World of Warships – Royal Navy Battleships Tiers 7-9 Impressions

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– Worst experience in a BB since the old . Horribly inconsistent. Makes me want to punch babies.
– Dangerous up close with AP. Solid brawler and not as inconsistent as KGV (but…still inconsistent.) Improved short/mid range AA over KGV but it all dies super fast.
– Tanky as hell with the super heal and solid frontal armor. Loses turrets and AA mounts like a Powerball winner throwing his money away at a Vegas strip club. HE shells are much too powerful.

Overall rundown coming in the final video covering the later this week.


  1. Great video!

    I think these BBs HE is so broken…
    All they need to do is make them get the normal Divide by 6 instead of 4

    Or lower the fire chance

  2. Right on time sir – just finished part 1!

  3. Such Beauties…so sad no KGV-Class is still somewhere around to visit.
    I heard a lot of crap about KGV AP, but good about HE….since i have no Interrest to go into any fantasy stuff KGV is what i aim for….hope he will be fine when i unlock him.
    Thank you for the Content once again Biz. o/

  4. I absolutely like the King. It is indeed a cruiser like ranged HE support. I am a bit afraid that the Monarch might not be as fun. But to each their own I guess.

  5. King George the Vifht. Nice meme.

  6. Keep bugging them to turn the explosion down. Completely out of sync with all my audio settings. I was hoping KGV would be like my Scharnhorst, I like high dpm…that’s worth something right?

  7. British ships have great HE and fire potential? well color me surprised!
    EDIT: I’m also interested in how many dread achievements the lion can get

  8. The biggest problem with the T9 & 10 for me is that it gives skilled players WAY too much to work with.

  9. I clicked “like” as I started to watch.

  10. How are the AP on DD’s, do the sort fuse make a difference, or do we still only get overpens.

  11. Your reviews are fantastic Business6, thanks for your commentaries.

  12. Thank you, really useful and entertaining to watch. Problem with King George V at T7 is balancing gameplay against historical accuracy ie the 14″ guns that were fitted as part of the Washington Naval Treaty. (Only the RN was gentlemanly enough to stick to the treaty).

  13. wtf.. i have always read ur name as buisness not business lol

  14. Well the whiners about BBs this and BBs that will always exist. No matter what devs do, BB players are to be blamed. If BBs were such auto win as people say, we would see absolutely devastating stats on BBs. Guess what, it’s not like that. Makes me thinking.

  15. Business, I usually agree with you but I’ll remind you of one fact and point out a few things here regarding KGV.

    1. Scharnhorst has the smallest main guns of all T7 BBs – by far, not KGV. Perhaps I misunderstood what you said about that?

    2. KGV has a solid lead over all T7 BBs in the game for average damage output and K/D ratio. Colorado is at the very bottom of the T7 BB pile in those regards.

    3. Selective use of KGV HE vs AP is particularly important. KGV AP is good for killing cruisers that show their flat sides to your guns and brawling BBs as they pass by showing their side. With KGV, I’ve brawled and wrecked Nelson and Hood using AP at the right time. I know you off all players know how to make that work!!

    4. Regarding Monarch; IMO, she’s a bit of a dip in the road up the line moving past KGV.

    5. I agree with you, RN BB models are gorgeous!

  16. The KGV is my best T7 BB by around 15k average dm. AP is exclusively for broadside CAs and BBs under 8km, it’s rather good in this regard because of the short fuse. HE is the go to option. Just like most of this line, the KGV is almost a cruiser/battleship hybrid, and in this case leaning more towards a cruiser. The KGV puts emphasis on ammo choice :))). It’s good bote, WG pls no nerf

  17. I hate all of them! HE shitters are losers! haha

  18. Any tips on killing these BB’s? They seem to take no dmg and are as tanky as hell like you showed off with your lion

  19. While I never unsubscribed I stopped watching when you seemed to stop playing this game, for which I was a fan, for playing other games you might like but are not so interesting to me personally (nothing wrong with that, my best bud like’s horrible games and thinks I do too (He hates WG and WOWS and loves TW Warhammer; thank God we both like Red Orchestra II and their new Vietnam game; excellent btw). Anyway nice to see you back in the captains seat with Jean Luc. Glad to see! One comment; you tell us how awful the KGV is (and many others agree with you on this) but still achieve great results (Kraken) inc double strikes. Typical you!

  20. Hey Business,

    What do you think of the upcoming nerf to smoke and the talk about Deep Dive Torpedoes?

    Also, they propose nerfing the effect of BB AP on Destroyers.


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