World of Warships – Royal Navy Destroyer Tech Tree Preview – WiP

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I’m becoming more British with each passing video!


  1. Any ships you’re looking forward to? Excited? Indifferent? Tired of ships that pretty much require high point captains to be of use?

    Let me know your thoughts. Gameplay coming soon™

  2. None of this looks noteworthy or worth the grind to me.

    • i’m with u

    • Some of them are pretty damn solid, actually.

    • THanks B, that does give me confidence it might be worth checking out. Your word is good enough for me!

    • Oh god don’t say that, lol. But I always recommend playing as many ships as you can get your hands on (at least regarding the tech tree) because you never know which one just works for you.

    • LOL, yes valid point and for the record even before the French ships came out I was a strong proponent to even try one. After a few missions that required them in order to complete I reluctantly was forced to play them if I wanted to complete the missions. Did not take long before my mind was changed and now I am finding a number of them as some of my favorites. So I couldn’t agree more that we should try all of them at least for 5 games before passing judgment because as you said, you never know…;)

  3. Hey sexyface, do you know off the top of your head if the British DDs will have baked in IFHE like the rest of the British line… if so, T9-10 will be breastly! Also, go Eagles!!

  4. Hi Business! Yes, you are starting to sound more like Jingles and Pointy Haired Jedi.

  5. WHERE IS MY TEA????

  6. Do the British DDs get the 1/4 HE pen like the British BBs or no

  7. So question, the 114mm guns I assume have 1/6 pen which is 19mm exact,. From what I picked up on in the video is that they wont be able to pen 19mm without IFHE, correct?

    • HE requires 1mm more to penetrate an armour plate, so no, they will not penetrate DD’s without IFHE.

    • Yup. They can do damage to various ships but you’re going to have to spend the time shooting all over to find those spots that you can damage and by that point you’re probably dead anyway.

  8. Business6, thank you so much for going into detail about the T1-4 Destroyers unlike half the Community Contributor Jackasses that are out there. I wanna smack in the face like you don’t know how. “Listen, I don’t come to your channels to hear your pompous arrogance of, ‘Oh well these ships are low tier, nobody cares about them so I won’t delve into them’ I came here to learn and discover new things that would be addressed if you just gave at least 10 minutes to those tiers!”. But you didn’t do that and I thank you once again.

    Love that you apply mods to your ships, wish other CC’s did the same thing. Kind of boring seeing “Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla” every time. My only wish is for Lightning to have 9km of torpedo range instead of 8km. I heard that would help her deal better with the Radar in high tiers, since USN/RN have base 9.0km range at T8. Great review, tuning in next time for the launch.

    • I love low tier ships and should be playing them more regularly. But it’s a whole tech tree line and all the ships have their quirks and interesting aspects to them. I won’t overlook ships just because they’re a given tier because they might be crazy fun to play. For instance, I adore the V25, G101 and V170 for the German DD line but I really, really dislike playing the rest of the line. They offer a totally different experience with their torp jousting and it’s so much damn fun to play. Some of the best ships in the game to play are Tier 5 or under.

      I’ll have to play the Lightning a bit more to see how it feels with the 8km torps. It has extremely good concealment but that obviously doesn’t matter with 6 radars on the enemy team 🙁

  9. Richard Strickland

    Saw an HMS Acosta while playing this morning. Don’t know who he was or what happened to him (we both captured the same cap. Or tried to). Didn’t say anything to him because I knew that he couldn’t say anything about it.

    • Supertesters aren’t able to discuss ships but CCs are. The Acosta didn’t play bad at all and I think it’s a solid entry at Tier 5

    • Richard Strickland

      Business6 Thanks for answering. I already knew that supertesters can’t talk about thier ships (learned that from Urpeacekeeper). I was just mentioning that I had seen one.

  10. The hydro will be able to spot like the Haida does dds in their smoke and fire on them from outside their smoke while remaining undetectable. Also if you get vigilance it might help as well

    • At what time do they get hydro equivalent to the Haida hydro? As far as detection range

    • The Tier 8 Lightning has the same hydro as the Haida. At Tier 10 it’s only 3.9km for ships, 2.61km for torps

    • Business6 with the Haida creep smoke I will cruise up to enemy smoke with hydro at an oblique angle and spot then then pop them. If your firing from smoke detection is smaller than your hydro range you can stealth fire on the enemy DD in their own smoke. You could do the same thing as that with the British DDs except smoke when you detect the target and pull off away to give you the ability to keep the range open so they can’t engage you in return

    • Also, with super low concealment, couldn’t you run target acquisition module instead of concealment module?

    • Ben lampron That’s a pretty specific scenario, though, with nothing else able to spot you via air or surface from range. Regardless, it won’t be anywhere near as effective as the Germans nor the Haida in that manner.

  11. Christopher Doll

    Looks like the rear turrets on Tiers VI-VIII can swing 360°. The might make these a bit more exciting to play.

    • Unfortunately that’s not the case 🙁 I think there’s a possibility that will change though. Might be some mid-tier tech tree quirk as most lines have 2-3 distinct personas through their tech tree

    • Christopher Doll

      Yeah, that was disappointing to see in your stream later. I’ll bet WG hears about it, though.

  12. Automatiuc “Like” for the Mendoza Line mention . . . 🙂

  13. I’m a little concerned by the combination of the low top speed and lack of a speed boost–these guys are gonna struggle to reposition like other DDs do, and at higher tiers their smoke isn’t going to be able to get them out of a jam.

    Some of them are damned attractive, though, and I do love gunship DDs. Certainly overdue, and I think this might be the first line in World of Warships that doesn’t feature a single paper ship!

    As for what I’m looking forward to, it’s basically the same as always. Italians WHEN, WG?

    • I was going to say that the lack of paper ships is something that RNDDs can benefit from regarding a historical standpoint, which I think is pretty cool. But yeah, without speed boost and the low top speed it can be a bit awkward to play them at times. 🙁

  14. Bran Tse Mallory

    These seem to be Escorts to BB’s. We did have a very large and varied selection of DD’s in both wars, perhaps if the line gets a split in the future we’ll see more gun/torp focused ship lines.

    • Interesting point. I’m guessing the British have enough destroyer classes to warrant that without much in the way of paper ships

  15. One important note on this destroyer line: they have very low top speed as far as destroyers are concerned. Some cruisers can catch them in a straight line. This leads me to believe they will be geared more toward a brawling/gunship role.
    The torps aren’t stealthy or fast, but they deal a lot of damage. I just hope these get the same acceleration as the Royal Navy cruiser line.

    • I would say that they’re focused on brawling but not at the close range like some other ships benefit from due to their handling. As they don’t have speed boost they suffer being able to maintain speed and getting out of situations. I don’t like using the high tier RNDDs up close like I would the Gearing or YY.

  16. i gave up on RN dd when the devolopper took out speed boost

    its too valuable in radar meta if you ask me

    • I thought it would be more of a problem and it isn’t *terribly* bad. It’s only about half as bad as I was expecting? haha, I don’t know.

  17. Id heard these things are built as defensive dds. That sounds like an interesting concept im intrigued to see how they play out in game.

  18. the t6 is very close to the Gallant — also 130 ish seconds

  19. I am really looking forward to these ships. The ability to launch single torps gives you a massive advantage in some situations. I sometimes really hate the Torp Rng, when you launch a narrow spread and you end up with a battleship sized gap.
    Now you can compensate these RNG yourself which is just great.

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