocre”

      also I should clarify that I’m not necessarily talking about WoWS, since I haven’t played enough to be experienced enough(like just 500-600 battles) nor have I gotten too far into the game(just have up to tier 5, although I do have 8 tier 5’s at that)
      I’ll probably play WoWS more when I get a better PC, or more specifically, at least a hard drive actually capable of loading into battles sooner than 1 full minute already into the battle

  2. Santiago Machado

    Holy shit I’m early.

    Meh, I’m too lazy to comment anything clever. Nothing to see here, folks, scroll down

  3. Last time I came this early my wife got pregnant

  4. Jingles! Any possibility we can get more Cold Waters?

    • and alien isolation

    • If you want cold water try Skegness.

    • I imagine we’ll get more when the China campaign content is added, expected April some time IIRC. As much as the effort put into the mods is appreciated, the quality of the results is…. let’s be charitable and call it “uneven”, yeah.

    • Have the salt quotasd been met this month?

    • i’m more a fan of the “warm waters” vids we get from Subnautica, eh? :”3
      Though it would have made more sense for “Silent Running” to work like should as in CWs…..
      *(all non-navigational systems turned off to include active O2 productions as trade?)
      Although as for ”colder waters,” It is said they are adding an Artic biome?

  5. Jingles, I hope you are really thankful for being in the position that you are: having a job that involves doing something that you love: playing games and making videos on you playing games, and gaining so many followers because of your job, some of whom are so loyal they deserve a Medal of Honor for how far they go to support you. How many of us wish we had a job that we love? How many, well, how few of us can say that we do? I certainly wish I had a job I loved. I am still going to college, but I am still frantic everyday about the day when I have to get a job, having only volunteer experience. I so wish I could get a job I loved. As Confucius said, “a man who finds a job he loves never works a day in his life.” While the latter part is up for debate, the overall idea of the saying is so true. Even better, in your case Jingles, just by doing something you love, you gained so many followers, some who are so loyal that they willingly, and happily, give you money and free stuff that they made on their own time for free. How many of us wish we were in that situation? As I said before, I really hope that you are grateful for the position you are in, and the people who are so loyal that they go above and beyond the call of duty to support you so you can keep doing what you love as a job, for how many millions of people wish they had a job they loved?

    • Then we your job is over, you can play computer -_-

      Dont me jaloux ^^

    • I am referring to how much Jingles, out of the billions of people on Earth, should be grateful that he has a job that he loves, not how many of us play games for a living.

    • Very, very true.

    • Silverslicer, I recently had the opportunity to follow my dream job. Every single day I was thankful and I still am for the chance. I was putting in 16 hour days for a little over a year. That dream has kinda disappeared and I was burnt out. I wasn’t getting to the place I wanted so it just became frustrating. So maybe it wasn’t my dream job, it was the dream results I wanted. It is easy to look at people who are successful and want that. If you have a dream job you should be willing to do it for free.
      Now, I’m thankful for the minimum wage job I have to support what I love doing. The pressure put on a dream when it has to support you is a lot.
      “You may find that having, is not so pleasing a thing after all, as wanting.” -Spock

  6. Our Gnome Overlord SAYS he’ll discuss in the next Mingles with Jingles video. Who here wants to wager that he’ll forget to talk about it?

  7. Nooo I wanted Subnautica…

  8. petruski mörkö

    Subnautica pls

  9. And he did it again… The Des Moines has 9 guns 3×3 not 12 guns so

  10. *looks at Des Moines* 12 guns?

  11. scroll zoomers…


    • asaeampan Well, given the dramatic escalation in your response I think taking a bit of your own advice would be sufficient.

    • Even though, asaempan’s choice of words are a tad dramatic he is right. Plus it goes back to the point I can only assume you all missed. Some of us don’t care if we miss an “opportunity”. It is a random battle not the MLG. Let the scrollers be. We just want to sale ships and fire big guns.

    • @JamieJay

      Honestly, we can criticize this guy all we want as long as we’re not being rude IMHO, which we aren’t the way I see it. Some are, but no comment ‘here’ is inherently rude.

      And it’s solid advice to help improve his gameplay. Stop scroll zooming, very simple. There are ofc other things he can do as well which I touched upon in another comment I made. I also made kind of a joke at the expense of this guy in that comment. But we’re all grown ups here. Should be able to take it.

      I mean, he sent in this replay because he was super excited that he did this well. It was clearly special to him. So apparently he cares about doing well is the conclusion I draw from that. Then isn’t it great that we want to criticize his gameplay in order to help him improve for the future? So he can have more games like this? I see nothing wrong with that. At least that’s my goal with my comments. Can’t speak for everyone else.

      And don’t give us this whole “Some of us don’t care…” nonsense. If the whole point of playing is just to sail around and shoot big guns…you don’t need random battles for that…there’s a gamemode called Co-op for you. It’s designed for exactly what you’re after.

      Because the point of Random Battles is to do well and win VS other players…Meaning getting advice can be very helpful, identifying one’s own mistakes is not always easy. As long as it’s constructive criticism it can be very helpful. And “stop scroll zooming” is very much constructive criticism.

    • let’s play spot the scroll zoomers

    • JamieJay well, who cares if it isn’t MLG? The game will never be for that so it’s irrelevant to say that. It’s a team game and if you’re not trying to do your part at the very least you’re screwing other people over. Just because it isn’t pro league blah blah is too convenient an excuse for people to willingly play poorly.

  13. Oh no….it’s another scroll zoomer

    • James, you do know you needed only 50 matches to get the CBT flag right dipshit? God damn you inbreds honestly think being arround a long period of time actually means anything *points at people in WoT that had tens of thousands of matches and still sucked dick*

    • @asaeampan

      So…if I get this right then it’s ok for you to claim players in WOT with thousands of games suck dick…But we’re not allowed to criticize this one single dude for using scroll zoom or wondering how he’s got the CBT flag and still fail at such a basic thing in the game?

      Double standards if I’ve ever seen them right there. Practice what you preach xD

    • And I believe he had the range module for an IOWA.

    • Repaires a single fire at 11:00 OMG.

    • @asaeampan

      really man ?? really ?? i just made a comment that he had the CBT…nothing more. and you think i was giving him “praise” or something. i wasn’t. you lost my point. and you turned into a dick. good job , 2 thumbs up for you !!

  14. Jingles have you not talked about the new French battleships because you are English? :v

  15. Will you do a french battleships review ?

  16. Paddlin?
    That’s double detonation Mr.Jingles

    Fun and engaging

  17. Hard turn to PORT??? I thought you we’re in the navy…

  18. A replay with a scrollzoomer, who runs Survivability Expert on his Iowa and uses no premium consumables?
    I thought today is International Women Day, not International Potatoe Day.

    • May I add, no concealment expert ?

    • Not to mention he repeatedly tries to shoot over islands despite the terrain indicator in his gunsights *clearly* telling him he’s not going to hit anything but mountains.

    • Danyel Woods you COULD live with that as it not indicates if all turrets are blocked. But… it all adds up to the play we are watching. To be clear: happy for Austrobb to get the game of his life. But this just was not entertaining nor educational.

    • BrainzZzZz That is exactly the point I was wondering about. Was the replay supposed to be entertaining or educational? Because it was neither of those. Just a series of misplays that did not get punished because the enemy team was also potato. And of course the fucking nauseating scroll zooming… I don’t like doing this whole armchair admiral stuff but that replay was just too much.

    • Vahlen i am the last one to go down on average players. But it was so…. arghhhh
      It was no teamplay. Just floating Citadels and XP Piñatas ?

  19. absolutelystupid

    Jingles: was in the Navy, confuses Port and Starboard

    Never change

  20. 8:17 Actually Jingles, that was a shatter for zero damage, not an overpenetration.
    9:15 Actually Jingles, he turned to starboard, not port
    11:35 Actually Jingles, the Des Moines has 9 guns, not 12
    …..what do you mean, my lunch breaks in the salt mines are gone?

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