World of Warships Royal Navy HMS Warspite and Battleship Discussion

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World of Warships Royal Navy Gameplay – HMS Warspite BB
WOWS Beta Gameplay – What ship should I play next?
American Battleships Discussion…what’s your favorite?

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  1. +Septivium a good example of this would be HMS hood (got sunk as one of the
    bismark’s shells tore through the deck and into her ammo stowage)

  2. +tootyfruity70 This is actually why I believe the British will have this
    common play style .. because of that battle .. the Hood was trying to close
    the range and get into a Belt to Belt fight. So it would make sense to
    create a play style out of this.

  3. +Septivium agreed British ships are going to be excellent close range
    brawler (but that still doesn’t mean war gaming have to make warspites guns
    have range far below their actual affective range especially considering
    warspites achievement in terms of the second longest ship to ship moving

  4. +Darren How HMS HOOD please

  5. USS Arkansas! Named after my state

  6. I really hope they don’t make hood premium she’s the most famous British
    warship of the time closely followed by ark royal and warspite so I don’t
    think they should be closed off, also they’ve gotten no love from
    developers of other games like battle stations so they need to be shown off

  7. Netherfield Junction

    Also would be cool to see the Revenge class BB (HMS Royal Oak) in the game

  8. searchoverload8

    Wouldn’t that title automatically change as soon as a new ruler assumes

  9. Swissboy362 Gaming Channel

    +searchoverload8 I believe it changes if the ship is in service correct me
    if i’m wrong

  10. MadMargaretGaming

    +Swissboy362 Gaming Channel HMS can mean either His majesty’s ship or Her
    majesty’s ship depending on the gender of the monarch at the time, and to
    be period correct the Warspite is His Majesty’s. If it continued to operate
    into the reign of Queen Elizabeth II it would become Her Majesty’s

  11. Mighty mo was an Iowa class battleship. It was the nickname for the USS
    Missouri BB-63, one of the famous ships during ww2, Korean war, Vietnam
    war, and operation desert storm.

  12. +TheHardstyleMusicz Or wait for the open beta

  13. TheHardstyleMusicz

    +sir charles Looks like what I have to do :p

  14. +TheHardstyleMusicz Yeah, I think it’s the best. It’ll surely be coming in
    a few month.

  15. +Shkotay D It overpens WAY less than the Fuso, it does 4000 damage each
    shot if it gets no citadel and it is a solid hit. No matter the target,
    battleship, cruiser, or destroyer, it will do that damage. HE is useless
    because of this fact, unlike on the Fuso, which really needs to use HE for
    destroyers and often on cruisers and battleships will overpen shots. Its
    maneuverability, which has a tighter turning radius than most destroyers,
    means that you aim your shots by turning primarily.

  16. +Lucian Willi from what I’ve seen of her in gameplay footage it looks like
    those secondary guns absolutely wreck destroyers as well

  17. +john crate Yep, if you lock on your target your secondaries will have a
    heyday with anything smaller than you.

  18. +Shkotay D seems the even dish out a decent amount of damage to other
    battleships given their fast rate of fire

  19. +john crate Havent had the chance to go toe to toe with other battleships
    yet, but yeah I can survive torp hits too and mash cruisers or destroyers
    that get too close in a few shots that get too close. That torp skirt is
    pretty good armor o_0

  20. mickey renteria

    +BaronVonGamez i want to see German battle ships

  21. +BaronVonGamez Baron Please!!!! I need to see the Fletcher Class Destroyer,
    or I will be sent to the Brig!!!

  22. Will you ever play mowas 2 againg please!! Do

  23. +BaronVonGamez
    Hey Baron! *Caribbean!* is now released. It is a lot of fun! I’ve captured
    all the Dutch harbors and start my own Kingdom. Maybe u will try
    *Caribbean!* again?

  24. +BaronVonGamez *HIS Majesty the King, at that time

  25. James “JRBiz90” Burdett

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