World of Warships – Royal Navy Battleships Tier 3-6 Impressions

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: Pretty close to being balanced. HE needs to be toned down. Fun to play.
: Almost makes the rest of the BBs under Tier 5 irrelevant. Fire chance needs reduction at the very least.
: Basically the old Konig’s accuracy. Same powerful HE as Orion. Solid ship but gets left behind a lot. Does quite poorly when facing Tier 7 BBs.
: Can’t take a hit for a damn but can do a good job of dishing it out. Great killer & potential AA. Emphasis on AP.

There was a lot to go over in the video and I didn’t break it down like this in it. Woops!


  1. New vid! 😀

  2. Hello it’s Jeep your commanding officer today! Let’s enjoy the Video ?

  3. I’m playing CVs now. No more BBs. Can’t stand the fact that there are people who can just use HE and win games just like that.

  4. I like a lot Queen Elizabeth even if she take a shit tone of damage when u get hit but i think i will stop to the kgv or monarch because lion and conqueror are too much op and HE spammers.
    Beside that great video man keep it up.

  5. We really didn’t need a HE focused BB line in the game…

  6. That turret traverse time 🙁 what they were thinking.
    Also overpens on short fuse AP :/

  7. LOAD MOAR HE ! as if there wasn’t enough HE spammers in the game… but hey, look on the bright side : no more useless AP volleys on the enemy sitting bow in, for one good HE volley u get nice dmg and some bonus fires. I totally murdered a Queen E (i was in Iron Duke) using only HE … he did like 20 k AP dmg toate me and half of that i healed ???

  8. Yeeeesssss! Business please keep them coming

  9. I disagree with taking expert loader. Even for 1 point. What do you gain with it? 15 sec reload? The only time that skill is useful if a clean broadside target shows up. Chances are in 15+ seconds it is long gone. If it is wasted then you missed out on 1 12 HE salvos. If you continue to shoot AP after that then taking the skill is even more pointless. On a spaded captain as the last skill… maybe. IF HE stays as it is right now. Preventative maintenance is a must have not just for main guns but AA survival as well.

  10. Hi Business, first comment from me. I like your style of comment (you know, not going “f**ing something” all the time….). Did not have a chance to go through the RN battleships week, so I started with the Bellerophon – 14 of them in the first match on the day they came out, and I am pretty certain that all the “grinders” had the same stupid grin on their faces – so much fun! Worked my way to Orion, and still very enjoyable, though I guess people started to learn how to handle Orions and everyone was speccing reduced fire chance on their ships. I am now on to the Iron Duke and i have the same experience as you: focussed by aircraft carriers (bye-bye), DDs and cruisers working together, two cruisers HE spamming so that you can never get away or put the fire out – guess I will have to plod on to the QE……but certainly much less fun than the tier 3/4 because of the matchmaking.

  11. The other problem with the smoke/fire is that it removes the ability to guage speed with smoke stack emissions.

  12. At Jutland the German and British fleets fired a total of 8131 heavy shells at each other. All were AP. No HE was fired.

  13. KM BB were given 1/4 pen on HE to somewhat offset the low HE alpha. The RN BB get the increased pen AND the highest alpha. Totally balanced comrade.

  14. Great video!

    I think they should Nerf the British HE like they Nerfed the Montana/Iowas AP Pen to a unrealistic amount, Because right now these BBs are so Noob friendly…

    Ps I like the new affects it makes them more realistic

  15. Been following your WOW videos for a few years now Business excellent content and very in depth reviews with very enjoyable battles throughout Peace out!!

  16. The Lion as “A-hole”??? (((-;

  17. …excellent use of the backup torpedo.

  18. Nice video. I also think there are a couple of other aspects that comes into play with regards to fires.

    Firing HE on BB’s has somewhat always been viable on angled ships, but most people refrained from it likely just because of shell switching time, or they choose a less angled target for the moment. I think that HE on other BB’s might get a bit of a resurgence after this. But back in the days, there were fire focused Montanas using demolition expert running around, and I’ve been summarily burned down in my Yamato by such as well.

    Then you have the tier dependent fire coefficient. Considering the fire chance reduction that is tier dependent which gives you a factor(0,5 for T10), the difference between say a Kurfurst 38/41% on small/big calibers, vs. Conqueror ‘s small caliber chance of 48%, evens out to a lesser effective difference then what base chance might suggest. Although there might be a bit once a lower tier ship that go up against higher tiers that aren’t not to kind.

    Last and certainly not least, stacking DoT effects is quite nasty. Having one BB fire HE at you might not be that much of a problem, when you then take into account, the normal cruisers, carriers, or just the fact that right now, there is often a multiple amount of BB’s around that all fire a lot of HE…

  19. I haven’t had any luck on installing tans skins, is there a tutorial somewhere or could u tell me how to do it? thanks

  20. Go on PTS Business. Play the Conqueror… and you will definitely feel dirty as AIDS. I quite like using the 457mm. 65% fire chance and yamato dispersion… albeit one less gun. Almost impossible to get citadelled too. It’s one fucking broken ship. I’ve had witherer within the first 5mins and i’ve double citadelled minotaurs with HE. It’s just disgusting that ship

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