World of Warships – RTS Carrier Sendoff

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Discussing Carriers and showing some unhealthy gameplay in the Graf Zeppelin. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII German Carrier Graf Zeppelin Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. No Stuka sound on the Stuka? HERECY!

  2. Give each squadron a fuel timer, like 90s or 120s max, this will solve a lot of problem.

    • +J c my dad said always look for the simple solution. I was trying to fix thr garage door. We spent hours trying to figure it out. Was going to buy a new one then I looked at the laser system. The dog chewed it!
      Simple solutions is all you need!

    • FullMetalChicken, that will only solve the perma spotting issue. It will not solve all the other issues.

    • I completely agree. Some ships provide the penthouse suite for planes to stay a while others shove the shitty smoking room in a motel 6 down your throat forcing you to get the hell out of there.

    • this would have been a good solution and the argument about the planes staying up for hrs is stupid cause its obvious that the battles are faster pace then a regular naval battle that would take hours if not days. wish they would have listened to you. but there is another issue with the RTS style in the game is the fact that it is going to be on consoles too, they don’t have mouse and keyboard. This is probably the biggest reason they are making the change.

    • +Aitor Iriso lol

  3. It must be hard to balance a ship, that made all other ships obsolete. CVs changed the war and reduced almost all other ships to basicly escorts and supply ships.

    • CVs just added to the whole dynamic and importance of combined-arms. You couldn’t solely rely on just one type of ship or aircraft or tank or artillery. All elements had their task and purpose, and when put together are at their most effective.

    • Well than CV are NOT supposed to be in this game!

    • +Some dude On youtube why? Carriers were major in WW2 they started war with us and killed the yamto

    • Im not necessarily saying CVs should not be in game. They just need to be severely dumbed down for balancing in game. So i think the new more simple CV play is great. I think there is to much focus on the planes being booring. Its a game about ships.

      That being said they do jeed to add more focus on the ship aspect of Carriers rather the planes…

    • +Praos Crihdoe fair point

  4. WG trying to make something fun and engaging?! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. If spotting is so unfair why not WG introduce a clouds? – random areas which are invisible for the CV planes only? Cloud spots form and scatter on a random timer, random size – this way player would have a fair chance to be out of perma-spotting if lucky. And this random probability could be very well tuned to satisfy everyone

    • Why not just lower the air detctability of ships themselves and lower also a bit the plane-speed? Giving one attack squadron only to carriers makes them totally useless against dds and cruisers. I want my credits and my free XP back that I invested into the carriers… Give me a refund Wargaming..!

    • dont worry you will get your refund…

    • +Jerry Glaze

      If CV’s were suppose to one shot then that’s terrible game design. Plane spotting is ridiculous because you can spot both flanks simultaneously without any danger.

    • Fewer CVs “YEAH”

    • Jerry Glaze, when a DD is perma spotting me, I run back to my team and ask a friendly DD to spot it for me or ask a cruiser with radar to spot it for me. CVs have no counter as you cannot out run a bomber or hide behind an island to get a break from being shot at.

  6. The core problem with CV is that it can point blank kill you without risk. And the higher the tier gap is the lesser the risk. This is still the same since BETA.

    And giving CV unlimited planes albiet only single squadron at a time doesn’t address this issue at all (yes I know WiP). So you can spam planes on top of no risk play.

  7. I had 3 games in a row where the carrier focused me first and i died within the first 2 minutes. I rage quit after that.

  8. Wow 8 citadels on the Bismark fun and engaged

    • AP bombs and deep water torpedoes are a mistake, one is preventing BB’s to push in meanwhile the other will make you go back to port in a single salvo if RnGesus is agaisnt you…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      dwt – are definitely a mistake – there was no such thing irl and even if torpedoes were set really low – it did absolutely nothing in reducing detection (its like like bubbles on a drink with a straw – no matter how deep you blew – the bubbles would still hit the surface). Meanwhile in game they have broken detection – far superior than that of Russian electric torpedoes – which is simply retarded.

    • Yeah, next thing you’ll say, he should have stayed in port and never pressed the “Battle” button.

    • +liolp808 Who, the Bismark or the CV? I dont get your point…

    • My point is that it’s slightly unfair to levy a blame in the Bismarck’s direction like @Ushio01 did. No single ship should be left so defenseless and easy to devastate by another ship with such effortlessness, none!

  9. I honestly think, CVs probably meant to be sort of “flotila commanders” you have huge amount of information, you are safe and you actually can focus on strategy. In theory this would work very well. There were a few games done as such, but in the end I don’t even think any of those succeeded. Commander has to be really good and your team has to listen to you.

    To be honest I don’t think the balance is the main reason WG decided to get rid of RTS CVs. I’m pretty sure main reason is, very small part of community actually plays them. You can understand why. The gameplay is completely different. AA can literaly make you do NOTHING in game. Especially when enemy team loags bunch of AA specced cruisers and your team has none, so not only you can’t attack, enemy CV has free reign. That being coupled with fact reward system for CVs is completely broken… Not only that, but the rest of the community literaly hates you….

    And if you decide to go for it and run CV, you will probably meet someone who is much much more experienced than you and he will crush you and your team’s hopes withi it 🙂

  10. I want RTS CV to stay… 😭 I don’t want this World of Warplanes: Squadron Control.

    If alpha strike was such a big deal, reduce it. Make it so that aircraft weapons only inflict 25-50% damage unless the carrier is spotted.

    If battles are decided by CV players, change fighter mechanics. Make them lethal within a certain range (like within concealment range or something), but disarm only outside that range.

    If AA arms race is that bad, modify how it works. Make it so that AA DPM increases over time (from 0-100) for all ships, so that aircraft that spend little time in AA bubbles have minimal damage, while Perma-spotting aircraft can get shot down. Ships with stronger AA can have the DPM increase faster.

    If no one knows how to use carriers, put in official tutorials in the game. Get game modes or single player campaigns to teach players. It’s not that hard, and it would actually be fun.

    Let’s get one thing straight: it has yet to prove to be better, for now it’s DIFFERENT. It’s attracting different players and certainly not me. Carrier rework sucks overall because it just doesn’t FEEL like we’re commanding aircraft carriers anymore, which I believe is the most important in an arcade ship game.

    • No that is what you want for your CV. Damn those DD’s and RN CA’s that dare to hide in smoke so that you cannot smite them with the same impunity as everyone else. I mostly play cruisers and BB’s.

    • +LordMagiru clearly you neber play cv necause you demand you one shot but know else should do that.
      Try playing them first then relise you need to just change your mind.

    • Mixing RTS with regular gameplay is inherently broken. Other games have tried it, and it was essentially broken or the players (that had a choice of choosing a dedicated server) wouldn’t play it anyway.

      The alpha strike WAS limited, and it’s still cancerous. Add in the sustained damage characteristics of fire and flooding, and it’s broken.

      AA power-creep was always busted as well. When you have to multiply AA dps by 3x and 4x, it’s obvious that someone in the balance department F*ed up from the get-go. Sprinkle in the fact that players that grind up to at least T8 are tired of getting blapped on a whim because someone decided to left-click.

      Here’s an idea. If you like the idea of playing and RTS………………play and RTS game.

    • +BornToQuill I like the rts with action.
      What everyone and mean everyone but cv playes would never belive is a us cv gets 3 strikes at most per squadron and thats it. This myth that strike after strike is silly. Us torpa take w min to reload. Its basicly 1 strike every 5 min

    • I don’t play RTS games and it is really hard to one shot a battleship with HE shells you idiot.

  11. Oh how to ballance vision? I dunno how about making AA do higher damage the longer you spend in it and change the spotting distance to AA distance…. DONE. If the enemy CV is dancing in and out with his squadron he is not dropping your teammates…. Notser your DD bias is showing so so so much in this video…

    • Hopelek So make it so that BBs get spotted from the same distance as DDs? What are you smoking?

      Changing AA ranges from one class to the next makes *zero* sense considering that ships of a nation tend to use the same AA guns in greater or lesser amounts depending on the ship class. Why would a 5″/38 DP gun shoot out to 7km on a BB but only 4km when it’s on a DD? Why does a 40mm Bofors magically gain 3km of range just because of the ship it’s mounted on?

    • Because Gameplay>realism…

    • +Hopelek So you would arbitrarily alter the ranges on each AA gun just because of the ship it’s on so you can keep another system in the game that is *fundamentally broken?* Or, and here’s a thought, *change the broken system so that you don’t have to make even more arbitrary and stupid changes.*

    • +MotorsportsMania21 since I don’t think that the system is fundamentally broken, yes

    • +Hopelek Well you are demonstrably wrong. Two radically different systems in the same game inevitably mean that one will have an unfair advantage over the other. None of what you’ve suggested will change the core issue: that the current implementation of CVs gives the players controlling them too much influence over the outcome of a game. If the other team’s CV is a unicum and your’s is a potato? You might as well just quit because your chances of winning are pretty much zero. And no, hugging your nearest AA cruiser doesn’t work. A good CV will bait out the DFAA, maybe sacrifice a squadron to do so, and then just kill you once it ends.

  12. Notser WG can fix the spotting issue right now with out rework. Planes should not hard spot a ship for other ships but give an out line so they know about it but can shoot it t. The mechanic is already there in cyclones. There is no excuse. This is what they need to do to fix it CV. Remove auto drop on all tier. Add rework AA no more point and click Worcester needs to work for those plane kills.. We need fighters they can limit strafing…..
    CV do not dictate the game. A bad team does.. I will rather play in Z mode then to play with one squadren with no fighter deal with me or the enemy

  13. Hmm…wow…suddenly I’m glad that I’m not complaining…these guys are so pitiful. I’m 85% for the rework. Historically CVs should be overpowered and should dominate the game. Gamewise, this is not good. There’s too much lying on the CV player’s skills. So for the sight rework, the only other option that I see other than reducing it to one squadron is JAMMING. Deny the CV’s ability to share sight to his allies and then maybe then dds could stand a chance. Jam the fighters comms or something. Or make it so that the only way the fighters can influence the sight is if they return to the CV and share that intel. That’s historical. But that’s not game helpful.
    Alpha strike. There is no way to balance this. Changing numbers will only make minor fixes.

    It’s why I like the rework one squadron style. One squadron that can be varied and can multitask. It’s still able to be influential but can do large amounts of damage, but only spots one thing at a time. Puts more emphasis on the DD role to spot and CA/CL role to be proactive. Maybe then German bbs will start playing the frontlines…

  14. Love all the com hate for Notser while he is sinking their whole team, lol

  15. I don’t get how you can say that AA skills and modules are overpowered, while at the same time saying that CVs are overpowered.

  16. All those problems could have been solved keeping the RTS game. Too many squads on air? Have one of each type. 1-1-1 every ship. It will differ the number and quality of the planes. Have a ship permaspotted? Put gas tank, say, 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, planes go back to the ship straight. Too much difference between good and bad players? make a skill based MM. 3 categories: bad, average good; bad can’t see good, we are set. Nearly every problem the CV RTS game has can be solved by WG, but they prefer a stupid WOWP crappy plane attack run that will be fun the first 3 games, then boring. And if it is easy enough, we will have CVs in every game. So they basically fucked the game up.

  17. For me, as a CV player. I dont like that they do the rework, but its happening so nothing to do with that.

    Now what Im disappointed with is that I feel they have done to little to balance the current cv gameplay. I play all other classes to, and I change my playstyle when a CV is in the match. A few times, I have played games where both teams have known how to deal with CVs. And when that have happened, the game for me have been very interesting and challenging. Those games have been more like a Clan match, but more organic and chaotic because there have been so many more ships.

    So why are those matches so rare.. Most people dont know how to use their ships characteristics to handle cvs. If you are UK cruiser, you can steer away from the torpedoes much easier than a RN cruiser. As a blyska DD, you dont want to go straight into cap, spotted because of your terrrible AA and turn radius. And why not try to lure the planes to a fellow Cruisers AA, or that Cruiser players try to provide cover to their DDs, so they can try to cap or lure planes.

    Players cant expect to solo cap an objective in the first minute or flank alone if a CV spots or attack their objective. The match is have to be played different. But when wargaming have not tried to learn us the communtiy in how to deal with CVs, when to steer into torps, when to steer away, when to halt speed to get an extra sharp turn, or use the speed module so you can stop your ships much quicker and throw the CVs aim of etc. It have been only -CC- that have tried to take this task.

    And with the skill curve have feelt so high, and therefore a lack of CV in games, then most players becomes unfamiliar with CVs. The skill curve in CVs is a big topic in itself, but I just want to say that, manual drop shud never have been removed from Tier V and down, it just have made the transition bigger when new players progress.

    And regarding new CV players, its so much hate when you do bad in a CV. Either its because of the lack of skill or just having a bad game, that I believe many dont try CVs because of that. But this is something I see much of in all games, it is for me a sad state of gaming today, with the lack of conscience about how you talk and treat others online.

    I had hoped that Wargaming wud have educated us better regarding CV, both how to play them and deal with them. I had hoped that they cud try to balance everything from the MM, spotting range, ships air detection range etc, to alpha damage. Then to do this rework.

    From what I have seen from the rework gameplay. CV seems much more dull, as I liked the RTS. For me this is CV for the masses, it looks like a dumbed down arcade version, I fear that people will see CV gameplay to be boring and that CV dies out. But this is alpha gameplay, so I have to wait and see if it improves. Maybe its just me, and maybe I will like it 🙂

  18. Carrier Sendoff?….oh ok – “Dont let the door hit you on the arse on your way out!”

    …how dat?

    (Sorry, but Im not gonna miss these OP game deciding “clickers”…currently, they want you dead in game, you dead!!)

    • CV’s are a disgusting plague in the game, I find them absolutely despicable, they are so overpowered that it is ridiculous, nearly every game I play, I feel like being the focus target of the CV… I could do without CV in the game, or just more boost to AA and/or anti CV captain skills/ship modules

  19. Noster dont be a sellout bud, everything WG says you go along with , never heard you say anything about cvs before but now that WG says its bad now your up in arms about the gameplay.

  20. This video is very, very biased against current CV gameplay. Do changes need to be made, yes. But using the universally broken Graf Zeppelin is not representative of CV RTS gameplay. The AP bombs are far far better than on USN CV’s. Also Farazelleth has a great video where he talks about how poorly CV’s have been treated. The removal of auto drop in tiers 4 and 5 where CV players are supposed to learn has been moved to tiers 6 and 7. There is no tutorial on how to use them. Community contributors had to do it. To be fair, you do talk about how there is no real plan for CV’s, but Wargaming blew off all feedback from CV players for YEARS! Changes could have been made that were far less drastic had Wargaming bothered to listen, but the refused and the CV players generally quit playing.

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