World of Warships Royal Navy HMS Warspite and Battleship Discussion

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World of Warships Royal Navy Gameplay – HMS Warspite BB
WOWS Beta Gameplay – What ship should I play next?
American Battleships Discussion…what’s your favorite?

Thanks for watching!


  1. Alaska Class?

  2. Play with the HMS hood and maybe the Bismarck please 

  3. Can ships capsize in their death animations in this game? Cause a lot of
    BBs would capsize cause they’re naturally top-heavy.

  4. Mighty Mo is the Missouri, which as an Iowa class is the same thing as the

  5. The Mo and the Iowa are both Iowa class ships. probably those since theyre
    the biggest and baddest US BBs

  6. Iowa class for the win

  7. A nice tip on those slow turrets ships is to use Ctrl+X to lock turret
    position. So you can move around as you want without spending time to
    re-aim them.

  8. Spartan Over Kill409 Ode

    Bring out the kv2 

  9. The battleship Texas. It served for ever. Low tier for sure.

  10. the big mo for the win for us ships

  11. hey what is your video card?

  12. So if WOW comes out with a British Navy has a destroyer named Prince
    Albert, would that mean they have Prince Albert in a can? LMSAO
    Seriously, I really enjoy your videos. Please keep up the good work.


  14. I’m more excited for the Royal Navy battleships! Especially hood,
    Agincourt, kgv, maybe lion and mostly the n3 class!

  15. I just wanna play DX!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!! literally!

  16. TheEpicminecraft70

    Can t wait for north Caroliner

  17. Torpedos are overpowered as hell in my opinion right now. Nimble little
    destroyers can just bombard you with torpedos and reload them faster than
    most battleships reload their main batteries.. And if that doesnt get you
    then there is 20 torpedos from every carrier from every direction so you
    can’t even dodge anything.

  18. Iowa class and the North Carolina , great ships !

  19. Pablo Araya Jofre

    use a ship more faster, faster is more fun i think… love your vids.

  20. “Aww things were juste picking up !”, he says will being beached, hit by
    three torpedoes & bombarded by another ship.

  21. The HMS Warspite is a terrible example of what the British navy had to

    P.S my favorite is the HMS Nelson.

  22. I want an Alaska-class battlecruiser (yes I know they were technically
    “Large Cruisers”, but everyone who studies that stuff even a little knows
    that they pretty much fit the mold of battlecruisers). I know they won’t be
    put in with the first American BB line, but when they are eventually put in
    the game I will get one. And then I will do battlecruiser things. And AA
    escorting because Hell’s bells they were loaded with AA.

  23. I’m sorry but War Spit is crap

  24. Ur da best baron

  25. Kristofer Carlson

    30 minute vids with more than 1 game plz. Also about the Warspite… The
    Warspite was designed for an older style of fighting. Before the age of
    Dreadnoughts, naval warfare was done at close range using direct fire, but
    with advances in fire control systems and bigger guns, direct fire became
    less and less prevalent. The Warspite’s belt armor is incredibly dense
    while the deck armor is minimal because the British were still clinging on
    to the past way of fighting. They also greatly reduced the elevation of her
    guns in order to force captains into closer engagements. Use the Warspite
    in close engagements. Use islands to cover the side where your guns aren’t
    looking and brawl enemy battleships at close range. The Warspite’s weakness
    is plunging fire, but can absorb direct fire better because of the armor
    situation. In my opinion, longer videos are better instead of short 15
    minute videos when it comes to BB gameplay. You can only fire so many
    salvoes in 15 minutes.

  26. I cri evertim i wutc une of dis vids cus i dnt hve acss to das clsed bta

  27. Do more world of warships!

  28. Can you do some american battleship ?tier 5-6 ?

  29. PaulBodyBuilder

    How long u’ve been playing?
    U play like a,little girl.
    Don’t want to engage & when u do u miss. 

  30. don’t forget you have a low detectability and you are very maneuverable.

  31. GERMAN BISMARK!!!!!!!!

  32. The British will come after Russia and Germany apparently.

    Watching Phly’s video on the US battleships it will seem like they are
    better suited to longer range combat .. their Deck armour is supposedly
    very thick but their belt and torpedo armour is less so.

    If the Warspite is anything to go by .. British ships will be the opposite
    .. thin deck armour and thick belt armour, good torpedo protection, means
    they will seek to close the range and brawl

    • +Septivium a good example of this would be HMS hood (got sunk as one of the
      bismark’s shells tore through the deck and into her ammo stowage)

    • +tootyfruity70 This is actually why I believe the British will have this
      common play style .. because of that battle .. the Hood was trying to close
      the range and get into a Belt to Belt fight. So it would make sense to
      create a play style out of this.

    • +Septivium agreed British ships are going to be excellent close range
      brawler (but that still doesn’t mean war gaming have to make warspites guns
      have range far below their actual affective range especially considering
      warspites achievement in terms of the second longest ship to ship moving

  33. Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse please

  34. The RNG gods do not like Baron it would seem.

  35. Kenneth “DeathImpact” Tran

    WG need to put in the Ise 1943 or 1944 version (im not sure)for the Jap !!!

  36. your such a idiot lol run aground lucky idiot lol

  37. Joseph Oldfield

    I don’t understand why the range of the warspite is so shitty because when
    I googled the ship it’s effective firing range is 18km

  38. looking forward more to the japanese aircarft carriers then american

  39. Yamato?

  40. deltaforceairsoft579

    The “Big J”, the Most decorated ship in U.S. Navel history!

  41. mighty mo <3

  42. i wan the warthunder ships naow so bad D:

  43. I think the Wyoming will be popular.

  44. Iowa all the way, been aboard the USS New Jersey and shes freaking

  45. you think theyll ass the uss alabama prob not

  46. USS Texas, go figure from Texas. Had ancester fight in the Battle of San

  47. thanks Barron enjoy all your vids man!

  48. evry ship have ther advantace and desadvantace no ship is the if thai make
    all same gaame is not fun not hard … my opinion

  49. Netherfield Junction

    Interested that WG is going for the New Mexico class at Tier 6, rather than
    the more famous Pensilvania class (USS Arizona)… Is the Arizona going to
    be a Premium like what they planning for the Bismarck? maybe they will make
    the Hood premium as well? Really looking forward to the Colorado class BB.
    Top end of mid-tier.

    • I really hope they don’t make hood premium she’s the most famous British
      warship of the time closely followed by ark royal and warspite so I don’t
      think they should be closed off, also they’ve gotten no love from
      developers of other games like battle stations so they need to be shown off

    • Netherfield Junction

      Also would be cool to see the Revenge class BB (HMS Royal Oak) in the game

  50. Netherfield Junction

    Can you play the Pensacola? Or the Myoko?

  51. Britain had a King at the time of the Warspite being introduced. So the
    correct title is His Majesties Ship. Sorry to correct you there Baron but
    as an English gentleman I have to correct the Yanks when they make a
    mistake about us ;)

    • searchoverload8

      Wouldn’t that title automatically change as soon as a new ruler assumes

    • +searchoverload8​​ Warspite was scrapped while King George VI was still on
      the throne, and seeing as the game is set during WW2 when George was King
      then it’s His Majesties Ship.

      I’m not being an arsehole on the topic, just ribbing Baron 🙂

    • Swissboy362 Gaming Channel

      +searchoverload8 I believe it changes if the ship is in service correct me
      if i’m wrong

    • MadMargaretGaming

      +Swissboy362 Gaming Channel HMS can mean either His majesty’s ship or Her
      majesty’s ship depending on the gender of the monarch at the time, and to
      be period correct the Warspite is His Majesty’s. If it continued to operate
      into the reign of Queen Elizabeth II it would become Her Majesty’s

  52. Rasmus Buhl Lauge Pedersen

    How do I find videos with you and Squire?

  53. Horseshoecrabwarrior

    Wasn’t “Mighty Mo” an Iowa class?

    • Mighty mo was an Iowa class battleship. It was the nickname for the USS
      Missouri BB-63, one of the famous ships during ww2, Korean war, Vietnam
      war, and operation desert storm.

  54. joseph racioppi (creepmon11)

    baron when the iowa comes out for the american class battleships do you
    plan on playing it also do you think thank you will like american
    battleships altogether please respond

  55. TheHardstyleMusicz

    Can you still sign up to play this?

  56. Iowa

  57. Over 301yh

  58. i cant wait to the bismark ads in the game.

  59. I like this ship a lot. It takes a beating and gives a hell of a heavy
    punch when it lands. It requires careful prepositioning because of the
    SLOW turn rate of the guns.

    You cant charge into a pile of ships and hope to pwn face with this, even
    though you could probably charge through and live if you keep going.

    • +Shkotay D It overpens WAY less than the Fuso, it does 4000 damage each
      shot if it gets no citadel and it is a solid hit. No matter the target,
      battleship, cruiser, or destroyer, it will do that damage. HE is useless
      because of this fact, unlike on the Fuso, which really needs to use HE for
      destroyers and often on cruisers and battleships will overpen shots. Its
      maneuverability, which has a tighter turning radius than most destroyers,
      means that you aim your shots by turning primarily.

    • +Lucian Willi from what I’ve seen of her in gameplay footage it looks like
      those secondary guns absolutely wreck destroyers as well

    • +john crate Yep, if you lock on your target your secondaries will have a
      heyday with anything smaller than you.

    • +Shkotay D seems the even dish out a decent amount of damage to other
      battleships given their fast rate of fire

    • +john crate Havent had the chance to go toe to toe with other battleships
      yet, but yeah I can survive torp hits too and mash cruisers or destroyers
      that get too close in a few shots that get too close. That torp skirt is
      pretty good armor o_0

  60. 7th !!!!

  61. still don’t understand why the warspite range i so low (aka the ship that
    hit another moving ship at the second longest range in recorded history
    which was over 20km)

  62. 8th i think

  63. Nice vid

  64. exteremeJUGGERNAUT


  65. For her majesty, the Queen! US Battleship Discussion in the HMS Warspite

  66. third

  67. PortugueseEagle


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