World of Warships – RPF Should not be in the Game – help me out and win a ship

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Ok guys… this topic will not go away and some thought I gave too neutral of a response to RPF in my last video. Here’s the bottom line. The last video was a preview of the skill. It was not meant to completely be a review. I only added some thoughts. I still believe what I said, but, I also have caveated that. While I don’t have enough play time on it to determine how it will effect the game, I also definitely believe it is not needed in the game. There’s no purpose having it. There. That’s my stance. I don’t think it belongs as is. That being said, there are other skills with larger impacts than RPF.

Interestingly enough, just as I’m hitting the publish button there was a TAP leak stating there will be another play test for 0.6.0 due to the skills. Infer what you will from that, the leak was shut down quick.

More importantly, I need your help creating a name for a messing around with ships series. Winner, who’s name for the series I pick, will get a ship. That simple. Leave your ideas in the comment section.


  1. Jim R (TourDeForce)

    Ship Shapes
    Give a Ship
    Who Gives a Ship
    Ship and Shinola

  2. zoop and poop. its catchy and amusing

  3. The scoop with zoup

  4. The Zoup Kitchen :-P

  5. Second entry. “Hell’s Kitchen”

  6. “On deck with Zoup” has a nice ring to it

  7. Zoup’s Galley: What’s Cooking this week in World of Warships

  8. Name : “Hot tub admirality”

  9. anything that further lowers the skill ceiling is not needed

  10. Maxwell Schmalzried

    What’s Cooking with Zoup?

  11. Get some Zoup Soup

  12. Zoup’s salvos

    Talking out my aft

    Ships and Giggles

    Now hear this

    All hands on deck


  13. How about “Loose lips . . .” as in “Loose lips sink ships”. Works two ways,
    but could also maybe be misinterpreted . . . :/

  14. Tales from the citadel ;C Free pitch, EU here

  15. Kick back and relax w/ Zoup?

  16. Hmm there’s also “50ShadesofZoup”

  17. talks with zoup/zoup time/zoup hour

  18. Akshay Manjarekar

    The Zoup Ship Chronicles.

  19. From Zoup to Knots

    Knotty Talk

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