World of Warships- Royal Navy Battlecruiser Techline Proposal

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Hey guys! Today, we talk about a proposal for a full on Royal Navy Battlecruiser line from Val, enjoy!


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  1. After the british, maybe we could also get one for the japanese, it will be intresting to see another kii as well as No13 in a split line with amagi as battlecruisers.

    • Or the German Battlecruisers which will start with Von der Tann and be capped with either O class or Ersatz Yorck

    • Doing the Japanese would be difficult – There simply aren’t that many Japanese Battlecruiser designs and three of them, including the only two that were laid down, are already in the Battleship tech tree. This means that you wouldn’t just need to come up with a whole bunch of paper Battlecruiser designs – at least some of which WG would have to invent out of nothing – but you’d also need to find ships to replace Myogi, Kongo and Amagi in the battleship line. Replacing Amagi with Tosa would be simple enough, but what would you put in T4 and 5? There was a 12″ precursor design to Fuso, but that’s about it.

    • @Matt Bowden was thinking about aomething like the split in the soviet cruisers and murican battleships

    • @Justin Chen How would you do the split?


    also hms renown

    • @Andrew S it’s a premium ship so you have to buy it so for those like me who don’t spend money on this game can’t play it and having it as a researchable tech tree ship would let us play ot

    • @Andrew S What the f is wrong with you? Its f2p, so WG says that everyne can spend money, but they dont have to. There is no moral imperative for him to spend money on it.
      Also, do you know his financial situation?

    • @Belgarath Lighten up, Francis.

    • @Belgarath He isn’t forcing him to pay, just giving his opinion

  3. Really enjoyed this discussion and I really don’t know why the class isn’t in the game yet

  4. Nazhira Rifqi Diazfari

    but slm, the subs have underwater torpedo tubes right?

  5. Battle of warship Anas

    The hood had torps .

  6. david and martine albon

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but I thought I’d put my idea for the battlecruiser line here, then compare it with the one from the video

    T4- Indefatigable
    T5-Queen Mary
    T8- Another one of the Admiral class
    T9- N3/G3 (can’t remember which one was the BC)
    T10- Incomparable (Modernised)

  7. Overall seems very good however I would not have invincible at tier 4 it’s simply to old for that tier and I think it should get the Dreadnought treatment. the battlecruiser line should match their contemporary battleships
    I would but the “dreadnought armoured cruisers” at tier 3 only with the line starting with the lion class to match Orion then tiger to match Iron Duke the renowns match the queen’s Elizabeth with their 15inch guns. Then I’d propose a choice between either slotting in the one of the 3 unfinished admiral class but without the 1940s modernization but still with the improvements over hood that they would have had or the “super tiger” design which is essentially a smaller hood or shunting the already proposed units down a tier and adding the 16.5 in gun G3 proposal at tier 10.

  8. Do we also get upscaled detonation chance on the low tier ships?

    Also no one knows what killed Hood, so saying that the deck armor was the reason is pretty tall claim. Check Drachinifels ideas about this and not the general consensus

  9. I think they should bring back Kongo 1914 with the triple funnel when she left the Vickers shipyard in the Japanese battlecruiser tree

  10. The Battlecruisers didn’t start at A. They started at K and went backwards (hence why the J3 came BEFORE G3), and the Battleships went forward from L (Conqueror in game, is a heavily modernised L2, and the Nelson was classified as O3).

  11. Warhamster Gaming

    I’m sure WG is eager to hear your suggestions.

  12. Sea lord – this might interest you : Secrets Of The Royal – Lord Mountbatten: Hero or Villain? – British Royal Documentary ( you will find it on youtube).Interesting

  13. If we get battlecruisers tech trees in game, do we get dedicated commander skills (Fire Prevention included)?

  14. WG: put real Battlecruiser as premium, legit blueprint as dockyard event and totally WG fantasy as free tech tree line.

  15. I don’t often comment but when I do….
    Repulse, Renown, Revenge!
    Battle cruisers made up such a huge part of the Royal Navy that we are currently missing. It would be great to see them in game and that line is well considered.
    Although the super heavy cruisers tend to have smaller guns so not sure they would fit into battle cruiser line as BC have BB calibre…….

  16. Krzysztof Narloch

    As far as i remember… in game Dreadnought has NO AA.

  17. The French DD line could certainly use a split to introduce their smaller torpedo destroyers (the Sirocco is the only real one of these in game). Currently, they’re all large destroyers.

  18. Nice as it is to see people wanting battlecruisers, im sure WG be like “naw, that would require work, here have more premium cruisers.”

  19. As much as I’d like it, I don’t really see them adding dedicated lines for BCs

  20. LEE – OWN.
    LEE – OWN.

    It’s Leone. Pronounced: LEE – own.

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