World of Warships – Royal Navy Tier 10 Battleship Conqueror

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…Impressions. It’d be way too long if I had added “Impressions” to the title, know what I mean? But it’s important to add that word somewhere. Also, I get to finally use my profile pic for something that truly is facepalm-worthy!


  1. HP regeneration… *autistic screeching*

  2. The thumbnail tells the whole story about WOWS this year! ?

  3. I think WG is catering too much to the “complainer” scrubs who whinge about smoke firing, BB AP, BB citadel too high etc. What WG is doing or are planning to do is not going to change the “campfest” meta because it’s all player mentality. The less skilled aka n00bs will always camp and hide and be one of those full health backliners hiding behind islands. I just started playing LoL and there are a lot of similarities between the two games. What WG really needs to do is implement a skill-based matchmaking. The campers can all camp together and the better players won’t have to go full tilt at yugumos not capping and hiding behind BBs.

    I just wanna point out that the smoke firing changes is most definitely going to incentivise even more passive play – hiding behind islands rather than pushing into caps to support DDs. Deep water torps… that’s most likely going to punish good BB players who push up to tank damage rather than the 30km Yamatos on the 1 or 10 line.

  4. Hi business it’s been a long time. It’s hunting party. I just came back to the game for the RN BBs. Just got the Monarch. And I’m fine with the conqueror. She will seem a lot less op when the general players get her.

  5. Conquerors are often in divisions too. It’s just absurd. Kinda had it with this game to be honest. My Montana is feeling the power creep. The bitch of it is Wargaming is all proud of them so I feel like they don’t want to nerf them. One or two here and there isn’t a big deal but everyone with half a brain is like hmmm these are OP lets division! Conqueror and Orion divs everywhere now…

  6. Appreciate the video very much. I love the looks of the RN ships but the just don’t sit well with me because of the over powered HE.

  7. I miss the days when it was just US and IJN, there was balance issues but my old complaints seems so petty now in comparison.

  8. I just want the KGV but its such a grind.

  9. BIz – your thoughts on the British BB line, as you put forward in the final minutes, is an important statement about not only the line, but the game, its problems, and its future. I hope somebody is listening, becaue I think you’re 100% right. Static BB play is huritng this game, deeply, and the RN BB line worsens the problem.
    I’m glad you said what you said, and said it really well, too. Clear and concise as hell, sir. g fucking g (beatty_10)
    Ed: And I’ll say this, I was looking forward to the RN BB line as much as anyone, but I haven’t played it in maybe a week. I’m amost bored with the average-ish QE and have little incentive to grind to the KGV. I’d rather play French cruisers, right now. I’m addicted to the speed of those things. I used to obsess myself with the USN and KM BB lines and I didn’t stop until i outran my skill at T8/9. Not so much right now. Maybe the Italian BB line or Franch BB line will bring mobility back to BBs.

  10. Literally in my first ever Conqueror game on the test server i did 230k dmg spamming only HE, ridiculous…..

  11. You’re right about this Business6. This line and worsening meta has me just not playing the game anymore. I’m not finding the challenge or curiosity of new ships or lines anymore. I played a lot of cruisers before this, I loved the challenge, but now I just get slammed by low fuse AP or insane BB HE. Why play a cruiser or anything else really? Why angle or use positioning and tactics? It just feels, meh. That said, nice to see still you making videos on this. I still like watching, I just don’t enjoy playing this game or solo queuing so I’m pretty much just playing Siege at the moment. Keep up the good work.

  12. Ichase gave them a video about the plunging firing being more of an affect, the only thing they were knead on was that video saying “Whoever thought of these changes should be fired”. Anything that will hurt or make them loss money then they will think about changing the problem. Deep water torpedoes might be a good variety, but this is WG they will fuck up things, like SirFoch and IChase.

  13. I made a good 150k free xp during the x3 event… I’ll buy the Nelson and ignore the rest of the line. I love BB game play but why the fuck would I grind the RN line if I have a Zao, a DM and all of the “fire spammers” that are actually fun and challenging to play. Pointless.

  14. Lets face it the bow camping BB thing is a bad joke. Really ships should be able to move and maneuver not sit still l think like biz said they need to rethink the whole armor thing and fix the stale play get ships moving again. If you played WOT bow camping is basically SPG/arty play on water…ughhhh! Keep ur flavors the more l see of them the less l like.

  15. A big problem i came across is moving up from the awesome he spammin Iron Duke (tier 5 -10 Guns 40% firechance) to the mediocre Queen E (tier 6 – 8 Guns 35% firechance) . From tier 7 up it’s back to HE again…

  16. Mmmmm … yeah … okay, so here’s my thoughts:

    – There are players of all skill levels that play this game. I’m a slightly above average player because I’m very attentive to objectives and focusing on critical targets, but my average damage is actually on the low side because I have problems aiming at angled targets and anticipating direction changes. There are many players that are worse than me, and many that are better. But while this game *does* reward skill, this idea that unicum players have that the game should reward extremes of skill isn’t tenable outside of competitive circles. For example, I know lots of high skill players that hated the change to Montana’s citadel, but that way above the water citadel was a huge problem for your average player who doesn’t have thousands upon thousands of games worth of map awareness and experience. My very first game in that ship saw me take two thirds of my health shredded away in one salvo from a still concealed Yamato from 20km away who anticipated a turn I had no choice to make because of the opposition that WAS visible. Should I have anticipated that an invisible Yamato from across the map with incredible aim knew I was about to make that turn? Perhaps. But likely not. Maybe a shit ton more matches in that map might have given me a better understanding of optimal angles of approach, who knows. But if you make it so that all ship lines in the game reward very high skill and utterly punish mistakes, what you’re going to get is a game all but abandoned by all but the very best. And that’s *definitely* going to kill the game in the long term. What WG seem to be doing, and SHOULD be doing, is creating a game that highly rewards skill while still making it accessible to your average player. While still heavily punishing the truly stupid who go off and yolo solo across the map for guts and glory. Also, take into consideration that aiming and angling is only a *part* of the game. There’s also capping, spotting, focus firing, grouping up with an even mix of ship types, supporting your DDs, etc etc … Those are all very critical also. I’m a bit team play junkie and I’d personally rather WG focuses on those than simply who can one-shot who. I totally disagree with being able to one shot ships. Any ship of any type. Mistakes happen. You should never need to be sent back to port immediately because of one such mistake. Players are only going to learn if they get a chance to survive long enough to do so.

    – As for the Conqueror (and the rest of the line), I kinda like what they did with it. I DO think that fire chance should be dropped to around the same level as, say, a Montana,, but the increased HE damage definitely compensates for the weaker pen. That AP is great for dealing with cruisers or other BBs with very weak deck and upper belt armor (like other british BBs), but it is very very difficult to citadel another battleship with this AP. It’s basically an entire line with the shitty AP pen of the Hood, hence why HE is used a whole lot. But overall, I do like the *consistent* damage of HE on these ships versus the much more spiky all or nothing damage with other BB AP. Again, as long as that fire chance drops a bit. Cause, yeah, what the fuck. By the way, thank you for highlighting that Conqueror does have noticeable weaknesses. Everyone is up in arms about that killer HE, but this ships is surprisingly easy to kill under focus fire. Not to mention being DD food because of it’s weak torpedo protection and poor secondaries … unless those HE main guns are pointed at the DD. Interesting balance there. I think over time, people will know how to deal with them just as they do with the GK now. People used to call the GK OP as well … and then they figured out that GK was very vulnerable to regular pens in it’s upper belt and superstructure and that ship became as easy to take down as a Montana or Yamato. Same thing will happen with Conqueror in time. She has her strengths and she has her weaknesses. A good player will know how to take advantage of the former when sailing her, and take advantage of the latter when shooting at her. WG is taking a wait and see approach for now, and will wait until enough time has passed to see if the Conqueror truly needs a nerf. At the moment, while it’s average damage is very high, it’s win rate is on par with other ships, which means that these players are farming damage on BBs rather than deleting cruisers and DDs. Also do take into consideration that only really experienced players are playing her for the most part right now as they are the ones that had a fuckton of free XP just begging to be used. In a few months, more average players will be playing it.

    – I really REALLY love that they are trying to discourage camping by removing a lot of the tools used by campers like firing from smoke. But what I don’t know is whether it will encourage battleship players to move *towards* the enemy, or run *away* from the enemy. Know what I mean? That being said, and with all the new tools being created in the game specifically targeting battleships, I’m really really hoping this will reduce the number of BBs in each match. The fact that each match pretty much always has five BBs per side is a direct cause of all these players acting sheepish and being unwilling to push. I’d much rather see a match with tons of cruisers being more capable of playing aggressively. Ideally, I’d love to see games have two or three BBs to a side, not five.

  17. I agree with the notion that WG is putting niche gimmicks into the game to differentiate the lines. I do think we have plenty of ships in the game already to take an average player a few years of casual gameplay to unlock them all.

    Also there’s no reward for specialization. F.e. I play almost exclusively DDs, I should have the options to get some DD specific bonuses based on my gameplay stats. Similar for the other lines. Same with national bonuses.

    There’s so many other ways available to promote national ship lines than funky gimmicks.

  18. I agree with you assessments 100%! British BB were SUPPOSED TO LOSE THE GOD HEAL – only the Nelson was supposed to keep it, and the Nelson can and will take citadel damage.
    But this fucking heal is STUPID! Seriously, they must have at least 3 FULL SHIPS worth of spare parts, and the service men are supersoldier GODS that repair ships 1000 times faster than they are built…


  19. Meh WG isn’t getting rid of battleship players, only the old battleship players Who have gotten uset to the mechanics, and made them a part of there playstyle. Unfortunately it means battleships who actually want to work with there team get punished the most by the changes WG makes.

    WG in my opinion are trying there damn hardest to nerf teamwork and to equalize skill no matter how many veteran players they lose. It really triggers the shit outta me how much they want to punish battleships who play support and then they cater to the sniping battleships who do nothing all game.

  20. Limit the number of BBs per battle, just as the CVs. Change the fire mechanics to an efficiency reduction of your ship instead of turning ships in floating BBQs (every fire reduces turning, reloading…etc by 10%). Just some thoughts ?

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